Process Street Keyboard Shortcuts

Why take the long way round when you can make use of some handy keyboard shortcuts in Process Street. Shortcuts for workflow editing Add new tasks by hitting your Enter / Return key Remove an empty task by hitting your Backspace / Delete key Transform tasks into headings (and vice […]

Basics of Creating and Editing Workflows

What are workflows? Workflows are the foundation of all your future workflow runs. Think of your workflows as the master blueprint of your process, whilst workflow runs are single, dynamic instances that you run from your workflow. For example, if you were hiring a few new team members, you would […]


Your Library is the place where you can create, view and manage all of your workflows and Pages in one place. You can store Pages and workflows in folders to help keep everything organized, grant other users access to them or restrict access where needed. Users: Admins, Full Members and Free Members […]

Running Workflows

Workflow Runs are single-use, dynamic instances of workflows. A workflow is the master blueprint of your process, which includes all the usual steps and details involved in a particular process. On the other hand, a workflow run is a single instance of that process in which you actually implement the […]

How Do I Make Workflows?

There are two ways to get started making workflows. The first is to start from scratch with a Blank Workflow, and the second is to start from a Premade Workflow Template from our template gallery. You can make workflows in your organization library or, if you’d like to work on […]

Who Can Access Pages (Beta)?

Pages are accessible to your whole team, for free, forever! Your admins and Full Members already have access to Pages. Full Members with “edit” permission can create, share and edit Pages, while those with “View all”, “Run” or “View” permission will only be able to view Pages. You can also invite […]


Reports in Process Street allow you to see, manage and create saved views for all of your workflow runs in one place. What can you do with Reports? Check your team’s progress on a particular project or workflow Create saved views for a particular client, project, department, or your whole organization Organize […]

What is a Workflow?

Process Street‘s core functionality is the ability to create workflows for recurring processes and then run those workflows. A workflow is a set of instructions that lay out exactly how a process should be completed. For each process in your business, you build a workflow first, then you run the workflow each time […]

Private Library

Your Private Library is a space where you can create workflows and Pages and iterate on them before you’re ready to publish them to the rest of your team. Once you’re done creating and experimenting, you can publish your workflows and pages to your main organization library or to a […]