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Export and Print your Conditional Logic Rules

You can now export and print the conditional logic rules set up in your workflows to support compliance needs or maintain data integrity. You can also export your conditional logic rules to maintain historical records or save them as a backup. Learn more about exporting/printing your conditional logic rules.

Create Folders in Reports to Organize Saved Views

Organize your Reports dashboard by creating folders. This way you can group related saved views, making it easier and quicker to find them. You can add or move new and existing saved views into folders. You can also rename, share, or delete them. Learn more about folders in reports.

Sort Form Fields in Reports

In the Reports dashboard, you can now sort your workflow runs by form fields for efficient data analysis and management. When you select a single workflow you can sort data by short text fields, email addresses, dates, numbers, websites, or dropdown selections. Learn more about Reports.

Manage All Your Tasks in Process Street

You can now create and manage all your tasks within Process Street. Create tasks for yourself or assign them to your team and keep all your work in one place. You can also attach tasks to workflow runs if they need to be completed as part of a process. The attached tasks are also included […]

Introducing Workflow Dashboard

Our all-new workflow dashboard gives you a detailed report of your workflow’s performance at a glance. Access a workflow, run or edit it, and gain valuable insights into its efficiency and effectiveness. Data you can view: The number of workflow runs that are on track, due soon, and overdue Reports dashboard filtered to show this […]

Task Conditions in Conditional Logic

You can now create conditional logic rules based on approval and task completion. When a task is checked or unchecked, or when an approval task is completed, you can show or hide tasks, form fields, or content widgets. You can also trigger task conditions based on AI tasks being completed. Using this feature your team […]

Data Set Automations Updates

With Data Set automations, you can add a new Data Set record via incoming webhooks. You can also run workflows from a Data Set saved view when: A record is created A record is updated A record matches specific conditions For example, in your employee onboarding process, you can bring data from your HRMS into […]

Introducing Custom Notifications

With custom notifications, you can send automatic reminders to task or workflow run assignees, or any stakeholders interested in being notified about the workflow run’s progress. You can schedule the alerts to go out: Before or after tasks are due Before or after tasks are completed When workflow runs are started or completed You can […]

Introducing Customized, Organization-Wide Email Notifications

You can now set default email notification settings for everyone in your organization, including new users. You can also customize the notification emails sent from Process Street to your team, to reflect your company logo and brand colors. If you work on Slack and Microsoft Teams, setting the default email notifications will help your team […]

Deactivate Users

You can now deactivate users instead of permanently deleting them from your organization, while also preserving their work. For example, in an employee onboarding process, you can see the deactivated users assigned to tasks and their work progress in workflow runs. Deactivate your seasonal staff or employees on extended leave without losing their task assignments, […]

August 2023 Updates

We’ve released more exciting features this month and here’s a round-up of all the updates. Enhanced file security When you enable the Enhanced File Security feature, only users logged into a Process Street account can access the files in your workflow runs. This feature is available on our Enterprise plan. If you’re interested in accessing […]

AI Tasks to Supercharge your Workflows

AI Tasks perform complex actions helping you to reduce manual effort without using third-party integrations. With AI Tasks you can: Generate blog posts, social media posts and newsletters Translate, process and summarize content Analyze content themes and sentiments Write emails using the data in your workflow runs Learn more about AI tasks.

Dynamic Clock Indicators for Task Due Dates

If your task has a dynamic due date set, you will see a purple clock indicator in an active workflow run, until the due date is activated. You can also see the clock indicator in your published workflows and workflow editor. Learn more about dynamic due dates.

Import Documents to Generate Workflows with Process AI

Our Process AI Workflow Import feature allows you to upload your process documents and then, transform them into workflows. Import supports PDF, CSV, DOCX, HTML & TXT up to 25MB in size. Learn more about Process AI.

Dynamic Due Dates for Workflow Runs

You can now set your workflow run due dates based on when a workflow is run, from a date field, or when a task is completed. This is a significant enhancement for those of you whose daily operations are based on entire workflow runs. Learn more about workflow run due dates.

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