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We Have an Android App!

Good news Android users! We’ve made Process Street available to you all with our new Android app 🙂 You can now run Workflows, work on tasks, receive push notifications, and get the most out of Process Street even when you’re on the go. Download the app from Googe Play Store. Learn more about the Android […]

Latest Updates to Process Street’s API

Create even more custom integrations using our latest API endpoints: List all Workflows List of all form fields by Workflow ID List/find Workflow runs by name or form field value List tasks by Workflow ID List users Assign user to Workflow run Unassign user from Workflow run Learn more about integrating with our API.

Reassign your Workflow Runs from Reports

Users with edit permission can now add, remove or change Workflow run assignees within Reports! You can also take a quick look at task assignees or navigate to that Workflow run to reassign tasks. Learn more about Reports.

Our Make App Just Got a Whole Lot Better!

If you use Make for integrations, we have good news for you!  We’ve taken control of our app and improved how you interact with your Workflows, Workflow runs, tasks and form fields. What’s new? Select your Workflows, Workflow runs and tasks from dropdown lists Assign a user to a Workflow run (in Create Workflow run […]

Introducing Forms in Process Street! (Beta)

We’re excited to announce that you can now create custom Forms in Process Street! Using Forms allows users to collect data anonymously and run a workflow from that form response. Here are some example use cases: Intake Forms (e.g new customer or client) Contact Form Event Registration Survey (EO qualitative reviews) Feedback Applications Learn more […]

New! Create And/Or Rules in Conditional Logic

We’re excited to announce our new Conditional Logic rules! Now you can create complex workflows with And/Or rules. For instance, in an Employee Onboarding workflow, IF the employee is in USA AND is a full-time employee OR works onsite THEN, offer benefits. To make your rules easy to identify, you can add notes to describe […]

Auto-Fill your Workflow Runs with Default Values

You now have the option to set default values or variables in your form fields. Better yet, you can connect Data Sets as variables to link and pre-fill multiple form fields in one go! Choose between static text or variables in your form field settings. Learn more about auto-filling form fields.

Data Sets Beta Updates

With our latest version of Data Sets, you can create and edit records manually, integrate other tools via native automations, via our API, via Webhooks and your favorite third-party integration tools. As an added bonus, data sets can also be used as variables to automatically populate form fields in your workflow runs. Learn more about […]

Own Your Custom Subdomain

If you’re on our Enterprise plan you can define a custom subdomain for your workflow run URLs, for example: “” This instantly lets your customers identify the workflow runs coming from you. Reach out to your account manager or our support team to activate this feature. Learn more about brand customization.

Create Even More Custom Integrations!

We have added more Webhook actions, automations, API endpoints, and Zapier triggers and actions.  Here’s what’s new:  Public API Add a record to a data set Update a record in a data set Delete a record in a data set Get a record from a data set Get all data sets List approvals in […]

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