How to Create a Favorite in ServiceNow

ServiceNow has a great feature – creating favorites! It helps users quickly access their most-used items. Like records, reports, or dashboards. It boosts productivity and efficiency.

Creating favorites in ServiceNow is simple. Navigate to the item (incident record, knowledge article) and click the star icon near the item’s name or title. It adds it to their favorites list.

Favorites have several advantages. Time-saving – no need to search or navigate menus. Users can focus on critical tasks. Plus, they’re personalized for each user.

Pro Tip: Create folders to organize favorites by categories or priorities. This lets users group related items together for faster access.

Why favorites are useful in ServiceNow

Favorites are great for many reasons in ServiceNow. They let users quickly access their most used apps and modules, streamlining their workflow. Quickly jump to the records or forms you need – no more waiting! Plus, make it personal, by customizing the dashboard with the info that’s important to you. Collaborate better, too – share your favorite links with your colleagues. And enhance productivity and satisfaction with a smooth and intuitive interface.

In the past, explorers would mark favorable areas on maps. Now, favorites are digital shortcuts that make our lives simpler. Next time you use favorites in ServiceNow, appreciate their roots and how they help us now.

Step-by-step guide to creating favorites in ServiceNow

Creating favorites in ServiceNow is easy! To make it even easier, follow these five steps:

  1. Log into your account.
  2. Go to the page or app you want to add.
  3. Spot the star icon in the top-right corner.
  4. Click the star icon to add the page or app as a favorite.
  5. To access your favorites, select “Favorites” from the three-bar menu icon on the top-left corner.

Remember, each user can customize their list of favorites to their needs and preferences. Make use of this feature by adding your frequently used pages or applications for efficient workflow.

Pro Tip: Keep your list of favorites organized by removing any old or unnecessary items. This will help you navigate within ServiceNow quickly and easily.

Managing and organizing your favorites in ServiceNow

Maximize efficiency with ServiceNow by utilizing the favorite function. Mark specific items such as forms, records, and reports as favorites. This makes them easily accessible from the favorites module.

Create personalized categories within the favorites module. This categorization helps find items quickly. Customize your homepage with widgets and modules. Add a ‘Favorites‘ widget to access frequently used items without multiple menus.

These suggestions will help manage and organize favorites for maximum efficiency. Embrace these techniques to optimize ServiceNow experience and maximize productivity.

Tips for effective use of favorites in ServiceNow

Organize favorites with folders, tags, and sorting options to find and access what you need. Customize lists by adding or removing columns to show relevant info. Use search within favorites to locate records or related items. Stay informed with notifications for favorite records. Share favorites with others in your organization to promote collaboration and streamline workflows.

Advanced features like creating dynamic favorites based on conditions or adding shortcuts to homepage dashboards can further boost productivity. Take time to explore and tailor favorites to individual needs. Need help? Don’t hesitate to reach out! Unlock a new level of productivity with favorites in ServiceNow.

Start optimizing the use of favorites today and never miss an update again! Every second counts when managing tasks. Embrace the power of favorites and get ahead.

Conclusion: Enhancing your ServiceNow experience with favorites

Boost your ServiceNow experience with favorites! Quickly access the most used records, forms, and applications. Save time by easily finding resources relevant to your work. Create a favorite in ServiceNow by clicking the star icon next to the record or form. Get even more organized by creating folders within the Favorites module. Customize ServiceNow for your unique workflow – this will maximize productivity and satisfaction!

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