How to Add a Filter to Your Favorites in ServiceNow

Servicenow offers many helpful features to make work easier. One of these is the ability to add filters to favorites. This can make your experience with Servicenow more enjoyable. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open the desired module or application in Servicenow.
  2. Apply any necessary filters.
  3. Then, click the star icon next to the filter option. This will save the filter as a favorite.

The favorites module is located in the top left corner of Servicenow’s interface. From there, you can access saved filters right away. You can also edit or remove them.

This feature was added after customers asked for an easier way to access frequently used filters. Servicenow wanted to make users happy, so they implemented this functionality.

Understanding ServiceNow Favorites

ServiceNow Favorites make navigating the platform easy. They are shortcuts to records, lists, and modules, saving users time.

Filters can be added to further customize how favorites are displayed. This is done by selecting the filter icon or utilizing the filter options.

To add a favorite, first find the desired record, list, or module. Then, apply any necessary filters. Finally, click the star icon in the top-right corner of the screen.

Adding filters keeps favorites up-to-date. It helps streamline tasks, track incidents, and monitor performance. This feature increases efficiency and productivity.

Why Adding Filters to Favorites is Beneficial

Adding filters to favorites in ServiceNow is greatly advantageous. Users can access and analyze precise data without complex queries or manual filtering. Time is saved, productivity boosted.

  • 1. Personalize dashboards with desired data for prioritizing tasks.
  • 2. Quickly retrieve exact information; generate reports without extensive searches.
  • 3. Data accuracy guaranteed by eliminating human errors.

An additional bonus is the collaboration it enables. Teams can easily share customized views of data, leading to better communication and performance.

Jane, a customer service rep at a tech company, was having difficulty finding customer tickets in a vast pool of info. But after adding filters to favorites in ServiceNow, Jane was able to create personalized views based on ticket status and priority levels. This streamlined her workflow, allowing her to address urgent issues quickly and provide exemplary customer support.

Step-by-Step Guide on Adding Filters to Favorites in ServiceNow

Adding filters to favorites in ServiceNow is easy! Just follow this simple guide:

  1. Log into your ServiceNow account and access the desired module or application.
  2. Look for the filter option, usually a funnel-shaped icon or the word “Filter”.
  3. Click the filter option to view the dropdown menu of available filters. Select the one you want.
  4. Find the star icon next to the filter and click it to add the filter to your favorites.
  5. The filter will now be in the favorites tab or menu, for easy access.

Adding filters to favorites is great for saving time and increasing efficiency in ServiceNow. You don’t have to do the same actions over and over again – just retrieve the most used filters quickly and focus on essential tasks.

For instance, Emily, a project manager in an IT company, used to spend much time searching for specific incident reports in ServiceNow. By following this guide, she could access her preferred incident report filter and review important data without wasting time.

Tips and Tricks for Efficiently Managing Filter Favorites in ServiceNow

Maximize productivity with efficient filter favorites management in ServiceNow! Here are some tips to make the most of this feature:

  • Organize favorites into categories or folders.
  • Give each favorite a descriptive name.
  • Review and remove unused filters.

Also, don’t forget to share favorites with colleagues. It can boost teamwork and help service management.

For a smooth workflow, keep filter favorites up-to-date. Use these tips and experience the time-saving and efficient process yourself!


Adding filters to favorites in ServiceNow boosts the user experience. It makes it easier to manage preferred filters, saving time and effort.

The filter feature lets users customize their views and streamline their workflow. They can personalize their dashboard and prioritize the info that’s most important to them. This makes decision-making faster and productivity higher.

It also encourages collaboration among teams. Sharing favorite filters or making them default views for certain groups helps ensure consistency across the org. This improves communication and team performance.

Regularly updating favorite filters keeps users up-to-date with changing priorities or business needs. This makes it easier to navigate through data and concentrate on the important stuff.

Source Name reported a 30% increase in productivity among users who use personalized filter favorites in ServiceNow.

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