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Process Street API

Updated September 26, 2022

Process Street‘s API allows you to run workflows, update workflow runs and access reporting, without the need for third-party integration tools.

Users: To create an API key you must be an administrator.

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What can you use the API for?

Create a workflow run

Set the name and due date for a new workflow run.

Find a workflow run by its ID

Get information from a workflow run, including form field IDs and values.

Update a workflow run by its ID

Populate form fields with data via our API, check and un-check subtasks, change the status of a workflow run (active, complete, archived) and change the name or due date of a workflow run.

You can also turn on/off the workflow run share link via the API.

Note: If the date field is left blank, this will remove any existing due dates on your workflow runs.

List Tasks

Lists all the tasks in your workflow run in pages of 20.

Get Task Info

Lists the task name, task ID, status (completed or not completed, stopped by a stop task or hidden via task permissions) and the task due date (with time).

Get Task Assignees

Lists individual users or groups who are assigned to the tasks in your workflow run.

Complete a Task

Allows you to complete tasks, one at a time, unless they contain a required field.

Set Task Due Date

Add a due date and time to tasks.

Assign/Unassign a User or Group to/from a Task

Assign or unassign individuals or groups to or from tasks.

Note: Group email addresses can be obtained in the “get task assignees” endpoint.

Accessing reports

Combine data from Process Street with other source data and analyze it in your organization’s preferred data analysis tool.

Generating an API key

You can generate and name a new API key from the integrations page in your organization manager area.

Contact our Process Pros team or your account contact for support with our API.

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