How to Insert Clipart in Microsoft Word 2013

Microsoft Word 2013 has a straightforward way to insert clipart. Just go to the “Insert” tab and click “Online Pictures”. Enter keywords for the image you want. Word will display the relevant clipart. Choose the one you like, click “Insert” and there it is!

To make it look more professional, go for a transparent background. It’ll blend with the text and other elements on the page.

Try it out and see how clipart can make your content come alive!

What is clipart?

Clipart is a great way to make documents and presentations look more creative! It’s a collection of images, graphics, and illustrations. Microsoft Word 2013 makes it easy to insert clipart. Just open the document and go to ‘Insert’ in the top menu bar. Then click on ‘Clip Art.’ A sidebar with all the options will appear. Type keywords in the search box or browse through categories like animals, food, and nature. Once you’ve chosen the perfect clipart, click to insert it. You can then resize or move it by dragging its corners or edges. Plus, customize its appearance with the formatting tools.

To make the most of clipart, here are some tips:

  1. Pick images that fit the topic.
  2. Keep the style consistent.
  3. Balance text and visuals.
  4. Check copyright restrictions.

Now you’re ready to get creative with clipart!

Why use clipart in Microsoft Word 2013?

Clipart in Microsoft Word 2013 can add that extra spark of creativity and professionalism! Here’s why you should consider it:

  1. Illustrations: Clipart has plenty of icons, symbols and graphics to choose from.
  2. Visual impact: Images can capture attention and convey emotions. Use clipart to grab readers’ attention!
  3. Versatility: Resize, edit and customize the visuals to fit your needs.
  4. Time-saving: Find ready-to-use visuals with a few clicks.

Clipart also helps maintain consistency within your document. To make the most of it, follow these tips:

  1. Choose appropriate images.
  2. Quality over quantity.
  3. Customize when needed.
  4. Consistency matters.

Using clipart in Microsoft Word 2013 will help make your documents stand out!

Steps to insert clipart in Microsoft Word 2013

Discover how to insert clipart into Microsoft Word 2013! It’s easy – just follow these steps:

  1. Launch Word 2013 and select the ‘Insert’ tab.
  2. Click the ‘Clip Art’ button in the ‘Illustrations’ group.
  3. A sidebar with categories of clipart will appear.
  4. Use the search bar or browse the categories to find the perfect clipart.

Pro Tip: Refine your search by choosing options like ‘All media file types,’ ‘Photographs,’ or ‘Line drawings only.’ This way, you’ll find clipart that matches the look of your document.

It’s simple to add clipart to your Word 2013 doc! Give it a go – you’ll be amazed at the difference it makes!

Tips for using clipart effectively in Microsoft Word 2013

Clipart can be used effectively in Microsoft Word 2013 to make documents visually appealing. Here are some tips to get the most out of it:

  1. Pick clipart that’s relevant to the content. It should support and emphasize the message, not detract from it.
  2. Look at the size and positioning of the clipart. Resize it and make sure it’s in the right place.
  3. Customize the clipart using the tools in Microsoft Word 2013. Change colors, add shadows or borders, and apply artistic effects.
  4. For a consistent look, use similar styles of clipart throughout the document.

Also, remember that copyright laws apply to clipart too. Make sure you have the rights or permission before including any images in the document.

Clipart was first used to make documents more interesting. Over time, people started using it more strategically to show information or illustrate concepts. This led to the development of more sophisticated clipart options in programs like Microsoft Word 2013.

Follow these tips and use the features available. You can maximize the impact of clipart in your documents while keeping them looking professional. Try out different styles and designs to find what works best – creativity is the only limit when it comes to using clipart effectively in Microsoft Word 2013!


Microsoft Word is a must-have for techies. It has many features to make docs look amazing, like inserting clipart in Word 2013. To do this, open your document and go to the Insert tab. Look for “Clip Art” and click it. This will open up a sidebar with keywords and categories. Search or browse for the perfect clipart and then click it to insert. Resize and move it with the formatting tools. Here’s some tips to help you out: explore different categories, customize clipart, and combine it with other features. So go ahead and make your documents stand out!

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