Dynamic Due Dates Update

We’re excited to let you know that we’ve extended the functionality of task due dates to give you even more options. Dynamic due dates let you automatically adjust a task’s due date based on actions taken in a checklist. You can now set dynamic due dates based off 4 different […]

Export Only Visible Columns to CSV

We’ve extended the functionality of our CSV export to allow you to export only visible columns or all the checklist data of the template. Exporting only the visible columns produces a CSV file of just the columns currently displaying in your template overview. You can customize (hide/show) columns based on […]

Update to Template Variables

We have recently made some updates to our variables feature. Default values You can now make a variable have a default value. So instead of “Hey {{form.First_Name}},” You could use “Hey {{form.First_Name | default:’there’}},” This would insert “there” as a default value if there is nothing typed into the “First_Name” […]

Enhance your Workflows with Conditional Logic

We at Process Street are very excited to announce the release of Conditional Logic – The perfect way to create dynamic checklists with If/Then logic that adapt to your needs. Conditional Logic Webinar Recording With our powerful new Conditional Logic feature, you can show and hide specific tasks in a […]

Change the way you edit your templates

We’re very happy to announce the launch of some new features that will drastically enhance your template building and editing experience, Multi-Select, Copy/Paste Images, and Drag & Drop Editing! Copy/Paste Images We here at Process Street know how irritating it can be to save and upload images over and over. […]

Adding a Company Logo

Do your clients and employees question your identity? Maintaining your image is critically important for establishing your brand as an organization. With our latest release, organizations on Business Pro and Enterprise can now show off their logos in multiple places within Process Street! Once a logo is added it can […]