December Updates

Here’s a quick roundup of some of the small updates we’ve made to Process Street in the last month. Templates Page Ctrl + click or right click, opens folders in a new tab. You can now view all checklists in a particular folder at the click of a link from […]

Checklist Dashboard Just Got Even Better!

We’ve been updating Checklist Dashboard, so that it now has even better functionality than before. Improvements include: Added a new and sortable “Templates” column, which allows you to group checklists by template Adjustable column widths, which you can save settings for in your saved views Added date/time tool tip to […]

Improved Navigation & Template Dashboard

You can now differentiate more easily between templates and checklists, with some changes we’ve made to Process Street‘s navigation. Now you have the power to customize your checklist view in order to make it work for your team. We’ve also added a new, faster way to run checklists from any page. […]

Run Checklists from Anywhere

You can now run a new checklist from any page within Process Street, with the “Run” button at the top of your screen. Click the “Run” button, and select the template you would like to run a checklist from. You can scroll down to find a template, type in the search […]

Browse Premade Templates More Easily

Premade templates are ready-made processes that we have created for you to use. You’re welcome 😉 With our new Template Gallery, you can search for premade templates by browsing the categories, images and descriptions. Discover more processes that you can utilize in your organization right away, or edit them to […]