How to Extract Data from PDF to Excel Using Automation Anywhere

Technology has made it necessary to automate tasks to save time and be more efficient. An example of this is extracting data from PDFs and transferring it to an Excel spreadsheet. Here, we’ll see how to do this with Automation Anywhere, a robotic process automation tool.

Manually extracting data from PDFs can be tedious and time-consuming. It involves opening each file, finding the info, then copying and pasting it into an Excel sheet. Automation Anywhere makes it easy. It opens multiple PDFs at once and extracts specific data fields with its intelligent data extraction. Then it transfers the data to an Excel spreadsheet without any manual work.

A financial institution used Automation Anywhere to great effect. They received hundreds of PDFs with client transaction records. Doing it manually would have taken too long and been prone to human error. Automation Anywhere made it fast and accurate.

What is Automation Anywhere?

Automation Anywhere is an advanced software platform that helps businesses automate manual tasks, reducing repetition and increasing effectiveness. It uses robotic process automation (RPA) technology to act like human actions, such as mouse clicks and keyboard inputs, making it great for streamlining operations.

Organizations can improve productivity with Automation Anywhere by automating processes in departments including finance, HR, and customer service. The software works with all kinds of applications and systems, letting users create bots that can do complex tasks easily.

Automation Anywhere also extracts data from PDFs and transfers it to Excel sheets quickly. This lets companies save time and forget about manual data entry. Automating this process ensures accuracy in the data extraction, while freeing up resources for other tasks.

The user-friendly interface of Automation Anywhere lets people without programming skills create and deploy workflows. This makes it popular with companies of all sizes.

Gartner Research’s report says Automation Anywhere is a leader in the RPA market because of its features and capabilities. Its user-friendly approach and powerful automation tools make it great for businesses looking to go digital.

Benefits of Using Automation Anywhere for Extracting Data from PDF to Excel

Automation Anywhere provides numerous advantages when extracting data from PDF to Excel. Firstly, it saves effort and time by automating the process. Additionally, it improves accuracy and decreases errors from manual entry. It also enables easy customisation and formatting of the extracted data. Plus, it enables smooth integration with different applications and systems. Lastly, it boosts productivity with batch processing of multiple files.

Overall, Automation Anywhere is a dependable and effective solution for extracting data from PDF to Excel. It simplifies the workflow and eliminates manual involvement, resulting in increased efficiency and productivity.

Moreover, Automation Anywhere gives advanced features such as OCR tech which ensures accurate text extraction from PDFs. This is especially valuable for scanned or image-based PDFs.

Plus, Automation Anywhere offers extensive security measures to protect sensitive data during extraction. This includes encryption protocols, access controls, and audit trails to meet data protection laws.

As reported in Gartner’s ‘Magic Quadrant for Robotic Process Automation’, Automation Anywhere is recognised as a leader in Robotic Process Automation. Its user-friendly interface and comprehensive functionalities make it a great choice for organisations wanting to streamline their data extraction processes.

Step-by-Step Guide to Extracting Data from PDF to Excel Using Automation Anywhere

Automation Anywhere simplifies the process of extracting data from PDF and transferring it to Excel. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Download and install the software.
  2. Open Automation Anywhere and create a new task.
  3. Click on ‘PDF Integration’ and select ‘Read PDF’. Set parameters as needed.
  4. Switch to the ‘Excel Integration’ tab. Select ‘Write Cell’ action and specify the location for extracted data.
  5. Execute the task and Automation Anywhere will do the job.

Advanced features, such as OCR (Optical Character Recognition), make it possible to extract text from scanned documents or images embedded in PDFs. Gartner says Automation Anywhere is one of the top software providers in the RPA market.

Tips and Best Practices for Efficient Data Extraction

Efficient data extraction is a must when working with PDFs and Automation Anywhere. To make sure it goes smoothly, here are some tips and best practices:

  1. Consistent Formatting: Keep the layout, font styles, and spacing the same throughout the document.
  2. Utilize OCR Technology: OCR can help convert non-editable content into machine-readable data.
  3. Define Clear Extraction Rules: Specify the location of the data, set up logical conditions, and define any necessary patterns or keywords.
  4. Validate Extracted Data: Check that the data is accurate before transferring it to Excel.

Automation Anywhere offers features to extract data from PDFs to Excel. These include built-in actions for reading PDF content, finding tables, extracting elements like headers/footers, and transforming text into structured formats.

Automation Anywhere has revolutionized data management. It eliminates manual efforts, reduces errors, saves time, minimizes costs, and boosts productivity. The continued growth of Automation Anywhere shows that efficiently extracting data is essential in the digital age.


To wrap up, extracting data from PDF to Excel via Automation Anywhere is efficient & secure. This automation tool helps businesses save time & energy by automatedly obtaining key info from a PDF.

To do this successfully, it’s important to follow some steps. Firstly, the user must make sure the relevant software is installed & configured on their system. This includes Automation Anywhere & any necessary plugins/packages for PDF extraction.

Next, the user should create a bot/task in Automation Anywhere to automate the extraction. This involves defining the data fields/elements to be taken from the PDF plus where to store the extracted data in Excel.

Once the bot/task is ready, it can be run on several PDFs. This means large-scale data extraction with minimal manual work. Additionally, Automation Anywhere offers options for error handling & exception management, so any problems during the extraction process can be managed.

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