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Run a Workflow Via Email

June 20, 2022

When your team uses multiple tools to get the job done, the work being done in those tools might determine the perfect time to run a workflow in Process Street. With our new email trigger, you can run a workflow by simply sending an email! Each workflow has a unique email address, so setup is super […]

Run a Workflow When a Candidate is Hired Through Greenhouse

June 13, 2022

Our latest automation is for any of you using Greenhouse as your candidate hiring platform. With this new addition to our suite of Automations, you’ll be able to run a workflow in Process Street when a candidate is marked as hired in Greenhouse. You can name it automatically and populate form fields as soon as […]

Power Up Your Processes With Microsoft Power Automate

June 10, 2022

With the Process Street connector for Power Automate, you can set up automated flows to streamline your business and save heaps of time. For example, you could watch for a newly run workflow in Process Street, automatically turn on its share link, and send it straight to a client via Outlook. Or watch for a […]

Visualize Your Team’s Progress on Tasks & Workflows

June 10, 2022

Keep track of your team’s progress with new analytics charts and graphs in your reports tab. Monitor the status of workflow runs, tasks and track average completion times. Discover more about analytics.

Manage Users with SCIM 2.0 & Okta

May 2, 2022

SCIM (System for Cross-Domain Identity Management) allows you to standardize user provisioning across all your tools. With this new feature, you can provision users in Process Street via Okta. Learn more about how to set up and use SCIM for Okta.

Add Cover Images & Emojis To Your Workflows & Pages!

April 18, 2022

Personalize your Workflows, Workflow runs and Pages by adding cover images and icons to them. Add your company branding, imagery and logos to all your important processes and Pages. The optimal dimensions for cover images are 550×150 pixels and for icons it’s 75×75 pixels. Note that while gifs may upload as a cover image, they […]

Manage Users and Groups with SCIM 2.0 & Azure AD

April 11, 2022

SCIM (System for Cross-Domain Identity Management) allows you to standardize user provisioning across all your tools. With this new feature, you can provision users or groups of users in Process Street via Azure Active Directory. Learn more about how to set up and use SCIM for Azure AD.

Stay Informed with Process Street for Microsoft Teams

April 4, 2022

We’re very excited to announce that our notification bot for Microsoft Teams is live! If your company uses Teams as your hub for day-to-day work, you can now direct all your Process Street notifications to where you’re working. Learn more about setting up and using our notification bot for Microsoft Teams.

Create Workflows and Pages in Private Before Publishing

November 9, 2021

Creating workflows and Pages that your team can find before they’re ready, can create confusion and clutter. With your Private Library, you can create, experiment and test run new workflows, or develop ideas and content for Pages, without them being discovered by the rest of your team. When you’re ready to have your team collaborate on […]

Introducing Pages!

September 22, 2021

All organizations need a place to retain and iterate upon valuable knowledge used to power your processes. This is even more important as employees become more transient in the increasingly common remote-work culture. That’s why we’ve created Pages, a brand new feature that allows you to store and share your operational knowledge with people across […]

Integrate Your Favorite Apps Direct with Process Street

June 2, 2021

This is a feature release many of you have been waiting for; the ability to integrate some of your favorite apps direct with Process Street! Drum roll please…. We’re excited to announce our Automations feature to you all 🙂 Imagine… If you’ve ever wanted to send a DocuSign file to a new client for signing […]

Find Your Processes Lightning Fast With Global Search

February 16, 2021

Our new search function allows you to locate and navigate to your templates with lightning fast speed. Use the search box in the header bar at the top of your screen, to search for template names, template descriptions or task names. You can scroll through the results, tab through or use the up/down arrows on your […]

Create Insights with our Enterprise Reporting API

December 16, 2020

With Process Street‘s Reporting API, you are able to export all of your Process Street data, combine it with other source data and analyze it in your organization’s preferred data analysis tool. This allows you to clearly show the value of Process Street by directly tying the work done using checklists to larger organizational objectives. By […]

Improved Navigation & Template Dashboard

November 9, 2020

You can now differentiate more easily between templates and checklists, with some changes we’ve made to Process Street‘s navigation. Now you have the power to customize your checklist view in order to make it work for your team. We’ve also added a new, faster way to run checklists from any page. Transitioning to the new Navigation […]

Complete Work On The Go With Our iPhone App

September 29, 2020

Find work faster, run new checklists and complete them on the go, with our new iPhone mobile app. If you’re away from the office or your desk, you can enjoy an optimized Process Street experience that’s been designed with you in mind. Push notifications alert you so that nothing important gets missed, and you can […]

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