How to Move SharePoint Files Between Folders


To get started with moving SharePoint files between folders, you need to understand what SharePoint is and how it works. This will give you a context for your file management tasks. In this introduction, we will provide you with a brief explanation of SharePoint and its use cases.

Explanation of SharePoint

SharePoint is Microsoft’s 2001 web-based collaborative platform. It helps manage documents, content, and enterprise search. Businesses can store, organize, and share documents without any fuss. It also helps organizations communicate easily within teams and departments.

It has unique capabilities. For example, it creates organization-wide workflows to support decision-making with reports and dashboards. And users can access information on the cloud from anywhere, anytime. Plus, SharePoint offers individual workspaces for teams to collaborate on multiple projects.

Security is also important. SharePoint provides robust security features to protect users from unauthorized access or data leakage.

Tools like this are essential for success in almost every business domain. Leveraging it can boost productivity and modernize workplaces. Don’t miss out on staying ahead! Start using SharePoint today.

Moving SharePoint files between folders? It’s like a game of hide and seek – but the computer always wins.

Moving SharePoint Files Between Folders

To move your SharePoint files between folders, look no further. With an understanding of SharePoint libraries, navigating to the files you wish to move, and selecting them, you can begin moving files. This section will walk through moving files within the same library, or between different libraries. Additionally, you can move files using drag and drop.

Understanding SharePoint Libraries

SharePoint Libraries are virtual spaces within SharePoint, built for document management. Teams can access same files without network sharing. They’re customized containers, storing spreadsheets, presentations and files.

For moving SharePoint files between folders, understanding how Libraries work is key. Multiple users can access the same files, so managing them is necessary. Uploading in separate folders helps locate documents.

Metadata is important too. Guidelines should be followed when uploading new data or making updates. This ensures consistent metadata fields and makes searching for files simpler.

Navigating through many folders? That’s only half the struggle!

Navigating to the Files to Be Moved

Uncovering the files you need to move is the initial step when dealing with SharePoint files. To help you out, here’s a 4-step guide:

  1. Open your SharePoint site and click on the relevant library.
  2. Find and select the folder with the files you want to move.
  3. Check the boxes next to the files or folders you want to move.
  4. Click “Move To” in the top ribbon and choose your destination.

Keep in mind that if you can’t locate a file, it may have been shifted or deleted by another user. Don’t forget to check version history too.

My team was recently asked to arrange data on several SharePoint sites. We took a similar approach for finding and moving files. We were able to finish the project quickly and without any problems. Being organized from start to finish was the key.

Deciding between files is like picking a favorite child – you love them all, but some are just easier to manage.

Selecting the Files

Transferring files from one SharePoint folder to another requires careful selection. You must make sure not to transfer any unnecessary or confidential files that can cause trouble.

Follow these 4 steps:

  1. Open your site and go to the source folder.
  2. Click checkboxes next to each file you need to move. Or ‘Select all’ for everything.
  3. Hover over a file, click ‘Move To’ in the top ribbon.
  4. Choose the destination folder and click ‘Move.’

You can also drag and drop multiple files at once. Double-check the transfer is complete before deleting from the original location.

Label folders properly to avoid confusion later. Also, alert team members of updated file locations or changes. Doing this saves time and avoids errors when moving SharePoint files.

Moving Files Within the Same Library

Need to move files in SharePoint’s library? Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Go to the library and select the file(s).
  2. Right-click on the selection and choose ‘Cut’ or click on the ‘Cut’ button in the ‘Home’ tab.
  3. Navigate to the destination folder. Right-click and choose ‘Paste’ or click the ‘Paste’ button in the ‘Home’ tab.
  4. The files appear in their new location.

Know this: all metadata and workflows are retained!

Once, a team member moved a folder of hundreds of documents without realizing it. Weeks later, they noticed some documents were missing. But no worries! SharePoint tracks changes so they easily found and restored their files.

So goodbye, old library. And hello, new library – a fresh start for SharePoint files.

Moving Files Between Different Libraries

Shiftin’ files between different libraries in SharePoint can be a challenge for many users. But, it’s an essential part of workin’ with SharePoint. Let’s go through the process step by step and make it easy to do!

  1. Step 1: Open SharePoint and pick the library with the file you want to move.
  2. Step 2: Check the box next to the file or files you wanna move.
  3. Step 3: Click ‘Copy To’ or ‘Move To’ under the ribbon menu.
  4. Step 4: A window will pop up; choose the target library where you want to move your files.
  5. Step 5: If needed, create a new folder by clicking on “New Folder” and name it.
  6. Step 6: Finally, press “Copy” or “Move” to finish.

It’s important to know that when movin’ files between two libraries in SharePoint, the metadata associated with those files might get lost. So, it’s advised to back up all existing data before movin’ any file across SharePoint document libraries, as this action can’t be undone.

Draggin’ and droppin’ files in SharePoint may not be as thrillin’ as tossin’ them into a volcano, but it’s still quite handy!

Moving Files Using Drag and Drop


Drag and drop is a quick way to move files between folders for SharePoint users. Here’s the simple process:

  1. Select the file to move.
  2. Press and hold the left mouse button on the file.
  3. Drag the file to its new place in another folder.
  4. Let go of the mouse button to drop the file into the new spot.

However, if you wish to move the file to a different library or site, you must have the proper permissions.

Pro Tip: Dragging and dropping single files is great, but if you need to move multiple files, the Move tool in SharePoint may be faster.

Moving SharePoint files doesn’t have to be hard. Use these tips to become a folder shuffling pro!


SharePoint can be a tricky platform for moving files between folders. But don’t worry! By following these steps, you’ll be transferring files with ease.

  1. Firstly, select the file you wish to move from the folder.
  2. Then, use the ‘Move To’ option from the toolbar and choose your desired destination folder.
  3. Lastly, confirm your selection and watch the file be relocated.

Remember, when transferring files in SharePoint, the metadata may not transfer too. This means that document history or other unique properties might not move to the new location.

It all started in 2001, when Microsoft first released Share Point Portal Server. Over the years, they kept developing and investing in this powerful tool. Now, many companies rely on SharePoint for document management and to centralize content across their networks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I move SharePoint files between folders?

A: To move SharePoint files between folders, simply click and drag the file to the desired location within the SharePoint site. You can also right-click on the file and select “Move” to choose the destination folder.

Q: Will moving files between folders affect their permissions?

A: No, moving files between folders does not affect their permissions. The file will retain the same permissions as before the move.

Q: Can I move multiple SharePoint files at once?

A: Yes, you can move multiple SharePoint files at once by selecting them and then dragging them to the desired folder or using the “Move” option.

Q: What happens if I move a file to a folder with the same name?

A: If you move a file to a folder with the same name, the file will replace the folder with the same name and become the new folder.

Q: Can I move a SharePoint file to a different site?

A: Yes, you can move a SharePoint file to a different site by using the “Move” option and selecting the destination site and folder.

Q: How do I undo a move operation in SharePoint?

A: To undo a move operation in SharePoint, go to the Recycle Bin and select the file or folder that was moved. Then, click on the “Restore” option to return the file or folder to its original location.

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