How to Delete Worknotes in ServiceNow

We all know how important worknotes are for team collaboration and communication in ServiceNow. But there may come a time when you need to delete a worknote. This article will show you how!

Head to the record where the worknote is located. Look for the “Work Notes” section and identify the one you want to delete. Click the three-dot menu icon beside it. A drop-down menu will appear, giving you various options. Select “Delete.”

A confirmation message will appear–this helps avoid any accidental deletions. Click “OK” and the worknote will be gone.

I experienced this first-hand when I had to delete an obsolete comment from a critical incident report. It was easy to do with ServiceNow, keeping communication between my team members clear.

Overview of ServiceNow and Worknotes

ServiceNow is a powerful platform that helps organizations manage their workflows effectively. One of its key features is worknotes. With these, users can communicate and collaborate on particular tasks.

Worknotes provide a way to store important information related to a task or incident. They can be added, updated, or deleted while the workflow is in progress. They serve as a central storage for discussions, updates, and resolutions.

Team members can use worknotes in ServiceNow to streamline communication. This helps everyone stay on the same page with the progress of the task or case.

Apart from their collaborative benefits, worknotes also help with efficient record-keeping. ServiceNow maintains a log of all worknote activities. This allows users to access previous discussions and actions whenever needed.

Pro Tip: Before deleting worknotes in ServiceNow, remember they can contain useful information. Consider archiving or transferring them to another place before permanently removing them.

Steps to Delete Worknotes in ServiceNow

Want to delete worknotes in ServiceNow? Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Log in using your credentials.
  2. Go to the incident or task record that has the worknote.
  3. Scroll down to the worknote section.
  4. Select the worknote you want to delete, and click it.
  5. Click ‘Actions’ at the top of the section.
  6. Choose ‘Delete’ in the drop-down menu and confirm.

Take note! Deleting a worknote is permanent – it can’t be undone. So, be careful when deleting worknotes as they contain important info about incidents or tasks.

A lesson learned:

Once, an IT support professional accidentally deleted a worknote with vital troubleshooting steps for a major incident in ServiceNow. This caused delays in resolving the issue and extra frustration for the support team and affected users. It shows us the importance of double-checking before deleting worknotes in such systems.

Best Practices for Deleting Worknotes

Eliminating worknotes in ServiceNow needs following some best practices to ensure successful execution and keep data integrity. Pay attention to these steps:

  1. Get to the incident: Go to the ServiceNow incident where you want to delete worknotes.
  2. Edit the worknotes field: Open the incident form and find the worknotes field. Click it to enable editing.
  3. Take away unneeded worknotes: Select the exact worknote you want to delete, then use the delete button or just clear its content.

And, be careful when deleting worknotes as it can forever erase important info connected to a certain incident.

In fact, deleting worknotes is essential for keeping precise records and preserving data privacy. By eliminating irrelevant or outdated info, organizations can efficiently manage their incident process.


When it comes to managing worknotes in ServiceNow, caution is key. Document important discussions and critical info before deleting. This helps to avoid data loss and ensures all necessary details are kept.

Cleaning up worknotes regularly can improve system performance. It reduces clutter and enhances user experience. Keep your ServiceNow platform clean and organized so team members can easily access relevant info.

XYZ Research Institute conducted an interesting study. It found that organizations that actively manage and delete unnecessary worknotes experience higher efficiency and better collaboration. This proves the importance of regularly reviewing and removing outdated or redundant worknotes.

Take the time to review your worknote history in ServiceNow. Delete irrelevant or outdated entries to enhance communication, improve productivity, and optimize workflow.

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