How Does the Email Widget Work?

You can add pre-written emails to your templates by using the email widget. This lets anyone running a checklist send a pre-made email at the click of a button.

Emails will be sent from the default mail handler you’re using on your laptop or PC, and you can use data collected in form fields from within that checklist, to pre-populate the email.

This means that you don’t end up double-typing names, email addresses, dates or the name of whoever is sending the email.

Plan: The email widget is available on all plans.

Users: In order to add the email widget to templates, you must be an Administrator or a Member who has been given ‘can edit’ access by your Administrator.

How to use the email widget

To use the email widget you must be editing a template.

Start from your Template Dashboard and search for the template you’d like to add the email widget to.

Click the three dots next to the template’s name, then click “Edit Template” in the right-hand menu, as shown below.

Click on the task you want to add an email widget to, then click or drag the ‘Send Email’ widget from the Content section in the right-hand menu.

Once the widget is in the center of your screen, you can drag and drop it into position or use the up and down arrows on the left side of the widget.

Next, you can fill in any static information you’d like to always appear in this email by using the appropriate fields, like the subject line and the body of the email (show in the example below).

Use the magic wand tool to add {{variable fields}} like the employee email address, employee first name and current user name.

Test the email widget using the “Test Send” button at the bottom of the widget. Remember that this test will send to the recipient you’ve put in the “To” field, in your default mail client, so you may want to change this to your own email address for the sake of testing.

Sending a pre-made email

To send a pre-made email from a template or a checklist, click the “Send” button at the bottom of the widget.

This will automatically open in your default mail client as a draft email. From here you can add an attachment or signature. When the email is ready to go, all you need to do is click the send button in your email.

Note: Each mail client has a different character limit. E.g. Outlook has a limit of 1076 characters. If you’d like to send longer emails, consider using Zapier to trigger an email.

Automation option

If you would like to automatically send emails, add attachments, rich text or create emails longer than 2000 characters, you may want to consider setting up a Zapier email integration instead.

In this case you won’t need to use the email widget, instead you can utilize the “New task checked” trigger in Zapier, to send your emails.


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