How to Delete a Comment on Microsoft Word

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Deleting comments on Microsoft Word can help those who work together on documents or need to take away unnecessary feedback. Knowing how to delete them properly can make the editing process smoother.

Microsoft Word has many ways to delete comments. One way is to right-click on the comment, press “Delete Comment”, and agree to it. Or go to the Review tab, click the comment symbol, and pick “Delete Comment” from the list.

Another option is to use keyboard shortcuts. Pressing Ctrl+Shift+A will hide or show all comments in the document. When you can see them, you can move through each comment with Ctrl+Alt+PgDn (Page Down) or Ctrl+Alt+PgUp (Page Up). That makes it easier to find and delete what you don’t need.

Comment deletion in Microsoft Word has been around for a few versions. Each time, new ways to manage and delete comments have been added. It’s now easier than ever to reduce unwanted feedback. This helps productivity in Microsoft Word.

Understanding Comments in Microsoft Word

‘Microsoft Word is a widely-used word processor. It lets users add comments onto documents! These offerings provide feedback, changes or queries about parts of the document.

Adding comments in MS Word is straightforward. Select the text you want to comment on. Right-click and pick “New Comment” from the drop-down menu. A comment box will appear on the side margin. Type your comment in the box!

Deleting comments is easy too. Right-click on the comment and choose “Delete Comment”. It’s gone from the document.

Keep in mind a few tips when working with comments. Use simple language so your message is understood. Give context for your comments wherever you can. And, if collaborating, reply to comments or acknowledge them. This shows you’ve read and considered their input!’

Steps to Delete a Comment on Microsoft Word

Deleting comments on Microsoft Word is an easy task! Here’s how:

  1. Open the doc with the comment.
  2. Find it – it’ll be in a colored balloon or marker on the right.
  3. Right-click and choose “Delete Comment” from the dropdown menu.

Poof! The comment is gone. You can do this for any extra comments you want to get rid of.

Deleting comments helps your document look professional and clear. Get rid of any old, unnecessary comments and focus on your message. Take control of your doc now!

Additional Tips for Managing Comments in Microsoft Word

Want to make comment management in Microsoft Word a breeze? Here are some tips!

  • Use the navigation pane or the Reviewing Pane option to quickly jump from one comment to another.
  • Filter comments to display specific types or those from certain reviewers.
  • Hide or show comments with the Display for Review dropdown menu.

Plus, there’s more to make it easier:

  1. Reply within comment threads to keep conversations organized.
  2. Customize comment formatting to make them unique.
  3. Enable real-time collaboration for multiple authors.

By following these tips, comment management in Word is effortless and your document review process is enhanced!


To finish off, it’s easy to delete a comment in Microsoft Word. Doing so can make your docs look more professional and clear. To do this, just follow the steps mentioned.

It’s important to remember that deleting comments makes the editing process faster and more organized. This helps team members communicate better and collaborate more efficiently.

Before deleting comments, it’s vital to review them carefully. This stops you from getting rid of important feedback or data by mistake.

To show the importance of deleting comments in Microsoft Word, let me share a story. A colleague of mine once forgot to delete a comment before sending a report to their boss. This caused some trouble and they had to redo it. Since then, they’ve made sure to delete all unnecessary comments before finalizing a document.

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