How to Create a Knowledge Base Article in ServiceNow

ServiceNow: a platform that lets organizations create and manage Knowledge Base (KB) articles. These are great resources for customers and employees who need help troubleshooting or finding answers to common questions.

KB articles have a structure that makes it easy to find the right content. It’s simple to create one— just follow these steps!

  1. Identify the topic or issue you want to address.
  2. Gather all related info and organize it in a logical way.
  3. Draft the article using clear and concise language. Break down complex concepts into smaller sections with headings and bullet points.
  4. Include step-by-step instructions and visuals if needed.
  5. Review and edit the article for accuracy and clarity. Remove any unnecessary content.
  6. Test the article with a small group and take feedback to make revisions.

What is ServiceNow

ServiceNow is a revolutionary platform for managing and delivering services. It provides a streamlined, automated process for service requests, incidents, problems, and changes. Its user-friendly interface and powerful features make it an efficient and productive tool.

This platform offers a wide range of features, such as ticketing systems, knowledge bases, workflows, and reporting tools. It centralizes operations, allowing for better collaboration among departments. ServiceNow integrates with existing systems quickly and easily.

A standout feature of ServiceNow is its ability to create knowledge base articles. These articles are a repository of information, helping users self-resolve or get guidance on common issues. Documenting best practices and troubleshooting steps in the article reduces support costs and empowers users.

To create a knowledge base article in ServiceNow, access the Knowledge module. Select “Create New” and fill in the required info, such as title, description, and category. Add detailed content that is concise yet comprehensive.

Pro Tip: Use clear language and step-by-step instructions when creating a knowledge base article. Add screenshots and videos for better guidance.

Importance of Knowledge Base (KB) Articles in ServiceNow

KB Articles are key to ServiceNow. They act as a storehouse of helpful info, giving users self-serve capabilities and easing the burden on support teams.

These articles provide step-by-step guidance, plus tips on best practices, troubleshooting, and FAQs. By recording solutions for common problems and questions, KB Articles help streamline support and improve customer experience.

Furthermore, KB Articles encourage knowledge sharing within an organization. Employees can use each other’s expertise, saving time and effort when tackling problems. With a well-maintained Knowledge Base, companies can ensure consistent service across teams.

It’s important to keep KB Articles up-to-date with evolving tech and changing customer needs. Organizations should motivate employees to contribute their knowledge and experiences for continual improvement. By doing this, they can tap into the collective intelligence of their workforce.

Steps to create a KB Article in ServiceNow

Creating a KB Article in ServiceNow? It’s easy! Just follow these 3 steps:

  1. Gather info:
    • Know the topic.
    • Get the facts.
    • Organize them.
  2. Draft the article:
    • Start with an attention-grabbing intro.
    • Explain each section clearly.
    • Use lists to show steps.
  3. Format and review:
    • Add headings, subheadings, and bold text.
    • Include images or screenshots.
    • Check for grammar, spelling, and facts.

Also, use the same language throughout your KB Article. This makes it simpler for readers to understand and do what you tell them.

Fun fact: ServiceNow only added the KB Article feature due to demands from users who wanted self-service knowledge resources. They changed customer support with their revolutionary idea.

Best Practices for creating effective KB Articles in ServiceNow

Creating great KB articles in ServiceNow needs a lot of thought and attention. By using best practices, you can make sure your articles are helpful, succinct, and easy to understand.

Begin by recognizing your readers and their needs. Think of the precise difficulties or queries they may have and structure your article to suit. Utilize clear and concise language, avoiding technical terms and unneeded complexity.

Use a standard format that involves a descriptive and clear title, an intro that provides background info, and sections with headings that are well-organized. This will make it simpler for users to navigate and locate the info they need.

When creating the content of your KB article, keep it concentrated and pertinent. Stick to the main topic and avoid including irrelevant data. Be sure to give step-by-step instructions or clear explanations to guide users through any processes or concepts.

Make use of lists, bullet points, or tables when suitable to present info in a clear and organized way. This will aid users to quickly identify key points or steps.

A standard error when making KB articles is forgetting to update them regularly. Guarantee that your articles are kept up-to-date with the most recent info by inspecting and revising them periodically. This will stop users from experiencing outdated or incorrect info.

At last, invite feedback from users on your KB articles. This can help discover areas for enhancement and make sure the content stays precise and relevant over time.

By following these best practices for creating successful KB articles in ServiceNow, you can offer useful info to your users while also improving their overall experience with your knowledge base.


Exploring ServiceNow’s KB article creation process reveals a user-friendly interface and efficient workflow. It is packed with intuitive features and robust functionality for producing searchable, informative articles. HTML tags and tables make content clear and visually appealing. Regular updating ensures relevancy and reliability for end-users. ServiceNow is invaluable for creating comprehensive, accessible knowledge base articles.

A fascinating story of ServiceNow’s KB article creation process: A global software company was struggling to communicate accurate product info to their customer support team. Frustration mounted as customers had difficulty finding solutions. The company implemented ServiceNow’s KB article creation process. The result? Customer support teams had up-to-date info at their fingertips. Response times decreased and customer satisfaction increased significantly.

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