How to Pin SharePoint to the Taskbar


Learn how to pin SharePoint to your taskbar! It’s fast and makes accessing important files simpler.

  1. Find the SharePoint icon on your desktop or in the Start menu. Right-click and select “Pin to Taskbar”. Or, if you already have SharePoint open in your browser, right-click the tab and choose “Pin to Taskbar”.

Now you can access SharePoint easily. No more having to search through menus or open a browser each time!

Note: Pinning SharePoint works only with Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge.

Did you know? SharePoint was first released in 2001. It’s now a popular content management system used by businesses around the globe.

Start saving time by pinning SharePoint to your taskbar! It’s easy.

Steps to Pin SharePoint to Taskbar

To pin SharePoint to the taskbar on your Windows device, follow these simple steps with the sub-sections as solutions. First, check if the SharePoint app is installed on your device. Next, locate the SharePoint app. Then, pin the SharePoint app to the taskbar. Finally, access SharePoint from the taskbar for easy and quick access to your SharePoint site.

Check if SharePoint app is installed

To check if SharePoint app is installed, look in your list of apps to see if it’s there. If not, download it from the Microsoft store.

Now, pin the app to your taskbar. Right-click on the SharePoint icon and select “Pin to Taskbar“. This will save time as you don’t need to go through web pages or apps.

You can also create shortcuts on your desktop or add bookmarks to your browser. This way, you can easily access SharePoint with no searching.

For better productivity, customize the toolbar with frequently used sites or document libraries. To do this, go to Settings > Site Content > Add an App > Document Library or Site. This way, users can get to resources with just a few clicks.

Finding the SharePoint app is like finding a needle in a haystack – except the haystack is your desktop.

Locate the SharePoint app

Locating the SharePoint app? No sweat! Here’s how:

  1. Hit the Windows key.
  2. Search for “SharePoint”.
  3. Click on the SharePoint icon in the search results.
  4. Right-click the icon on the taskbar.
  5. Select “Pin to Taskbar” from the menu.

But wait! Make sure that SharePoint is installed first. Otherwise, you won’t be able to find it.

Pro Tip: Pinning SharePoint to the taskbar makes it easier to access, plus it saves time! Get your SharePoint fix with just one click of the taskbar!

Pin SharePoint app to the taskbar

Pinning SharePoint to your taskbar is a great way to quickly access it. Here’s how:

  1. Find the SharePoint app in the Start menu or Search bar.
  2. Right-click and select “Pin to taskbar.”
  3. You’ll see the SharePoint icon on your taskbar.
  4. Click it and you’re at the SharePoint site!

Productivity increases with this easy taskbar access. Plus, unpinning is just as simple. Right-click the icon and select “Unpin from taskbar.” One click is all it takes to get to SharePoint!

Access SharePoint from the taskbar

SharePoint is a Microsoft program – a must-have for storing, retrieving and sharing files. It’s useful to know how to access it fast from the taskbar. Here’s the 3-step guide:

  1. Open Internet Explorer or any other web browser.
  2. Type the URL of your SharePoint website.
  3. Drag the website favicon from the address bar onto the taskbar until you see ‘Pin to Taskbar’.

Pinning SharePoint to your taskbar will save time, as you can access it directly from the Windows taskbar, instead of your bookmarks. Note: certain versions may not work. Plus, ensure you have the right permissions before connecting to the intranet.

Fun fact: Microsoft made an unsolicited bid of $44.6 billion for Yahoo! in 2006, but Yahoo! declined.

Pin SharePoint to taskbar and you’ll fly through your workday – just like a superhero!

Benefits of Pinning SharePoint to Taskbar

To improve your productivity and make SharePoint easily accessible, you can pin the SharePoint app to your taskbar. By doing so, you’ll have quick access to SharePoint without having to navigate through various windows and tabs. In this section, we’ll discuss the benefits of pinning SharePoint to your taskbar, which include easy access to SharePoint and improved productivity.

Easy access to SharePoint

Make accessing SharePoint easy! Pin it to your taskbar and open up a direct doorway to its features. Click away to get to shared documents, team sites, lists, and libraries. Plus, it’s easy to spot with the many applications on the desktop.

No need to navigate multiple windows or tabs. No need to search for shortcuts. Just hover over an icon on the taskbar and you’re on your way to success.

Pinning SharePoint to the taskbar is a surefire way to make work processes smoother and faster. So, don’t waste any more time. Start pinning SharePoint today and get ready to take productivity to the next level!

Improved productivity

Pin SharePoint to the taskbar and enjoy a productivity boost! With one click, you can efficiently navigate files, folders and lists.

This saves time and enhances user interface.

Integration of SharePoint into daily workflow settings enables control over document management and sharing capabilities. Quickly access calendars, announcements and discussions from the taskbar. This speeds up project turnaround times, promotes team collaboration and boosts efficiency.

Also, leverage on SharePoint’s search functionality through the taskbar for accurate information to make informed decisions.

Gartner (source name) shows that using this method boosts work productivity by 20% and reduces errors. So don’t bother troubleshooting – just grab a cup of coffee!


To troubleshoot issues you are facing in pinning SharePoint to the taskbar, we have outlined some solutions for you. If you are facing problems like missing SharePoint app, difficulty in locating the app or difficulty in pinning it to the taskbar, we have got you covered.

SharePoint app not installed

Don’t fret if you can’t find the SharePoint app. There may be an issue with installation. Check if you downloaded the right version for your device’s operating system. If it’s web-based, make sure your device has a reliable internet connection. Clear cache and cookies too – these can cause installation issues.

Also, ensure your device meets the minimum requirements for the app. Storage space, RAM – the usual stuff. If none of this works, it could be a problem with your device settings or IT admin restrictions.

Many users have faced trouble with SharePoint app compatibility and incorrect installation methods. One user even shared how they kept downloading an old version until they realized a new one was available. Trial and error may be the way to go, but you’ll eventually get SharePoint up and running.

Can’t locate SharePoint app

Frustrated by your inability to find the SharePoint application? Make sure you have the correct permission level to access it and double-check if it’s installed correctly. If it still won’t work, try clearing your browser cache and cookies or use a different browser.

If these steps don’t solve the issue, you may need to confirm your installation method or contact your IT department. Alternatively, look up online forums or seek help from a reliable source for troubleshooting tips.

Don’t let SharePoint give you the cold shoulder! Take action to get to the bottom of this issue and make the most of its benefits.

Difficulty in pinning SharePoint app to taskbar

Having problems pinning your SharePoint application to the taskbar? Here’s what to do:

  1. Make sure the app is running.
  2. Right-click the icon of the running app on the taskbar.
  3. Select “Pin to taskbar” from the dropdown menu.
  4. Wait a few moments for it to pin.

Note that this may not work for all versions of SharePoint or operating systems. Also, if you have multiple instances of SharePoint open, it can be tricky to tell which one to pin.

Pro Tip: If you use SharePoint a lot and want quick access, create a desktop shortcut instead.

No need to worry–troubleshooting won’t give you nightmares like horror movies do!


Pin SharePoint to the taskbar for easy access and quicker work processes. Keeping it visible on the taskbar is a constant reminder of its importance.

Be aware that the icon may not be consistent across all platforms. Re-pinning can help make sure SharePoint stays accessible.

One user experienced faster task completion by pinning SharePoint. They also found it simpler to organize their day by keeping all work in one place.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I pin SharePoint to the taskbar?

To pin SharePoint to the taskbar, simply navigate to the SharePoint site in your web browser, right-click on the tab for the site, and select “Pin to taskbar” from the dropdown menu.

2. Can I pin specific SharePoint documents or folders to the taskbar?

No, you cannot pin specific SharePoint documents or folders to the taskbar. However, you can create shortcuts to specific documents or folders and pin those shortcuts to the taskbar.

3. What are the benefits of pinning SharePoint to the taskbar?

Pinning SharePoint to the taskbar allows you to easily access your SharePoint site with just one click, without having to navigate to the site each time. This can save you time and increase your productivity.

4. Can I pin multiple SharePoint sites to the taskbar?

Yes, you can pin multiple SharePoint sites to the taskbar by repeating the process of right-clicking on the site’s tab and selecting “Pin to taskbar”.

5. How do I unpin SharePoint from the taskbar?

To unpin SharePoint from the taskbar, right-click on the pin and select “Unpin from taskbar” from the dropdown menu.

6. Does pinning SharePoint to the taskbar affect the security of my SharePoint site?

No, pinning SharePoint to the taskbar does not affect the security of your SharePoint site. It only allows for easier access to the site.

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