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Dynamic Clock Indicators for Task Due Dates

June 7, 2023

If your task has a dynamic due date set, you will see a purple clock indicator in an active workflow run, until the due date is activated. You can also see the clock indicator in your published workflows and workflow editor. Learn more about dynamic due dates.

New! Import Documents to Generate Workflows with Process AI

June 6, 2023

Our Process AI Workflow Import feature allows you to upload your process documents and then, transform them into workflows. Import supports Word docs, HTML, TXT, and PDFs up to 250MB in size. Learn more about Process AI.

Add Conditional Logic into Forms

May 16, 2023

Introducing multi-step forms with conditional logic and custom validation on form fields.   You can also view your form responses alongside your editor for quick access. Learn more about Forms.

Dynamic Due Dates for Workflow Runs

May 4, 2023

You can now set your workflow run due dates based on when a workflow is run, from a date field, or when a task is completed. This is a significant enhancement for those of you whose daily operations are based on entire workflow runs. Learn more about workflow run due dates.

Publish & Run Your Workflows with 1 Click

May 4, 2023

You can now publish and run your workflows with just one click. Your workflow run will have you assigned to it, and have the default name of the Workflow name, date and time stamp it was run.  Learn more about creating workflows.

Introducing the World’s First AI Workflow Generator!

April 13, 2023

Harness the power of ChatGPT and AI technology to generate workflows that perfectly match your team’s agility and scale. Build out workflows with just a few clicks, including tasks, content, and form fields. If you or your team have ever struggled to start creating a workflow, then this is the perfect feature for you! Learn […]

We Have an Android App!

March 28, 2023

Good news Android users! We’ve made Process Street available to you all with our new Android app 🙂 You can now run Workflows, work on tasks, receive push notifications, and get the most out of Process Street even when you’re on the go. Download the app from Googe Play Store. Learn more about the Android […]

Latest Updates to Process Street’s API

March 13, 2023

Create even more custom integrations using our latest API endpoints: List all Workflows List of all form fields by Workflow ID List/find Workflow runs by name or form field value List tasks by Workflow ID List users Assign user to Workflow run Unassign user from Workflow run Learn more about integrating with our API.

Reassign your Workflow Runs from Reports

March 6, 2023

Users with edit permission can now add, remove or change Workflow run assignees within Reports! You can also take a quick look at task assignees or navigate to that Workflow run to reassign tasks. Learn more about Reports.

Our Make App Just Got a Whole Lot Better!

March 2, 2023

If you use Make for integrations, we have good news for you!  We’ve taken control of our app and improved how you interact with your Workflows, Workflow runs, tasks and form fields. What’s new? Select your Workflows, Workflow runs and tasks from dropdown lists Assign a user to a Workflow run (in Create Workflow run […]

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