Using Process Street as a Guest

This article is part of our onboarding program, and is aimed towards Guests working in a Process Street organization. If you’re an administrator adding new guests, please forward this to them to help them get started, or this one for new Members.    If you’ve been invited to work in a […]

Getting Started Guide – Building Your Own Automations

In this final lesson (well done, you made it!) we’re going to cover: What are automations and why they are useful How to start building them Top tips to fix problems you may encounter What’s possible when you start building automations Estimated time for this lesson ~ 45 minutes This lesson is part of our […]

Getting Started Guide – Using Assignments

In this lesson we’re going to cover: What assignments are and how to start using them How to assign users step-by-step How to figure out if something’s gone wrong and how to correct it What’s possible when you start assigning people Estimated time for this lesson ~ 25 minutes This lesson is part […]

How To Get Buy-In From Your Team

Adopting new software or ways of working can be a challenge for any size of team. If your company is implementing new initiatives, strategies, software, or changes of any kind, you’re going to need a plan to help guide your team. Are you the manager who has found a new […]

Getting Started Guide – Outline Your Process

In this lesson we’re going to cover: Why it’s important to outline your process and what it entails How to outline your process in Process Street Practical application of outlining your process How to overcome common challenges if you get stuck What is possible for you once you outline your process Estimated time for this lesson ~ […]

Basics of Creating and Using Templates

What are templates? Templates are the foundation of all your future checklists. Think of your templates as the master blueprint of your process, whilst checklists are single, dynamic instances that you run from your template. For example, if you were hiring a few new team members, you would run a […]


With our fantastic Approvals feature, you can streamline any processes that need authorization by another person. You can create single instance approvals, multi-stage or sequential approvals within your workflows. This feature not only helps you to set a structure for your approvals process, but also saves you heaps of time, […]

How to Edit Templates

Templates are the basis of all of your checklists in Process Street, so it’s natural that at some point you’re going to want to edit them. Perhaps the time has come to update a template or you’re looking to change a pre-made template you’ve imported; either way, it’s time to […]