How to Change View on Microsoft Teams Video Call

Discover the fascinating world of Microsoft Teams video calls! Changing the view can enhance your virtual meeting experience. There are various view options to choose from to suit different scenarios.

The Gallery View displays participants in equal-sized tiles, perfect for collaborative sessions. The Large Gallery View enlarges the tiles, so visual cues and non-verbal communication don’t go unnoticed.

Spotlighting and pinning participants is also available. Spotlighting keeps one participant’s video feed active throughout the whole call. Pinning highlights the video feeds for yourself only, helping you focus on essential individuals.

Now it’s time to put this knowledge into action. Try out different views and find which one suits your needs best. Leverage the various options and features to make every interaction count. Make your video calls seamless and engaging today!

Understanding the different view options in Microsoft Teams video calls

Galería View: You can see everyone’s video feeds at once. Perfect for small meetings or discussions that need visual hints.

Vista del Presentador: Your speaker’s video is the most important. Great for presentations and webinars.

Vista del Contenido: See shared content without any distractions.

Vista Juntos: Content and videos together on one screen. Great for collaboration.

Modo “Solo Yo”: Have privacy during a video call. Just show your own video feed.

Vista de Alto Contraste: Color contrast and readability are improved for inclusivity.

Plus, you can pin a participant’s video in any position. One click to switch between active speaker and gallery views.

Microsoft Teams’ usage skyrocketed during COVID-19. Statista reported it had over 115 million daily active users in October 2020.

Step-by-step guide on changing view during a Microsoft Teams video call

It’s easy to change the view during a Microsoft Teams video call – just follow these steps!

  1. Join the meeting via link or app.
  2. Find the control bar at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Look for the “” button – it has more options.
  4. Click it to open a menu with extra settings and features.
  5. You’ll see views like “Gallery” and “Speaker“. Pick one by clicking it.

Keep in mind that each view gives a different perspective. For instance, gallery can show multiple participants, while speaker focuses on the person speaking.

And to make it even better:

  • Test different views to see which one works best. Maybe gallery is good for big meetings and speaker for small talks.
  • Use screen sharing to collaborate – share docs, presentations, and websites.
  • Optimize audio and video quality with mic and camera settings. Clear communication is important.

By doing this, you can customize the video call according to your needs and preferences!

Tips and tricks for optimizing the view experience in Microsoft Teams video calls

Users can adjust their view in Microsoft Teams video calls with a range of options. Plus, they can easily switch between speaker and gallery views, or pin specific participants’ videos. Moreover, the platform offers efficient screen sharing capabilities for optimal viewing. And for bigger groups, breakout rooms provide a great setting for collaboration.

Furthermore, understanding features like live captions, background effects, and hand raising can further optimize virtual meetings. My colleague shared their success story of utilizing these techniques during a client presentation. They switched views to keep engagement with both colleagues and clients. It resulted in an impressive collaboration!


The journey through Microsoft Teams video calls has taken us on a whirlwind of possibilities. We’ve navigated the viewing options and mastered the art of multitasking. It’s time to reflect on key takeaways.

We’ve learned how to switch views, customize our view, and use screen sharing. Plus, filters and background effects for fun and creativity.

It’s time to make the most of Microsoft Teams! Don’t limit yourself. Explore features, experiment with settings, and unlock new communication and collaboration.

Stay informed on the latest updates and functionalities. Equip yourself and dive into a world of possibilities. Let’s explore new horizons where innovation meets connection. Embrace technology and unveil a future of seamless collaboration. Your next virtual meeting awaits – take the lead!

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