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Discover the Latest Updates for Forms!

With our latest updates for Forms, get a head start on creating your form, organizing your steps, controlling form access, and tracking form activity. Starting a form: Give your form a name as soon as you start a new one A short text field is added by default to get you started Form steps: Rename […]

Form Field Variables Updates!

Your workflow run names and notifications will now display the form field names associated with those variables. You can also set a fallback value while selecting a variable to use. If you have added variables in workflow run names, they will automatically update once you change a form field value. Learn more about variables.

New! Task Conditions in Conditional Logic

You can now create conditional logic rules based on approval and task completion. When a task is checked or unchecked, or when an approval task is completed, you can show or hide tasks, form fields, or content widgets. You can also trigger task conditions based on AI tasks being completed. Using this feature your team […]

Data Set Automations Updates

With Data Set automations, you can add a new Data Set record via incoming webhooks. You can also run workflows from a Data Set saved view when: A record is created A record is updated A record matches specific conditions For example, in your employee onboarding process, you can bring data from your HRMS into […]

Introducing Custom Notifications

With custom notifications, you can send automatic reminders to task or workflow run assignees, or any stakeholders interested in being notified about the workflow run’s progress. You can schedule the alerts to go out: Before or after tasks are due Before or after tasks are completed When workflow runs are started or completed You can […]

Introducing Customized, Organization-Wide Email Notifications

You can now set default email notification settings for everyone in your organization, including new users. You can also customize the notification emails sent from Process Street to your team, to reflect your company logo and brand colors. If you work on Slack and Microsoft Teams, setting the default email notifications will help your team […]

Forms Beta Updates

With our latest version of Forms, you can collect more information, securely. You can now add a number field, a date field, and a file widget to your form You can select and delete form responses You can export your form responses to CSV Publishing changes to your form auto-updates active forms Learn more about […]

New! Deactivate Users

You can now deactivate users instead of permanently deleting them from your organization, while also preserving their work. For example, in an employee onboarding process, you can see the deactivated users assigned to tasks and their work progress in workflow runs. Deactivate your seasonal staff or employees on extended leave without losing their task assignments, […]

August 2023 Updates

We’ve released more exciting features this month and here’s a round-up of all the updates. Enhanced file security When you enable the Enhanced File Security feature, only users logged into a Process Street account can access the files in your workflow runs. This feature is available on our Enterprise plan. If you’re interested in accessing […]

July 2023 Updates

Here’s a round-up of all the latest updates we’ve released this month. Bulk archive or delete workflow runs in Reports Admins and members with edit permissions can now multi-select workflow runs in Reports to archive or delete them. Auto-update variables when form field names are changed If you change a form field name in your […]

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