Process Street - Training Hotel Employees Template

Process Street's Training Hotel Employees Template has been designed to act as an aid to guide you through your employee onboarding and training process. 

This Training Hotel Employees Template has organized the employee onboarding and training process into the below stages:

  • Pre-training Information
  • Trial Shift 
  • Induction 
  • Initial Training 
  • Implementing the Training Procedure 
  • Re-training 
  • Implementing Continued Professional Development 
  • End of Training Period

Human resources are regarded as a powerful resource. Within 'human resources', staff onboarding and training constitute essential parts. 

Candidates hired should have the best possible match for both the job duties and the hotel's culture. It is through good onboarding and training processes that employees succeed in their role.

With this in mind, Process Street has designed the Training Hotel Employees Template to aid your employee training process.

At Process Street we have considered the common mistakes training programs often make, to avoid such errors in our Training Hotel Employees Template.

For example, according to the German Psychologist Hermann Ebbinghaus, 90% of what we learn, we forget.

So let us translate in terms of employee onboarding and training. This means  90% of new skills are lost and forgotten. Employee training programs often neglect what happens after training, leading to their failure in this respect, as essential knowledge and skills are not maintained for the employee to flourish in their role.

Our Training Hotel Employees Template counteracts this by 'Implementing Continued Professional Development' as a stage in the employee training process.

Using Process Street's Training Hotel Employees Template, common training errors are avoided so your employee's talents, skills, and abilities are realized, enhanced and then maintained

This checklist should be completed at the beginning of every employee onboarding process. You will be presented with a set of specialized questions designed to make sure a good and effective onboarding process is carried out.

This Training Hotel Employees Template contains subtasks to be checked off when they are completed. In addition, short and long answer form fields can be populated with your own notes, data, and information.

Record checklist details

In this Training Hotel Employees Template, you will be presented with the following form fields, for which you are required to populate with your own specific data. More information for each form field type is provided via linkage to our help pages:

For this Training Hotel Employees Template template begin by entering information about the hotel, yourself as the trainer, and the trainee. 

Pre-training information:

Gather general information

Use the below subtasks as a guide. Check off each subtask once you have obtained the information. Consider other information you might need to obtain from the employee specific to your hotel's operations.

  • 1
    Full name
  • 2
    Date of birth
  • 3
  • 4
    Telephone number
  • 5
    Email address
  • 6
    Name of next of kin
  • 7
    Telephone number of next of kin
  • 8
    Employment commencement date

Be sure to obtain information from the employee, not included in the above, specific to your hotel's operations.

Trial Shift:

Organize a trial shift for the trainee

You can set a date for a trial shift and enter this into the date form field below. 

'Trial Shift Attainment' is a conditional step in this process. If the employee passes the trial shift, they will move on in the Training Hotel Employees Template. Select 'Pass' or 'Fail' from the options in the dropdown form field below. 

You can add notes about the trial shift to keep on record in the long text form field below.

  • 1
    Assign a mentor
  • 2
    Observe trail shift from afar

As a peoples industry, it comes as no surprise excellent customer service and communication skills are required attributes for hotel employees. Other important skills to spot during the trainee's trial shift include:

  • Commitment. 

  • Enthusiasm. 

  • Interpersonal skills. 

  • Organization. 

  • Leadership. 

  • Knowledgeable of safety/hygiene issues. 

  • Thorough. 

  • Teamwork.  

Provide feedback to the employee

Use the email widget below to send confirmation of the unsuccessful trial shift to the trainee employee. You can add notes as to why the trainee was not successful to provide them with helpful feedback

The email above has automatically populated with information provided in previous form fields. The information can be edited as required before you send the email.

Effective feedback involves providing constructive criticism, being very specific, ending on a positive note, and focus on performance and not personality. 


Complete induction checklist

Once the trainee employee has passed the trial shift they will move on to the induction period. The information below needs to be obtained from the employee. 

  • 1
    Bank account/payment information received
  • 2
    Taxation information received (if applicable)
  • 3
    Code of conduct agreement
  • 4
    Health and safety agreement

See Process Street's Safety Inspection Checklist

Consider additional information needed specifically for your hotel

Communicate essential information

The induction period also involves communicating vital information to the trainee about your hotel's operations. Check off the subtasks below once the information has been communicated to the trainee. Be sure to consider additional information specific to your hotel and has not been considered in the below.

  • 1
    Operating hours
  • 2
    License information (if applicable)
  • 3
    The history of your venue (customers may ask about venue history)
  • 4
    The style of your menu
  • 5
    The phone number and address of your venue
  • 6
    Your internal mantra
  • 7
    Fire safety procedures
  • 8
    Locations of essential equipment
  • 9
    How to call a cab
  • 10
    Where facilities are, e.g. toilets, disabled access, kitchen, dish room, entries, and exits
  • 11
    Location of keys or codes etc to access staff only areas
  • 12
    The benefits of working in your organization
  • 13
    Basics of service standards

Be sure to consider additional information specific to your hotel and has not been considered in the above.

Provide general training

''Good communication skills are a learned art and not a natural skill so one should consider training to enhance staff skills.''

Regardless of job title, the hospitality industry is a people's industry. The ability to communicate well with guests and other team members are vital skills to have. This is why it is important to provide basic training in customer service and communication to every employee, as part of the training process.

  • 1
    Provide basic customer service training
  • 2
    Provide basic communication training

Review trainee's induction period

Induction attainment is a conditional step. If the trainee passes they will move on in the training process.  

Provide feedback to the employee

If the trainee was unsuccessful during the induction period, for example, they didn't attend general training, then you can summarise the reasons for the induction failure and embed this into an email. The email can then be sent, confirming the trainee was unsuccessful and providing feedback as to why.

Initial Training:

Identify success criteria

To generate the best training program, the program needs to be catered specifically to the trainee's position. Identify training targets specific to the trainee's new role and establish a training path to achieve these targets.

  • 1
    Consider the job description to identify training requirements

It might be a good idea to consider the trainee's background and skills when setting targets. This can streamline your training plan to place a greater emphasis on training the trainee's weaknesses. 

Review the trainee's progress

A dynamic due date has been set. A reminder will be actioned on the date entered to complete the review.

Email the trainee

Email the trainee confirmation of their success passing their targets in the initial training period. You can include summarised notes stating the trainee's successes. You can also state areas where the trainee can work to improve in as part of their ongoing development.

Implementing the Training Procedure:

Perform trainee's first review

Achievement of trainee's targets is a conditional step. If the trainee passes they will move on in the training process.  

Review pass attainment details

You can note down the trainee's successes on passing their targets. What was the trainee specifically good at? What were the trainee's milestone achievements? Passing this information on can boost trainee moral. 

It is also a good idea to consider areas where the trainee could improve as part of the trainee's ongoing personal development.

The below information can be passed onto the trainee via email later in this process.


Review fail attainment details

Review why the trainee failed to meet their targets from their initial training.

State the trainee's successes to boost their moral, before diving into the targets the trainee failed to achieve.

Be sure to obtain reasons why the trainee failed to achieve these targets, so you can implement an effective re-training plan that supports the trainee in obtaining all of their targets.

Review and set new targets

Based on the targets the trainee failed to achieve, and the reasons why, formulate a new set of targets for the trainee's re-train.

Our dynamic due date feature has been used for the 'date of re-train review' step. You will receive a reminder an hour before the review is required on this date.

Targets trainee failed to achieve


Email new targets to trainee

You can email the trainee's new set of targets using our email widget below.

Review trainees re-train performance

This is a stop task. You will be unable to progress in the Training Hotel Employees Template until the trainee has successfully passed their targets. This may require a continual review of the trainee until they pass and can move onto the next stage.

  • 1
    The trainee has their passed targets

Implementing Continued Professional Development Training:

Create continued professional development targets

The trainee has passed the training targets. For the trainees continued professional development, further targets can be set based on areas the trainee could improve upon. These targets can then be emailed to the trainee in the final step of this process.

Use the 3x3 method, that is, state three strengths and three areas for potential development to the trainee.

End of Training Period:

Email training pass confirmation

Targets for the trainees continued professional development can be emailed to the trainee using the email widget below.


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