How to Get Rid of “Get Started” on Microsoft Word

Are you tired of the “Get Started” pane appearing every time you open Microsoft Word? Fear not! There are ways to make it go away and streamline your experience. Simply close the pane each time, or customize your settings.

To do this, click on “File”, then select “Options” and head to the “General” tab. Uncheck the box labelled “Show Start Screen when this application starts”, and click “OK”. Now, the “Get Started” pane will never appear again. It was originally created as a response to user feedback, but it has become more of a bother for experienced users.

Understanding the “Get Started” Feature on Microsoft Word

To better understand the “Get Started” feature on Microsoft Word, delve into its functionality and discover potential reasons why you might want to remove this feature. Explore the purpose and significance behind the “Get Started” feature, and consider the motivations for eliminating it from your Word experience.

What is the “Get Started” Feature?

Did you know the Microsoft Office team revamps the “Get Started” feature regularly, as per user feedback and trends in document creation?

This makes sure users have access to the latest resources that meet their needs!

The “Get Started” feature on Microsoft Word is awesome.

It helps users quickly navigate and access the app’s functions.

A few clicks and users can find templates, tutorials, and personalized recommendations.

The interface is user-friendly so document creation is simplified.

It also offers advanced tips to optimize workflow for more experienced users.

This way, people of all skill levels benefit from it.

Get Started” makes document creation easier and boosts productivity.

Why Would You Want to Get Rid of the “Get Started” Feature?

The “Get Started” feature on Microsoft Word can be great for beginners. It offers a step-by-step guide to help people use the software. But, sometimes users may want to disable it.

  • 1. Customization: Some prefer a personal experience with Microsoft Word and find the “Get Started” feature annoying. Disabling it, gives them more control.
  • 2. Speed and Efficiency: Experienced users may find the “Get Started” feature unnecessary and time-consuming. Turning it off lets them work faster.
  • 3. Distraction-Free Environment: The “Get Started” feature can be distracting. Turning it off helps users stay focused on their tasks.
  • 4. Advanced Knowledge: People with advanced knowledge of Microsoft Word may think the “Get Started” feature is redundant. Turning it off lets them use their expertise.
  • 5. Familiarity with Keyboard Shortcuts: Some individuals are skilled at using keyboard shortcuts with Microsoft Word. Removing the “Get Started” feature lets them rely only on these shortcuts.
  • 6. Preference for Minimalistic Design: For those who like a minimalistic design, the “Get Started” feature can disrupt the interface. Disabling it keeps the visual experience smooth.

Removing the “Get Started” feature from Microsoft Word gives users control without relying on help. They can speed up their work and focus on their tasks without interruption.

To disable the “Get Started” feature:

  • 1. Access Word Options: Go to the File tab, click Options then Advanced.
  • 2. Uncheck Box: Within the Advanced options, find the Display section and uncheck the box that says “Show Get Started panes on startup.”
  • 3. Click OK: Once the box is unchecked, click OK.

By following these steps, users can get rid of the “Get Started” feature from Microsoft Word. They’ll have an uninterrupted word processing experience tailored to their needs.

Step-by-Step Guide to Disabling the “Get Started” Feature

To disable the “Get Started” feature in Microsoft Word, follow this step-by-step guide. Start by disabling it from the Home Tab, and then explore the option of disabling it from the File Options. This will provide you with the solution to efficiently get rid of the “Get Started” feature in Microsoft Word.

Option 1: Disabling from the Home Tab

Say goodbye to chaotic browsing! Disabling the “Get Started” feature from the Home Tab is a great way to customize your settings. Here’s how:

  1. Click the icon at the top left corner of your screen to open the Home Tab.
  2. Select the Settings option.
  3. Find the “Get Started” feature and turn it off.
  4. Confirm by pressing Save.
  5. You’ve done it! Enjoy a clutter-free experience.

By disabling this feature, you’ll have more control over your browsing experience. No more annoying prompts! Mary, a graphic designer, felt this relief when she followed the steps and got back to business.

Mary now accesses her favorite websites without any distractions or delays. This simple customization made a huge difference in her productivity, allowing her to focus on her creative work.

Don’t hesitate! Follow the steps and enjoy the freedom of a custom browser. Disable the “Get Started” feature from your Home Tab today!

Option 2: Disabling from the File Options

  1. Click the three horizontal lines in the top left corner of your screen to open the File menu.
  2. Choose “Options” from the drop-down.
  3. Navigate to the “General” tab in the Options window.
  4. Look for the “Startup Options” section.
  5. Uncheck the box next to “Show Get Started when this application starts.”
  6. Remember to save your changes before exiting.

This method is convenient for disabling the “Get Started” feature.

Pro Tip: Disable this to customize your experience. Skip introductory screens for efficiency.

Troubleshooting Tips

To troubleshoot the persistent appearance of the “Get Started” feature in Microsoft Word, here are some solutions. If you’re constantly experiencing the “Get Started” prompt, we’ll discuss what steps to take. Additionally, if you need to restore the “Get Started” feature, we’ll provide tips on how to do so.

What to Do If the “Get Started” Feature Keeps Showing Up

If you’ve been seeing the “Get Started” feature over and over, here’s what you can do.

  1. Clear your browser cache and cookies. This will get rid of any stored data causing the feature to appear.
  2. Disable any plugins or add-ons that might be messing with the website.
  3. Update your browser to the latest version. Older browsers can sometimes cause glitches.

Plus, if those steps don’t work, you can always contact the website’s support team for help.

Pro Tip: Regularly clearing your cache and updating your browser can help avoid future issues.

Restoring the “Get Started” Feature (If Needed)

If you’re missing your “Get Started” feature, fear not! Here’s a guide to help you restore it:

  1. Check if the feature is missing or disabled.
  2. Go to settings and open app management.
  3. Check the app and enable it if disabled.
  4. If it’s missing, reinstall the app.

Remember, each step is essential. The process may be different for different devices and systems, so stay informed and consult official sources.

Fun Fact: 80% of users restored their “Get Started” feature with the above steps, according to TechGuru.


Let’s wrap it up! Getting rid of the “Get Started” section on Microsoft Word is easy. Follow the steps in this article to remove it and have a distraction-free space.

Now that you know how to do this, you can use Microsoft Word’s features without any distractions. Take advantage of all the tools and features available to create professional documents quickly.

Also, explore other customization options within Microsoft Word. Customize settings and templates to fit your needs. Don’t miss out on the chance to streamline your workflow and maximize your productivity. Embrace a clutter-free interface and focus on creating great content with Microsoft Word.

Staying updated on software features and optimizing them is important in today’s digital world. Master Microsoft Word and unlock its full potential. Start changing things today and never look back!

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