Introducing Pages!

All organizations need a place to retain and iterate upon valuable knowledge used to power your processes. This is even more important as employees become more transient in the increasingly common remote-work culture. That’s why we’ve created Pages, a brand new feature that allows you to store and share your […]

Improved Navigation & Template Dashboard

You can now differentiate more easily between templates and checklists, with some changes we’ve made to Process Street‘s navigation. Now you have the power to customize your checklist view in order to make it work for your team. We’ve also added a new, faster way to run checklists from any page. […]

Browse Premade Templates More Easily

Premade templates are ready-made processes that we have created for you to use. You’re welcome 😉 With our new Template Gallery, you can search for premade templates by browsing the categories, images and descriptions. Discover more processes that you can utilize in your organization right away, or edit them to […]

Adding Approvals to your Workflows

Process Street is pleased to announce our latest fabulous feature, Approvals. Approvals allow you to create specific tasks within your workflow so that you can submit these easily to a manager for review and sign off. You can now set either single task approvals, sequential approvals and parallel or multiple-step […]