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Process Street in Your Brand Colors!

January 2, 2023

Your Process Street organization can now reflect your brand colors. This means your shared workflow runs can be in sync with your brand persona and your customers can have an integrated experience of your company’s visual styling. Or, you can just choose to customize Process Street in your favorite color! Learn more about brand customization.

Updates For Manually Running Workflows

November 2, 2022

With our latest update, you can hand off manually run workflows with fewer clicks! If you’re using task assignments, you’ll likely not want to have someone assigned to the whole run. Now you can change (or remove) the workflow run assignee and set the due date in the new modal shown above. Learn more about […]

Introducing Data Sets (Beta)

October 10, 2022

With our latest Beta release, you can speed up workflow building, reduce errors and cut costs from third-party integration tools! Use your own data stored in Process Street to add to form fields and use as variables. You can create data sets for client information, your team, your products, services or whatever you need. Learn more […]

Run Workflows From Any App!

October 4, 2022

With our new webhook triggers, you can catch webhooks from any app shown and use the data to pre-fill form fields in your workflow run. Select your use case to narrow the options, or search for an app by name. Say goodbye to third-party integration tools and say hello to lots more options to run […]

New & Improved Conditional Logic!

September 13, 2022

We’ve made some great improvements to Conditional Logic that we’re sure you’re going to love! Visualizing conditional logic Easily see where you have conditional logic set up on form fields and tasks when editing your workflows. We’ve added a new icon (two overlapping arrows) to denote conditional logic. Icons display in purple when you have […]

August 2022 Updates

August 31, 2022

Here’s a round-up of all the updates we’ve released this month. Workflow editor updates We updated the styling of the widgets and form fields on the right side of the page, as shown above. We’ve moved a few buttons. You can now use the black focus bar to change a workflow’s name and description, access conditional […]

Email Widget Updates

August 29, 2022

You spoke and we listened..! We’ve taken the best features of the legacy email widget and added them to the new email widget. You can switch between the different types of widgets by using the cog on the right side of the widget. Edit before sending Anyone with run permissions can edit an email before […]

New Ways to Work With Comments

August 22, 2022

Not only have we created a new home for all your comments, but you can quickly reply to them, wherever you’re working. What’s new? A comments tab in your Inbox For mentions and comment threads you’re part of For comments on workflow runs you’re subscribed to You can mention yourself if you’d like to remind […]

Move Form Fields & Content Blocks Between Tasks

July 13, 2022

We’ve made it possible for you to move content blocks and form fields into other tasks in the same workflow 🙂 So say goodbye to re-creating components of your workflow that need to live in another task! Move the item to another task by clicking the three dots in the bottom right corner of the […]

Simple Versioning for Workflows & Pages

June 29, 2022

We’ve added a simple way for you to restore a previous version of your Workflows and Pages. On workflows, this works if you’ve published changes but you no longer want them, and you haven’t updated your workflow runs to the latest version. When viewing your workflow or Page, click the meatball menu and click Activity. Scroll […]

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