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We Have an Android App!

Good news Android users! We’ve made Process Street available to you all with our new Android app 🙂 You can now run Workflows, work on tasks, receive push notifications, and get the most out of Process Street even when you’re on the go. Download the app from Googe Play Store. Learn more about the Android […]

Our Make App Just Got a Whole Lot Better!

If you use Make for integrations, we have good news for you!  We’ve taken control of our app and improved how you interact with your Workflows, Workflow runs, tasks and form fields. What’s new? Select your Workflows, Workflow runs and tasks from dropdown lists Assign a user to a Workflow run (in Create Workflow run […]

Introducing Forms in Process Street! (Beta)

We’re excited to announce that you can now create custom Forms in Process Street! Using Forms allows users to collect data anonymously and run a workflow from that form response. Here are some example use cases: Intake Forms (e.g new customer or client) Contact Form Event Registration Survey (EO qualitative reviews) Feedback Applications Learn more […]

Auto-Fill your Workflow Runs with Default Values

You now have the option to set default values or variables in your form fields. Better yet, you can connect Data Sets as variables to link and pre-fill multiple form fields in one go! Choose between static text or variables in your form field settings. Learn more about auto-filling form fields.

Own Your Custom Subdomain

If you’re on our Enterprise plan you can define a custom subdomain for your workflow run URLs, for example: “” This instantly lets your customers identify the workflow runs coming from you. Reach out to your account manager or our support team to activate this feature. Learn more about brand customization.

Process Street in Your Brand Colors!

Your Process Street organization can now reflect your brand colors. This means your shared workflow runs can be in sync with your brand persona and your customers can have an integrated experience of your company’s visual styling. Or, you can just choose to customize Process Street in your favorite color! Learn more about brand customization.

Introducing Data Sets (Beta)

With our latest Beta release, you can speed up workflow building, reduce errors and cut costs from third-party integration tools! Use your own data stored in Process Street to add to form fields and use as variables. You can create data sets for client information, your team, your products, services or whatever you need. Learn more […]

Run Workflows From Any App!

With our new webhook triggers, you can catch webhooks from any app shown and use the data to pre-fill form fields in your workflow run. Select your use case to narrow the options, or search for an app by name. Say goodbye to third-party integration tools and say hello to lots more options to run […]

Move Form Fields & Content Blocks Between Tasks

We’ve made it possible for you to move content blocks and form fields into other tasks in the same workflow 🙂 So say goodbye to re-creating components of your workflow that need to live in another task! Move the item to another task by clicking the three dots in the bottom right corner of the […]

Run a Workflow Via Email

When your team uses multiple tools to get the job done, the work being done in those tools might determine the perfect time to run a workflow in Process Street. With our new email trigger, you can run a workflow by simply sending an email! Each workflow has a unique email address, so setup is super […]

Run a Workflow When a Candidate is Hired Through Greenhouse

Our latest automation is for any of you using Greenhouse as your candidate hiring platform. With this new addition to our suite of Automations, you’ll be able to run a workflow in Process Street when a candidate is marked as hired in Greenhouse. You can name it automatically and populate form fields as soon as […]

Power Up Your Processes With Microsoft Power Automate

With the Process Street connector for Power Automate, you can set up automated flows to streamline your business and save heaps of time. For example, you could watch for a newly run workflow in Process Street, automatically turn on its share link, and send it straight to a client via Outlook. Or watch for a […]

Visualize Your Team’s Progress on Tasks & Workflows

Keep track of your team’s progress with new analytics charts and graphs in your reports tab. Monitor the status of workflow runs, tasks and track average completion times. Discover more about analytics.

Manage Users with SCIM 2.0 & Okta

SCIM (System for Cross-Domain Identity Management) allows you to standardize user provisioning across all your tools. With this new feature, you can provision users in Process Street via Okta. Learn more about how to set up and use SCIM for Okta.

Add Cover Images & Emojis To Your Workflows & Pages!

Personalize your Workflows, Workflow runs and Pages by adding cover images and icons to them. Add your company branding, imagery and logos to all your important processes and Pages. The optimal dimensions for cover images are 550×150 pixels and for icons it’s 75×75 pixels. Note that while gifs may upload as a cover image, they […]

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