Introducing Pages!

All organizations need a place to retain and iterate upon valuable knowledge used to power your processes. This is even more important as employees become more transient in the increasingly common remote-work culture. That’s why we’ve created Pages, a brand new feature that allows you to store and share your […]

September 2021 Updates

Here’s a quick round-up of some of the updates that we’ve released over the past month here at Process Street. Location of the new blank workflow button We moved the location of the button to create a new blank workflow from scratch, so it’s easier to find and quicker to […]

Making Folder Navigation More Consistent

Our latest update is a change to folder navigation that allows users to locate the workflows they’ve been assigned to more easily. This means that all users will now see the same folder structure, whereas previously certain folders may not have been visible to them. This allows your team the ability to communicate […]

Introducing New Names for Templates and Checklists!

Fasten your seatbelts… Templates and Checklists are changing names! What are they changing to? Templates ➡️ Workflows Checklists ➡️ Workflow Runs Templates will become “Workflows” and Checklists will become “Workflow Runs” or “Runs”. And when? These changes will initially come into effect in Process Street on the date this release post is published. Why the […]

Live Updates to Inbox

Another great update means that you now have live updates in your Process Street Inbox! This means that when completing a task or filling in a form field, thus generating more tasks for another user (or group) to complete, those tasks will be immediately visible to them in their Inbox, […]

Slack App: Manage Tasks and Approvals in Slack

Increase your team’s speed, productivity, and efficiency, with our new Slack App. If your team is using Slack as its main working hub, then you can streamline the way you work by adding Process Street to your Slack account. This will allow you to work directly from Slack completing tasks, […]

Real-Time Updates to Form Fields

Our latest update to Process Street enables real-time form field updates on checklists for all users, Automations, and Zapier and webhook integrations. What does this mean for you? Automations that change form field values will update live, without you needing to refresh your browser Zapier Zaps that change form field values will update […]