Getting Started Guide – Using Assignments

In this lesson we’re going to cover: What assignments are and how to start using them How to assign users step-by-step How to figure out if something’s gone wrong and how to correct it What’s possible when you start assigning people Estimated time for this lesson ~ 25 minutes This lesson is part […]

Getting Started Guide – Building Out Your Content

In this lesson we’re going to cover: What content form fields are and how adding content helps power up your processes How to add content to your workflows What happens if you get stuck and how to overcome those challenges What’s possible when you start adding content Estimated time for this lesson ~ 25 minutes This […]

How To Switch Organizations

If you have been invited to, or have created more than one Process Street organization, you can switch between them to access different workflows, workflow runs and tasks. Use cases You might be a part of more than one organization if: You operate more than one business You have been […]

Where Can I Find Past Webinars?

Here at Process Street, we run webinars at least once per month, which allows us to share best practices, tips, and advice directly with you. If you register for a webinar, we’ll always send you a link to the webinar recording after the event. But if you didn’t register, and you just […]

Getting Started Guide – Optimize Your Processes

In this lesson, we’re going to introduce you to not one, but three awesome features – Dynamic Due Dates, Stop Tasks & Conditional Logic. We’re going to cover: What these features do and how they can benefit your processes Why using these features can super-charge your workflows How to get […]

Slack + Process Street Integration

You can integrate Process Street with Slack, using Process Street’s Automations. This integration allows you to send instant automated messages to a Slack channel, either when a task is checked or when a workflow run is completed. Plan: This Automation is available to customers on all pricing plans. Users: In […]

How To Get Buy-In From Your Team

Adopting new software or ways of working can be a challenge for any size of team. If your company is implementing new initiatives, strategies, software, or changes of any kind, you’re going to need a plan to help guide your team. Are you the manager who has found a new […]

How To Create One-Off or Ad hoc Tasks

There may be occasions where you need to create one-off or ad hoc tasks for your team to complete. This is particularly handy when you need to give a colleague a task to do that isn’t part of your existing process or daily operations, and it allows you to quickly […]

I’m Not Receiving Email Notifications

There are a number of reasons you may not be receiving email notifications. You may be new to the platform or you might have been using Process Street for a while, in any case, check through the details below to troubleshoot why you might not be receiving notifications. If you […]

What is an Anonymous User?

When you share a workflow run via a share link or a run link, anyone working on it and filling out information becomes an anonymous user. Instead of seeing their user name as you would with Members or Guests when these users take any action in your tasks or workflow runs, they […]