Introduction to Student Registration Process:

Student Registration Process - Process Street

This Process Street Student Registration Process is engineered to assist in welcoming a new student to an educational establishment and integrate them into the required systems and the community.

This process is designed for smaller educational organizations and is engineered to be usable with or without a student information system (SIS).

The checklist is flexible to allow for your needs and requirements to guide the process. 

As with all Process Street checklists, this template is fully editable and you can add or remove steps in the process as you wish.

The template in Process Street acts as structure from which you can run checklists; instances of each template. This means that changes to the standardized template will result in changes for future runs of the checklist.  

All data entered into each checklist is stored in a table format in the Template Overview tab. This shows each checklist which has been run along with the metadata for each checklist plus all information which has been entered into the form fields.

You can assign whole checklists to one person or assign different aspects of each checklist to different people. You can do the latter with our Task Assignment feature. This helps you manage workflows and involve multiple people in complex processes or use cases where approval may be required. 

To assist further in facilitating approvals, we also have Stop Tasks which stop the process user from continuing until a particular task has been completed. This helps in promoting process adherence and improving accountability

You can also make use of Process Street's inbuilt automation features like conditional logicvariables, and checklist run links. Or connect Process Street with the third party automation tool Zapier. 

This Teacher Job Description Checklist will walk through the steps of the process from determining the scope of the role to be filled to beginning an interview process

The process contains certain suggestions and tips as you navigate through along with sample form fields where you can enter data. 

Enter the details of the student being registered

Use this space to record information about the new student.

Meet with the parents and request relevant information

Use the email widget below to arrange to meet with the parents and to request any important information relating to the student.

Determine payment status, if applicable

If you are a fee-paying school or a private academy, then it is important to sort out payment details early in the process. 

Take the payment details and store them in your secure payment system.

Record the details of the student in a central location

If you're using a Student Information System then take this opportunity while with the parents to enter the student's information into your software product. 

If you don't use a SIS - as many smaller establishments don't - then you should enter this information into your equivalent centralized system. 

Use the sub-checklist below to check you have gathered the 

  • 1
    Student's full name
  • 2
    Two emergency contacts
  • 3
    Copy of birth certificate
  • 4
    Up to date immunization card
  • 5
    Signature from parent/guardian
  • 6
    Demographic information, if deemed necessary
  • 7
    Previous educational attendence
  • 8
    Allergies or illnesses
  • 9
    Relevant medical records
  • 10
    Special learning requirements
  • 11
    Special mobility requirements

Assess the student's previous attainment, if applicable

The most basic important feature of assessing previous attainment is making sure the teacher/s will be able to meet the new student's learning needs. 

However, it can also be useful to understand any behavioral needs which may arise also. 

Use the form field below to provide notes.

Assign the student to the correct class/classes

Assign the student to the appropriate classes within your scheduling system. 

Use the form field below to document the classes {{form.Student_name}} has been assigned to.

Pass relevant medical records to the school nurse

While the child is in the school, the educational establishment takes on loco parentis

As much as that sounds like crazy parent, we need to make sure we have taken every reasonable step to ensure the safety of the student.

Provide the school nurse with all the appropriate medical information.

Communicate any health or learning needs to student's teacher

The teacher will be the primary contact for the child and it is important they are aware of any learning requirements as well as any health concerns.

Pass the student's details to the special education team

You can use the email widget provided to pass on information to your special education team to assist with supporting the student's needs.

Register the student with the library

A library is a wonderful place filled with knowledge and opportunities.

Register the student with the library system so that they can make the most of the learning facilities. 

Register the student for lunchtime meals, if chosen

If the parent/guardian has selected lunchtime meals for their child then register the child and let the catering staff now they have yet another hungry mouth to feed. 

Register the student for transportation, if applicable

If your institution has a centralized transport shuttle set up like a school bus, then the student should be registered for this service. 

Request an integration plan from the responsible teacher

Request a plan from the responsible teacher for how they will work to welcome the new student into the classroom. 

Use the form field below to upload this plan.

Plan the welcoming of the new student on their first day

A first day can be a nerve-racking affair. 

Make the effort to plan how the new student will be welcomed into their new school community. 

There are lots of techniques which can be employed to help a new student settle in. Ths classic approach described by TeachHub is a useful way to give the new student someone to talk to straight away:

Another very effective strategy is to assign the new student a class mentor. This is someone that you choose who is responsible, friendly, and who you know will help welcome the student with open arms. There is a lot to know when you enter a new school, and by assigning a student mentor, or “Buddy,” you are taking some pressure off of the student so they can ease into their new routine and get to know the other classmates better.

You can use the form field to provide some notes, and the upload or link field to store the final plan.

Inform the parent of the registration progress

Let the parent know that all the details have been taken care of and their child is ready to begin a new school. 

Use the date field below to enter when the new student will start.

Then use the email widget to inform the parents. 

Welcome the student

The only thing left to do as part of the registration process is to execute the welcoming plan and work together as teachers and managers to boost this new student's learning experience. 

Review the student's experience of the first month

As we come to the end of the process it is important to be self-reflexive and critical. 

Meet with the student and discuss their experience so far. Also, take the time to meet with the parents and get their feedback also.

Use the form fields below to take notes on the student experience and how your registration process could be improved for next time.  


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