Introduction to Product Review Template:

This product review template can be sent to your customers to get feedback on the products they've purchased.

Because 92% of consumers trust 'word-of-mouth' more than any other form of advertising, proactively asking your customers to review the products they've purchased should be a key part of your marketing strategy.

But getting your customers to give you a (preferably glowing) review can be difficult.

It’s a well-known fact that bad experiences are two to three times more likely to get reviewed than good ones.

So how do you do it? 

Make it as easy as possible.

The quicker and easier it is to leave a review, the more likely a customer will take the time to give you one.

Customer reviews not only play an important role in marketing your brand, but they also identify flaws in your product or business. If the right questions are asked, they can offer a unique insight into what your customers really think about you.

Typically, the average online review consists of the following components: 

  • An average star rating 
  • Custom product feedback, such as questions and answers, from purchasers
  • Customer feedback such as pros, cons and best uses
  • Size and fit information from purchases

This product review template incorporates these components and is ready for you to send to your customers.

It will offer your customers the chance to tell you how they feel and will give you enough information to use in future marketing campaigns, product improvement initiatives, and new product ideas.

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Enter your details

Enter your details in the fields below. 

Enter product details

Enter the details of the product you have purchased in the fileds below. 

Product Review:

Establish what made you purchase the product

Answer the following questions to establish why you purchased {{form.What_product_have_you_purchased?}}

Describe your first impression

Answer the following questions to describe your first impressions of {{form.What_product_have_you_purchased?}} and our service.

Confirm if the product met your expectations

Answer the following questions to confirm if the {{form.What_product_have_you_purchased?}} has met your expectations.

Give a star rating

Please give the product you have purcahsed a star rating from 1 to 5, with 1 being terrible and 5 being brilliant. 

Thank You:

Thank you for completing this product review.

We hugely value your opinion and will use this feedback to improve this product and our service. 


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