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Delay Tasks with Workflow Start Date Logic

You can now show tasks and their content after a defined timeframe by setting up conditional logic rules. For example, in your employee onboarding workflow, you can show tasks after ‘x’ number of days from the workflow run start date to prevent overwhelming your new hires with lots of tasks at the beginning of the […]

Get Custom Notifications Straight to Slack

The custom notifications for your workflow runs can now be delivered via Slack, ensuring your team receives alerts right where they’re most active. These notifications will show in the Process Street app in Slack. Learn more about custom notifications.

Set Dynamic Date Validations with our Latest Update

You can now set custom validation rules for your date form fields to support complex scheduling and compliance requirements. You can define dynamic date constraints based on variables such as dates from other date fields within the same form or workflow, or use workflow-specific dates like the workflow start date. Learn more about the date form […]

Welcome to My Work: Your New Hub for Task Management

This new look helps you to find your assigned tasks and workflow runs easily. You can also take quick actions in My Work like completing tasks, reassigning them, or adding comments. To prioritize your work you can filter your view by workflows, workflow runs, tasks, approvals, or assignees. You can also group your tasks by […]

New Print & PDF Styling for your Workflow Runs

With our enhanced print and PDF formatting, you’ll notice better-organized content and a style that makes your workflow runs more readable. The new formatting also shows the workflow run revision count and improved date formats. Learn more about exporting your workflow runs.

Embed and Share your Forms with our Latest Update!

With our latest Forms updates, you can embed your forms in workflows, pages, or your websites. You can also share your forms with your teams within Process Street or via email. Embed a form: Embed your forms in workflows, pages, or your websites Add a form description on the start page Permissions and sharing: Customize […]

Discover the Latest Updates for Forms!

With our latest updates for Forms, get a head start on creating your form, organizing your steps, controlling form access, and tracking form activity. Starting a form: Give your form a name as soon as you start a new one A short text field is added by default to get you started Form steps: Rename […]

Form Field Variables Updates!

Your workflow run names and notifications will now display the form field names associated with those variables. You can also set a fallback value while selecting a variable to use. If you have added variables in workflow run names, they will automatically update once you change a form field value. Learn more about variables.

Forms Beta Updates

With our latest version of Forms, you can collect more information, securely. You can now add a number field, a date field, and a file widget to your form You can select and delete form responses You can export your form responses to CSV Publishing changes to your form auto-updates active forms Learn more about […]

August 2023 Updates

We’ve released more exciting features this month and here’s a round-up of all the updates. Enhanced file security When you enable the Enhanced File Security feature, only users logged into a Process Street account can access the files in your workflow runs. This feature is available on our Enterprise plan. If you’re interested in accessing […]

July 2023 Updates

Here’s a round-up of all the latest updates we’ve released this month. Bulk archive or delete workflow runs in Reports Admins and members with edit permissions can now multi-select workflow runs in Reports to archive or delete them. Auto-update variables when form field names are changed If you change a form field name in your […]

Our AI Workflow Generator Just Got Smarter

Our advanced AI Workflow Generator gives you a head start with your workflows instead of creating them from scratch. You can now generate a fully-fledged workflow that includes approvals, stop tasks, dynamic due dates, role assignments and more, with just the workflow name. Learn more about the AI workflow generator (Beta).

Add Conditional Logic into Forms

Introducing multi-step forms with conditional logic and custom validation on form fields.   You can also view your form responses alongside your editor for quick access. Learn more about Forms.

Latest Updates to Process Street’s API

Create even more custom integrations using our latest API endpoints: List all Workflows List of all form fields by Workflow ID List/find Workflow runs by name or form field value List tasks by Workflow ID List users Assign user to Workflow run Unassign user from Workflow run Learn more about integrating with our API.

Reassign your Workflow Runs from Reports

Users with edit permission can now add, remove or change Workflow run assignees within Reports! You can also take a quick look at task assignees or navigate to that Workflow run to reassign tasks. Learn more about Reports.

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