How To Do Bulk Send In Docusign

If you’re looking to send multiple documents efficiently and securely, DocuSign’s bulk sending feature is the solution you need.

We will guide you through the process of bulk sending in DocuSign, from preparing your documents to customizing emails and ensuring successful delivery.

Learn about the benefits of using DocuSign for bulk sending and get some tips for maximizing your success. Whether you’re a business professional or looking to streamline your document sending process, DocuSign has you covered.

What Is Bulk Sending in DocuSign?

Bulk sending in DocuSign refers to the process of sending multiple documents simultaneously using the platform’s electronic signature capabilities. It is a feature offered by DocuSign, a leading document management platform known for its digital transaction management services.

Bulk sending plays a crucial role in expediting the document signing process, especially in scenarios where a large number of documents need to be signed by different recipients. This efficient feature allows users to streamline their workflow by saving time and effort required for sending individual documents separately. By leveraging bulk sending in DocuSign, users can ensure quick turnaround times for getting documents signed, enhancing overall productivity and efficiency in managing electronic signatures. Bulk sending aids in maintaining document consistency and organization, reducing the risk of errors or oversight in the document management process.

Why Use Bulk Sending in DocuSign?

Utilizing bulk sending in DocuSign offers numerous advantages, including the ability to automate workflow processes, leverage the platform’s mass sending feature, and benefit from a streamlined eSignature solution.

This streamlined approach not only saves time but also ensures accuracy, as it eliminates the risk of manual errors that can occur during individual document handling.

By sending documents in bulk, users can reach a wider audience efficiently, making it ideal for businesses with recurring paperwork needs.

With DocuSign’s eSignature solution integrated within bulk sending, signatories can securely sign multiple documents in one go, enhancing productivity and reducing turnaround times significantly.

This combined feature set provides a robust solution for organizations looking to streamline their document workflows and enhance efficiency.

How to Send Multiple Documents in DocuSign?

Sending multiple documents in DocuSign involves a series of steps that begin with preparing your documents, creating templates, adding recipients, integrating documents into the template, customizing email messages, previewing the envelopes, and finally sending them out.

  1. Once your documents are prepared, creating templates within DocuSign can significantly streamline the process. Templates allow you to save the structure and settings of a document for future use, making it easy to send similar documents swiftly. By utilizing APIs, you can achieve seamless integration between your systems and DocuSign, automating tasks and enhancing workflow efficiency.
  2. When adding recipients, ensure you accurately assign roles and permissions to each individual to maintain security and access control. Customizing email messages with clear instructions and personalized greetings further enhances the recipient experience.

Step 1: Prepare Your Documents

The first step in sending multiple documents through DocuSign is to ensure that your documents are properly prepared and authenticated for electronic signing.

  1. This authentication and verification process is crucial to ensure the integrity and security of the electronic signing process.
  2. When sending multiple envelopes through DocuSign, each document must be accurately prepared with the necessary fields and signatures in place.
  3. By verifying the authenticity of the documents beforehand, you can significantly reduce the risk of any fraudulent activities during the signing process.
  4. Document preparation involves carefully organizing and finalizing each file, checking for any errors or missing information, and setting up the necessary authentication protocols to confirm the identity of signatories.

Step 2: Create a Template

Creating a template in DocuSign allows you to standardize the document layout, fields, and settings for batch sending, ensuring consistency and efficiency in the bulk sending process.

When customizing your envelope templates in DocuSign, you have a wide array of options to tailor the appearance and content to suit your specific needs. From choosing font styles and sizes to adding company logos or branding elements, you can create a professional and personalized look for your documents.

With batch sending capabilities, you can streamline your workflow by sending multiple documents at once, saving time and effort. By standardizing your document layouts through templates, you not only ensure accuracy but also establish a cohesive brand identity across all your communications.

Step 3: Add Recipients

Adding recipients to your DocuSign envelopes is a crucial step in the bulk sending process, ensuring that the right individuals receive and sign the documents as intended.

By properly managing recipients in DocuSign, you streamline the workflow and improve communication efficiency. Assigning roles, such as signer, approver, or viewer, empowers you to control who can take action on each document. This helps in maintaining document security and ensuring compliance.

Managing permissions within the platform allows you to set access levels, edit capabilities, and signing order. Taking these steps not only enhances the digital signing experience but also minimizes errors and accelerates the entire document processing timeline.

Step 4: Add Documents to the Template

Incorporating documents into your template in DocuSign enables seamless collaboration and sharing among multiple signers, streamlining the document exchange process for bulk sending.

This feature allows users to easily upload documents to their template within DocuSign, providing a central location for all parties to access and work on the same document simultaneously. Through document collaboration, individuals can make edits, add comments, and track changes in real-time, ensuring efficient communication and quick decision-making. Concurrent editing capabilities further enhance the workflow by allowing multiple users to make edits to the document simultaneously, eliminating the need for back-and-forth exchanges and minimizing delays in the signing process.

Step 5: Customize the Email Message

Customizing the email message associated with your DocuSign envelopes enhances communication with recipients, providing context and instructions for the document signing process.

By tailoring the content of your email messages, you can effectively convey the purpose of the document, ensuring clarity and avoiding any confusion. Choosing the right tone in your emails can set the right expectations for the recipients, whether it’s a formal agreement or a casual authorization.

Including specific instructions in the email can guide the recipients on what actions they need to take, making the signing process smoother and more efficient. This personal touch not only improves the overall user experience but also helps in building a stronger professional relationship.

Step 6: Preview and Send

Before finalizing the bulk sending process in DocuSign, it is crucial to preview the envelopes to ensure accuracy and completeness, then initiate the mass signature requests for prompt document execution.

To check the status of your envelopes, navigate to the ‘Sent’ folder in your DocuSign account dashboard. From there, you can monitor the progress of each envelope, ensuring that all recipients have successfully received and signed the documents. Once you have confirmed the accuracy of the envelopes, proceed to the ‘Actions’ menu to select the ‘Request Signatures’ option. This step triggers the mass signature request process, streamlining the document signing workflow and increasing efficiency in managing multiple signatures simultaneously.

What Are the Benefits of Using DocuSign for Bulk Sending?

Leveraging DocuSign for bulk sending offers a myriad of benefits, including time-saving efficiencies, cost-effectiveness, enhanced workflow efficiency, and heightened security in the document signing process.

By utilizing DocuSign for bulk sending, companies can drastically reduce the time it takes to process and send numerous documents simultaneously. This not only streamlines operations but also boosts overall productivity. The cost-effectiveness of bulk sending with DocuSign means organizations can save significant resources in terms of paper, printing, and postage costs. The security enhancements provided by DocuSign‘s encryption and authentication measures ensure that sensitive information remains protected throughout the entire document signing process.


One of the key benefits of using DocuSign for bulk sending is the significant time-saving advantage it offers through streamlined envelope management and automated workflows.

By efficiently managing multiple envelopes in one go, users can save valuable time that would have been spent on individually preparing and sending each document. The platform’s envelope management features allow for easy organization, tracking, and customization of document packages. The automation of workflows ensures that repetitive tasks are handled swiftly and accurately, increasing productivity and reducing the margin for error in the sending process.


Bulk sending in DocuSign proves to be a cost-effective solution for organizations, offering reduced expenses through bulk mailing capabilities and flexible pricing plans tailored to different user needs.

This feature allows businesses to efficiently send out large volumes of documents in a timely manner, improving productivity and reducing costs associated with traditional mailing methods. With DocuSign’s customizable pricing plans, organizations can select packages that align with their specific budget constraints and usage requirements, ensuring they only pay for the services they need. This level of flexibility enables businesses to minimize unnecessary spending while still benefiting from the convenience and efficiency of bulk sending through DocuSign.

Improved Efficiency

DocuSign’s bulk sending feature enhances operational efficiency by automating workflow processes and enabling smooth handling of multiple signers within a streamlined workflow.

This innovative capability allows users to seamlessly send out documents to numerous recipients at once, cutting down on manual tasks and saving valuable time. By setting up predefined templates and recipient lists, users can effortlessly manage and track multiple signer workflows, ensuring that the signing process is completed efficiently and accurately. With DocuSign’s bulk sending, organizations can experience significant improvements in productivity and accuracy, leading to smoother operations and enhanced collaboration among team members.

Enhanced Security

Security is paramount in bulk sending through DocuSign, with robust document authentication measures and the option for electronic notary services ensuring the integrity and authenticity of the signing process.

The electronic notary services offered by DocuSign play a crucial role in bolstering the security of transactions, providing users with a legally binding and tamper-evident document signing experience. By incorporating advanced cryptographic technology, DocuSign ensures that each document is uniquely encrypted, preventing unauthorized alterations or fraudulent activities. The platform allows for identity verification through various methods, further enhancing the trustworthiness of the signing process. With these comprehensive security features in place, DocuSign offers a reliable solution for organizations seeking a secure bulk sending environment.

What Are the Limitations of Bulk Sending in DocuSign?

While bulk sending in DocuSign offers numerous advantages, there are limitations to consider, such as restrictions on the number of documents, limitations on recipient numbers, and constraints on envelope customization options.

When it comes to document limits, users need to be mindful of the maximum number of documents that can be included in a single bulk send, which may impact large-scale mailings. The recipient numbers also come with restrictions, limiting the total count of recipients per bulk send.

Customization options for envelopes are constrained in bulk sending, restricting advanced features like personalized branding or individual recipient messages. It’s important to be aware of these limitations to effectively manage recipient lists and ensure that documents meet necessary customization requirements.

Limited Number of Documents

One of the limitations of bulk sending in DocuSign is the restriction on the number of documents that can be sent in a single bulk sending operation, necessitating careful document management and planning.

Effective document management is crucial to circumvent this limitation and ensure a smooth workflow. By leveraging advanced document management platforms like SharePoint, Google Drive, or Dropbox, users can organize and categorize their files efficiently, making it easier to select the required documents for bulk sending. Implementing a systematic filing system, version control, and collaboration features can streamline the process, allowing for seamless bulk operations without exceeding the stipulated limits.

Limited Number of Recipients

Bulk sending in DocuSign imposes a restriction on the maximum number of recipients allowed per bulk sending operation, necessitating careful management of recipient lists for sending agreements in bulk.

This limitation can pose challenges for organizations with large recipient lists, requiring them to strategize how to effectively manage and distribute agreements.

To address this, businesses can utilize grouping and segmentation techniques to organize recipients based on criteria such as role or department.

By categorizing recipients in this manner, companies can streamline the sending process and ensure that agreements reach the right individuals within the designated limits.

Leveraging DocuSign’s recipient tagging feature can facilitate targeted communication and simplify the tracking of recipient actions for better oversight and control.

Limited Customization Options

Users may encounter limitations in customization options when utilizing bulk sending in DocuSign, restricting the level of customization available for individual envelopes and sending agreements in bulk.

This is particularly crucial when considering the need to maintain consistency and compliance across multiple documents being sent out in large quantities. The predefined customization limits set by DocuSign ensure that the bulk sending process remains efficient and error-free, avoiding potential discrepancies or issues arising from overly customized envelopes. By adhering to these constraints, users can streamline their workflow and ensure seamless handling of bulk agreements, without compromising on the quality and security of the documentation being exchanged.

Tips for Successful Bulk Sending in DocuSign

To ensure a seamless bulk sending experience in DocuSign, it is essential to follow best practices, consult the user guide for assistance, and be mindful of any limitations or constraints that may affect the bulk sending process.

Understanding the importance of best practices can not only streamline the bulk sending process but also help in avoiding potential errors that may arise. Referring to the user guide regularly can provide valuable insights into utilizing advanced features and functionalities effectively.

Overcoming limitations often requires a strategic approach, such as breaking up large batches into smaller segments or leveraging automation tools for efficient handling. By combining these strategies, users can navigate the bulk sending feature in DocuSign with confidence.

Use Templates

Utilizing templates in DocuSign is a recommended practice for efficient bulk sending, as it streamlines the process, ensures consistency, and allows for customization of envelopes to meet specific requirements.

Templates play a crucial role in optimizing workflows by enabling users to create standardized document formats that can be easily replicated and personalized for different recipients. With DocuSign templates, businesses can save valuable time by eliminating the need to start from scratch for each new document. The ability to customize envelopes ensures that each communication is tailored to the recipient, enhancing professionalism and brand representation. These features not only enhance efficiency but also contribute to a more professional and cohesive customer experience.

Double-Check Recipient Information

Verifying and double-checking recipient information before initiating a bulk sending operation in DocuSign is crucial to ensure that documents reach the intended recipients accurately and efficiently.

This process involves verifying email addresses, names, and any other contact details of the recipients to avoid any misdeliveries or delays.

By managing recipient information effectively, you can streamline the document distribution process and minimize the risk of errors.

Implementing best practices for recipient management, such as creating recipient groups based on common attributes or roles, can further enhance the accuracy and efficiency of bulk sending.

Regularly updating and maintaining recipient lists within DocuSign ensures that the right documents are sent to the right people, ultimately improving overall workflow productivity.

Test Before Sending to All Recipients

Prior to sending documents to all recipients in a bulk operation in DocuSign, it is advisable to conduct testing on a smaller scale to ensure the accuracy of envelope customization, batch sending functionality, and overall document delivery process.

This testing phase allows for a thorough evaluation of the customization options available for envelopes, such as adding logos, changing fonts, or adjusting the styling to match your brand identity.

It’s essential to check how these customizations render across different devices and platforms to guarantee a consistent and professional appearance.

Testing batch sending procedures ensures that all documents are correctly grouped, labeled, and distributed according to your requirements, optimizing efficiency and minimizing errors in the large-scale sending process.

Utilize DocuSign’s Support Resources

Leveraging the comprehensive support resources provided by DocuSign, such as the user guide and API integration options, can enhance your understanding of bulk sending processes and optimize your usage of the platform.

The user guide serves as a detailed manual, offering step-by-step instructions on how to efficiently send bulk documents through DocuSign. By familiarizing yourself with the user guide, you can navigate the platform with ease. Integrating APIs into your workflows can streamline your document sending operations, enabling you to automate tasks and improve overall efficiency. Utilizing these resources not only saves time but also ensures that you maximize the capabilities of DocuSign for your business needs.

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