Enhance your Checklists with Embedded Content

Our latest feature release the Embed widget, allows you to embed content directly into your processes. You no longer need to click away from your template or checklist to reference another document, spreadsheet, map or table. You can build it directly into your process and add all kinds of interactive […]

Adding Approvals to your Workflows

Process Street is pleased to announce our latest fabulous feature, Approvals. Approvals allow you to create specific tasks within your workflow so that you can submit these easily to a manager for review and sign off. You can now set either single task approvals, sequential approvals and parallel or multiple-step […]

Enable Customer Workflows with Task Permissions

We’re excited to announce that you can now set permissions on different tasks on your templates and checklists! Task Permissions will allow you to choose which users in your organization can complete and see different tasks inside of a checklist. You can control the permissions for: All Members within your […]

Find and Update a Checklist using our new Zapier update

We’re excited to announce an update to our Zapier integration with Process Street! You can now Find and Update an active checklist. This allows for a powerful two-way sync between Process Street and other systems. For example, when you update a status in your CRM, update your customer onboarding checklist […]

Use Single Sign-On or Change User Permissions!

SSO is available on Enterprise plans only. For Enterprise pricing, please contact [email protected] We’re excited to announce recent improvements to our Single Sign-On feature in Process Street! In addition to boosting productivity and reducing security risks, we’ve added additional benefits to SSO. Now with Single-Sign on, if a user does […]

Role Assignments

The Process Street team is excited to announce the release of our brand new role assignments feature. With Role Assignments, you can pre-assign tasks to different roles on your team. Note: Role Assignments are a feature on our Standard Plan. This is useful for larger teams where different people might complete […]

Inbox – The Fastest Way to Complete Tasks

Keeping track of everything that you and your team need to do is pretty important. Luckily, Process Street’s Inbox feature lets you do just that! Inbox lets you see, complete or snooze all of the tasks and checklists that you’ve been assigned across your organization. Accessing Inbox To access Inbox, […]

Dynamic Due Dates Update

We’re excited to let you know that we’ve extended the functionality of task due dates to give you even more options. Dynamic due dates let you automatically adjust a task’s due date based on actions taken in a checklist. Note: Dynamic due dates are a feature on our Standard Plan. You […]