How to Call a Phone Number from Microsoft Teams Meeting

Want to make a phone call from a Teams meeting? Here’s how!

  1. Find the number of the person you want to call.
  2. Open the Teams app and navigate to the meeting.
  3. Click ‘Call’ at the top of your screen.
  4. Enter the phone number using the dial pad.
  5. Click the green call button. Alternatively, click their number in the chat or profile and ‘call’.

However, instructions may vary depending on the device and version of Teams. To ensure success:

  • Check internet connection
  • Confirm audio devices are working
  • Use headphones/headset
  • Close unnecessary apps

Follow these steps for seamless phone calls from Teams meetings. Enjoy!

What is Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a powerful collaboration tool used by many businesses. It allows teams to connect and communicate easily, increasing productivity. With Teams, people can make video and audio calls, send messages, share files and work together on projects in real-time.

One great feature of Teams is the ability to call a phone number directly from a meeting. Even if someone doesn’t have a Teams account, they can still join by dialing in from their phone. This is helpful for conference calls or when someone can’t access the internet.

To call a phone number, go to the “Dial pad” tab in the meeting control bar. Enter the number you want to call and click the green call icon. The call will start and you can communicate with the person on the other end.

Microsoft Teams is unique because it integrates with other Microsoft products like Outlook and SharePoint. This lets users schedule meetings from Outlook and access shared files without leaving Teams.

Microsoft Teams first came out in 2017 as part of the Office 365 suite. It has become one of the most popular communication tools among businesses. People like the user-friendly interface and comprehensive features that make it great for team collaboration.

Understanding Microsoft Teams Meeting

Microsoft Teams Meeting is an awesome platform for quick connections, conversations, and collaborations! It has a cool feature where you can dial a number directly from the meeting. Here’s how:

  1. Click the ellipsis (three dots) at the bottom of the screen during a meeting.
  2. Select “Call” and then “Dial a number”.
  3. Input the phone number and hit enter.
  4. The meeting will be put on hold while you make your call.
  5. Click “Resume” to rejoin the meeting afterwards.

Take note: This feature needs audio conferencing capabilities enabled for your organization’s Microsoft Teams account. Also, any charges for calling will be according to your organization’s telephony provider.

Here are some useful tips when using this feature in meetings:

  • As an alternative option, offer participants the chance to dial in via phone numbers.
  • Make it accessible to those who can’t access internet-based meetings or have unstable internet.
  • For confidential info or sensitive topics, call in as an extra layer of security.

By understanding how to make phone calls from Microsoft Teams Meeting and implementing the tips, you can ensure all participants connect and collaborate successfully. Remember, good communication is the key to successful meetings!

How to Call a Phone Number from a Microsoft Teams Meeting

Microsoft Teams is a great platform to collaborate and communicate with others. Need to call a phone number from a Teams meeting? Just follow these steps!

  1. Open Meeting Details: Click the calendar event or go to the “Meetings” tab in Teams. You’ll find the phone number there.
  2. Dial the Number: Click the calling icon at the bottom of the screen. Enter the number and click “Call”.
  3. Join Audio: Select your preferred audio option when prompted. You can join with computer audio or use your phone for better sound quality. Follow the instructions to complete joining the audio.

Remember to configure your microphone and speakers for optimal audio quality. Mute yourself when not speaking and remind other participants to do so too.

These steps will help you call a phone number from a Microsoft Teams meeting and engage in productive discussions with outside participants.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Struggling with a call during a Microsoft Teams meeting? Here are three tips to troubleshoot any issues:

  1. Ensure your internet is stable.
  2. Double-check the number is correct.
  3. Make sure your microphone and speakers are set up correctly.

Also, make sure you have the newest version of Microsoft Teams. Note that the steps to troubleshoot may be different depending on the device or OS. So, check the specific guidelines from Microsoft Teams for your system.

Fun fact! According to Microsoft, in October 2020, over 115 million people were using Microsoft Teams daily!


To sum up, calling a phone number from a Microsoft Teams meeting is a great way to connect with participants who may not have access to the Teams platform. It’s easy to do!

  1. Firstly, select the “…” button at the bottom of the meeting window.
  2. Then, click on the “Call” option. This will open the dial pad.
  3. Enter the phone number you want to call.
  4. After that, click on the green “Call” button. You’re ready to make the call!

Remember: for this feature to work, your organization must have Calling Plans or Direct Routing enabled in Microsoft Teams. Some features may vary based on your org’s calling configuration.

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