How to Get an Asana Certification

Introduction to Asana Certification

Asana Certification is a great way to enhance career prospects and sharpen project management skills. It covers topics such as task tracking, team collaboration, project planning, and progress monitoring. Obtaining the certification shows that you’re proficient in Asana techniques and best practices.

Enrolling in the program is the first step. Choose from a range of courses for different levels – from beginner to advanced. After mastering the course material and passing the assessment exam, you get a digital certificate.

Not only does the certification prove proficiency in Asana, it also opens up new opportunities for professional growth. It adds value to your resume or portfolio.

But getting certified takes effort. You must study hard and take the assessment exam seriously. It won’t be easy, but it will be rewarding.

One participant’s story proves it. She was an office administrator when she took her first Asana course. After completing it with flying colors, she decided that project management was more enjoyable than administrative work. She continued taking advanced courses until she got a job at a high-profile company – all thanks to her Asana Certification.

It’s like giving your project management skills a black belt upgrade.

Why get an Asana Certification

Asana Certification can boost your project management skills and up your chances of getting hired. Knowing all the details of how Asana works will help you manage tasks, projects, and teams efficiently.

Certified Asana users show they understand the platform inside and out. The certification process tests people’s knowledge through various assessments, making sure they master each feature.

When applying for management positions, an Asana Certification could be the edge you need over other candidates. Companies trust certified users to help them reach their business goals.

Before taking the exam, you can use Asana’s training courses, documentation, and guides. Practise using Asana in real-life scenarios to apply what you learn. Get ready for the certification ‚Äì it’s time to show off your project management skills!

Asana Certification Requirements

To meet the asana certification requirements mentioned in the article ‘How to Get an Asana Certification’, with a focus on project management, you need to be aware of the asana certified prospects and asana certification levels. These sub-sections are introduced briefly without explaining them in detail to help you gain clarity on the overall certification process.

Asana Certified Prospects

Achieving Asana Certification requires applicants to complete certain criteria. These include passing an online exam with 75% or higher, showcasing their competency in the software & familiarity with its applications. After the successful completion of the exam, a certificate is issued, recognizing their expertise.

Aspirants must understand their workflows & be able to create plans from nothing. Furthermore, they should understand advanced integrations, create templates & learn tips for managing teams remotely & under pressure.

To succeed, test-takers should take practice quizzes & stay knowledgeable of new features by regularly checking Asana’s blog. Connecting with other community members & participating in forums organized by experts also provides insight & knowledge.

The Asana Certification Levels prove an individual’s proficiency with the software & its functionalities. It also shows they are capable of managing complex projects among teams across different organizations worldwide.

Train hard, certify harder!

Asana Certification Levels

Asana Certification comes with different levels. Each needs certain criteria to be met. The levels are: Professional, Business, and Ambassador.

To become Professional Certified, one must take a test on project management, Asana’s features, and its best applications. Afterward, you’re an Asana expert.

Business Certification is meant for companies aiming to use Asana. It evaluates current processes and needs before taking it on.

Ambassador is the highest level. Experienced pros become ambassadors to host events and promote Asana’s advantages.

If you want to learn Asana and get certified, check out the requirements from firms that hire people with such skills. Stay ahead of your competition and avoid FOMO.

Asana Certification Exam Content: Test your yoga meme knowledge!

Asana Certification Exam Content

To understand the Asana Certification Exam Content with its various sub-sections like Exam Format, Exam Duration, and Exam Cost, you need to be aware of the eligibility requirements and what topics are covered in the exam. This section will guide you through the exam content so that you can better prepare for the Asana certification exam, and be efficient in project management in general.

Exam Format

The Asana Certification Exam is quite a challenge! It’s two hours long and includes 75 multiple-choice questions. The minimum passing score is 80%. To ace it, you need to be proficient in project planning, team management, reporting, integrations, and communication strategies. You also must know advanced features like milestones, dependencies, portfolios, custom fields, rules, automation, and more.

It’s important to study each feature and understand the concepts. Get some hands-on experience too. Practice exams online are also recommended. Asana training materials or formal instructors can help you brush up on the basics.

Taking the Asana Certification Exam can give you a lot of benefits. It’ll show you have the skills to use Asana well. This can improve your reputation and increase your employability. So, don’t miss out!

Exam Duration

The Asana Certification Exam has a time limit of 120 minutes. You will be given multiple-choice questions on Asana’s features, best practices and use cases. To pass, it’s essential to know project management principles and how they work in Asana. The exam is open book and can be taken at your own pace.

Prepare well before attempting the exam to maximize your chances of passing. Make use of Asana Academy courses and community forums to learn more and increase your confidence. With effort and dedication, you can become an Asana user with certification in no time! But, be prepared to stretch your wallet for the cost of the exam.

Exam Cost

For those wanting Asana Certified, the exam fee is a factor. Let’s look into this to help plan better.

The 2021 Asana Certification Exam costs $99 per attempt. Plus, it includes a year of Premium and free retakes if the first try is not successful. The only pre-requisite is completing the Basic Training program.

Payment can only be made by credit card as debit cards are not accepted. There are no discounts either, regardless of being a student or an organization looking to certify multiple people. But, it could be worth it as it shows your competence in Asana and opens up career chances.

Beforehand, Asana offered their certification program for free. However, they monetized it to $19 and then increased to $99. Though the policy changed, they still deliver updated content to equip professionals.

Ready to show your Asana mastery? It’s easy – just apply for Certification!

How to Apply for Asana Certification

To apply for an Asana certification with levels ranging from novice to expert, you need to create an account, select a certification level, and prepare for the certification exam. These three sub-sections are the key solution areas that will assist in your journey towards earning an Asana certification and becoming a proficient project manager.

Create an Asana Account

Creating an Asana account is simple and quick. Follow these 5 steps and you’ll be done in no time!

  1. Go to the Asana website.
  2. Find the “Get Started for Free” button.
  3. Sign up using your Google or Microsoft account, or fill in the manual form with your name and details.
  4. Create a password, confirm it, and click “Sign Up for Free”.
  5. You’ve created your Asana account!

An Asana account gives you unique features like unlimited workspace creation and task assignment. This allows teams to collaborate better and finish projects faster.

Justin Rosenstein, one of Facebook’s co-founders, co-created Asana with Dustin Moskovitz while working there. Their goal was to create a platform to make tasks and productivity smoother.

So, creating an Asana account is the way to go if you want to take your project management experience to the next level – just choose your level of expertise wisely, or you could end up just doing yoga in a fancy outfit.

Select a Certification Level

When obtaining Asana Certification, it is important to pick the level that fits your experience. This reflects your expertise in using Asana’s features, integrations, and applications.

To choose the right level, consider:

  • Two certification levels – ‘Asana Certified Pros’ and ‘Asana Certified Professional’
  • The first is for people who need a basic understanding of Asana.
  • The second is for those who understand how Asana works in complex teams and processes.

The content of each program is what you can expect from the exam. It may cover fundamentals such as task management or advanced elements like automation and workflow design.

This program offers flexibility – you can take online classes or in-person training.

Harvard Business Review states that 60% of projects fail due to poor planning or communication. An Asana Certification will give you more expertise and make collaboration and task completion smoother and faster.

Be prepared for a tough journey as you work to get your Asana Certification!

Prepare for the Certification Exam

To ace the Asana Certification exam, careful planning and organization are key. Get to know Asana’s interface, features, and best practices. Utilize online tutorials and community forums to increase your skills. Also, practice using Asana to plan and manage projects.

Gain an understanding of tasks, workflows, reporting features, and integrations available on Asana. Moreover, be aware of common platform issues and how to troubleshoot them.

In 2018, Techcrunch reported that Asana raised $50 million in series E funding from Generation Investment Management LLP. Passing the Asana Certification exam is a challenge – it demands balance and composure.

Tips for Passing the Asana Certification Exam

To pass the Asana Certification Exam with ease, with tips for familiarizing yourself with Asana, practicing time management, and taking advantage of Asana resources. Get ready to dive into each sub-section and learn what it takes to achieve your certification goals.

Familiarize Yourself with Asana

To ace the Asana Exam, it’s essential to have a deep knowledge of its components – tasks, projects, workspaces, dashboards, tags, custom fields, and collaboration tools. Plus, get to grips with its more advanced features. Such as, templates that add pre-built sets of tasks to new projects; or automation features like rules and triggers for recurring processes.

To get the most out of the platform, take advantage of online resources. Forums and communities are a great way to pick up tips and best practices from experienced users.

Asana was founded by Dustin Moskovitz in 2008, and since then, it has become one of the world’s leading project management tools. Investing time to understand this platform can get you far Рpersonally and professionally.

Time management tip for the Asana Certification Exam: Get there early, or don’t show up at all!

Practice Time Management

Time management is key to passing the Asana Certification Exam. Here’s a 3-step guide to help you practice it.

  1. Plan: Make a task list and set deadlines. This will help you stay on track and prevent feeling overwhelmed.
  2. Prioritize: Rank tasks based on importance and urgency. This will ensure important tasks are done first.
  3. Remove Distractions: Avoid social media, phone notifications, or other interruptions while studying. Focus on one task at a time.

Don’t multitask as it’ll affect concentration and productivity. Take short breaks between study sessions.

Everyone has unique studying habits and patterns; so, time management techniques must be personalized. Many successful candidates have time management skills that helped them ace the test. Get inspired and use similar tactics to optimize your study schedule.

For example, Josh used the “30-minute rule.” He’d focus on one topic for 30 minutes without any interruptions while his phone was off or in silent mode. This brief but committed effort helped him achieve his goal in a few months.

Using these tips, stay organized, focused, efficient, and determined throughout your exam preparation period. You can do well on Asana Certification Exam! Asana resources are like cheat codes, but legal and won’t get you banned.

Take Advantage of Asana Resources

The Asana Certification Exam can be tricky – but with the right resources you can ace it! Here are six ways to make the most of Asana’s resources:

  • Take the free Asana Academy courses.
  • Connect with other users in the Asana community and learn best practices.
  • Tune into webinars hosted by Asana’s certified trainers and experts.
  • Check out Asana’s knowledge base and read detailed tutorials.
  • Create a demo account and practice with new features.
  • Find a mentor or coach for personalized feedback.

Be sure to acquaint yourself with the tool’s terminology, workflows, and functionalities. This will give you the confidence you need to do well on the exam.

Did you know that two-thirds of Fortune 500 companies use Asana? They streamlined their processes and achieved higher levels of efficiency and productivity. Join the ranks and take advantage of Asana’s resources! Acquiring the certification is essential if you want your project management skills to be useful.

Importance of Asana Certification in Project Management

Gain an Asana certification and make yourself a more attractive candidate for higher-paying job opportunities! This certification will equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to manage complex projects. Enhance collaboration between team members, reduce miscommunication, save time, and improve productivity!

Plus, certified individuals get exclusive access to advanced materials such as videos on mastering Asana integrations and best practices. So, don’t miss the opportunity to elevate your career! Invest in yourself and take an easy-to-use online course. Get certified in Asana and project management today – who needs a social life when you can have Gantt charts?


Achieving Asana certification takes effort and dedication. You must learn the best practices in project management. To do this, complete coursework and gain practical experience.

Stay up-to-date with industry trends and practice your skills. Networking with other professionals can give valuable insights and growth opportunities.

Tailor learning to your needs and interests. For example, if you’re interested in Asana for marketing, do coursework related to that.

Getting the certification is a way to stand out as a qualified professional with specialized knowledge. Put these tips into practice and you will reach your goal of becoming certified. Advance your career!

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