How to Delete a Column in a SharePoint List

The task of deleting a column from a SharePoint list may seem intimidating but is easy. Follow the steps below and you can easily get rid of an unwanted column from your SharePoint list.

  1. Firstly, navigate to the settings page of the list. There, you can find the option to manage the columns. Select the column you want to delete and the delete option. This will erase it from the list forever.
  2. Deleting a column can be useful if it’s not needed anymore. It can make the list look neat and organized. Also, it helps users to easily search for info in the list.
  3. Before deleting the column, consider its effect on any data or workflows. It might cause data loss, so be careful. It is recommended to save any important data before deleting.

Understanding SharePoint Lists

SharePoint is a tool used for organizing and managing data within an organization. It has the capability to create lists, which acts as a structured way to store and show information. To use SharePoint lists properly, one must understand their structure and components.

A SharePoint list is a set of data that can be altered to fit one’s needs. It’s like a spreadsheet or table, where users can add, edit, and remove data in an organized manner. Lists can be made from scratch or from SharePoint’s templates.

Lists are made up of columns for entering and displaying data. These columns can be changed to fit different data types such as text, numbers, dates, or attachments. Also, columns have customizable settings like required fields or validation rules.

SharePoint lists have multiple views, which allow users to see data from various perspectives. Views can be filtered and sorted using certain criteria. This makes it easier to go through large amounts of data and quickly extract relevant information.

To guarantee the security of sensitive information, it’s important to decide proper permissions and access levels for different users.

To make the most out of SharePoint lists:

  1. Plan your list structure thoughtfully.
  2. Use consistent naming conventions.
  3. Update list permissions regularly.
  4. Educate users on list functionalities.

By following these suggestions, you can proficiently manage and use SharePoint lists, simplifying data organization, collaboration, and overall effectiveness within your organization.

Steps to Delete a Column in a SharePoint List

Deleting a column in a SharePoint list can be done in just a few simple steps. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to delete a column in a SharePoint list:

  1. Navigate to the SharePoint list: Go to your SharePoint site and find the list from which you want to delete a column. Click on the list to open it.
  2. Access the List Settings: Once you are in the list, click on the “Settings” gear icon in the top-right corner of the page. From the dropdown menu, select “List settings.”
  3. Delete the column: In the List Settings page, scroll down and locate the “Columns” section. Click on the column name that you want to delete. This will take you to the column settings page. At the bottom of the page, click on the “Delete” button.
  4. Confirm the deletion: A confirmation prompt will appear asking if you want to delete the column. Review the information to ensure you are deleting the correct column, and then click “OK.” The column will be permanently deleted from the SharePoint list.

It’s important to note that deleting a column in a SharePoint list is irreversible, so double-check before proceeding.

Pro Tip: Before deleting a column, it’s a good practice to make a backup or export the list data to ensure you don’t lose any important information.

Just like getting rid of that annoying coworker, deleting a column in a SharePoint list requires a few simple steps.

Step 1: Accessing the SharePoint List

To start deleting a column on SharePoint, you must first access the SharePoint List. Let’s explore how to do it in a few easy steps!

  1. Access your site: Open your web browser and enter the URL for your SharePoint site. Log in with your credentials.
  2. Locate the list: On the homepage, look for the navigation menu or site contents. Find the list you need and click it.
  3. Access list settings: On the list page, locate the cogwheel icon or “List” tab. Click it and select the “List settings” option from the drop-down menu.

Now, you have accessed the SharePoint List. You can progress to deleting a column as needed.

It’s essential to access the SharePoint List first. Doing so gives you a solid foundation for making modifications and updates. Have control over your SharePoint environment by accessing your lists now!

Step 2: Navigating to List Settings

Start your journey to the List Settings by accessing your SharePoint List. Changes here are key to making sure your data is organized and managed.

  1. Log into your account and open the SharePoint site.
  2. Find the list where you want to delete a column.
  3. On the top right corner of the page, click ‘Settings’.
  4. From the drop-down menu, select ‘List Settings’.
  5. You will be taken to the List Settings page. Here, you may customize columns, views, permissions and other settings.

Microsoft simplified the navigation process in order to make it easier for users. Before, it was more complex with multiple steps. But now, technology and user feedback have made it a smoother experience.

Step 3: Modifying List Columns

Making changes to list columns is key for managing SharePoint lists. Customizing the info stored in a list can help you meet your needs. Follow this step-by-step guide:

  1. Access the List Settings: Go to the SharePoint site containing your list. Click the “Settings” gear icon and pick “List settings” from the drop-down menu.
  2. Modify Existing Columns: In the List Settings page, find the “Columns” section. Click it to view all the columns in the list. To modify a column, click its name.
  3. Change Column Settings: Now you’re in the column settings page. Rename the column, change its data type, or modify its default values and validation settings.
  4. Delete a Column: To delete a column, go to the bottom of the column settings page and click the “Delete” button. You’ll get a confirmation message before the column is removed from your list.
  5. Save Changes: After you make modifications to your column(s), click the “OK” or “Save” button at the bottom of each page to save.

Remember, deleting a column will also remove any data associated with it in the list. So, double-check if any valuable info will be lost before proceeding.

Pro Tip: Before modifying or deleting columns, make a backup of your list or export its data for safety. That way, you can restore lost info if needed in the future.

Step 4: Deleting the Desired Column

  1. Go to the SharePoint site where your list is.
  2. Open the list by clicking or selecting it.
  3. Look at the ribbon at the top of the screen and click on the “List” tab.
  4. Click on “List Settings” in the “Settings” group.
  5. Scroll down until you see the “Columns” section and click “Delete this column” next to the column you want gone.
  6. Confirm by pressing “OK”.
  7. Refresh your page to make sure it’s gone.
  8. Remember, deleting a column can have implications for workflows, views, and customizations that use it. So double-check before removing columns.

Additional Tips and Considerations

Deleting a column in SharePoint lists requires some extra thought. To make sure it’s the right move, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  1. Firstly, consider the impact it will have on your list. Will any workflows or calculations be affected?
  2. Communicate with stakeholders and get their feedback before making any changes.
  3. Back up your data. That way, if anything is lost, you can recover it.
  4. After deleting a column, review and test your list to make sure everything is functioning as expected.

As for how to delete a column:

  1. Disable workflows and calculated fields that use the column.
  2. Update formulas and references in other columns to remove any dependencies.
  3. Rename the column temporarily to see if any unexpected consequences arise.
  4. If you encounter any challenges, seek assistance from Microsoft support or someone knowledgeable in SharePoint.

By keeping these tips and suggestions in mind, you can successfully delete a column in a SharePoint list. Take your time and make sure you assess any potential consequences before finalizing your decision.


To finish, deleting a column in a SharePoint list is an easy process. Follow the steps from earlier and you can get rid of unwanted columns.

Take into account the result of deleting a column – it might influence any related data or workflows.

Also, erasing a column does not delete the data inside it. The info stays in the recycle bin and can be recovered if needed. This gives an extra safety layer and makes sure essential data is not gone forever.

Fun fact – Microsoft first released SharePoint in 2001. Since then, it has become one of the most used collaborative platforms by organisations all over the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I delete a column in a SharePoint list?

A: To delete a column in a SharePoint list, follow these steps: navigate to the desired list, click on the settings gear icon, choose “List settings,” click on “Columns” under the “Columns” category, locate the column you want to delete, click on the column name, and select “Delete” from the options.

Q: What happens when I delete a column in a SharePoint list?

A: When you delete a column in a SharePoint list, the column and all its associated data are permanently removed. Be cautious when deleting a column as it can affect any views, forms, workflows, or other areas where the column is being used.

Q: Can I recover a deleted column in a SharePoint list?

A: No, once a column is deleted in a SharePoint list, it cannot be recovered. It is essential to ensure that you have a backup or make necessary preparations before deleting a column to avoid losing important data.

Q: Are there any restrictions on deleting a column in a SharePoint list?

A: Yes, there are some restrictions when deleting a column in a SharePoint list. You must have sufficient permissions and be a site owner or have the necessary rights to modify the list’s structure. If the column is used in other areas or has dependencies, you may need to update or remove those references before deleting the column.

Q: Can I delete a default column in a SharePoint list?

A: No, you cannot delete default columns in a SharePoint list. Default columns, such as “Title,” “Modified,” or “Created,” are part of the list’s essential structure and cannot be removed. However, you can hide them from the list’s view.

Q: Are there any other ways to delete a column in a SharePoint list?

A: Yes, you can also delete a column using SharePoint Designer or through SharePoint’s REST API. However, these methods require advanced technical knowledge and are not recommended for beginners.

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