How to Recover a Deleted SharePoint Site

Recovering a SharePoint site deleted by accident or on purpose can be worrying. But don’t fret! Here, we’ll show you how to get back on track.

SharePoint has a recycle bin feature. When a site is deleted, it’s put here for a while before being wiped out forever. This could be your chance to restore it.

The recycle bin might not help you though. SharePoint also has a backup and restoration option. You can use this to restore your site from a particular time when it was working properly.

Finally, reach out to your organization’s IT department or SharePoint admin. They may have special tools and solutions to help you out. They may even have backups stored somewhere. Don’t be shy, they’re experienced pros used to dealing with these situations.

Understanding SharePoint Sites

SharePoint Sites have a hierarchical structure. At the top, there’s the main or parent site, which is the hub for all related subsites. Each subsite is separate from the parent site, helping keep things organized.

SharePoint Sites offer useful tools like document libraries, lists, wikis, and calendars. These let team members collaborate and create documents in real-time. They can also customize their sites to their specific needs.

To get the most out of SharePoint Sites, it’s important to set up permissions and roles for users. This ensures data security and encourages collaboration. It’s best to review and update these permissions regularly.

Importance of Backing Up SharePoint Sites

Protect your data! Backing up your SharePoint sites is a must. Why?

  • Accidental deletion or malicious intent: Accidents do happen and backups act as an insurance policy.
  • Disaster recovery: Natural disasters, system failures, or cyberattacks can disrupt your SharePoint environment. Backups help restore and reduce downtime.
  • Compliance requirements: Many organizations have strict compliance requirements for data retention and backup policies.
  • Peace of mind: Knowing your SharePoint sites are backed up brings peace of mind. No more worrying about data loss.

Plus, backups enable you to maintain historical versions of your sites, making comparison or retrieval of previous content easy. Implement a robust backup strategy for your SharePoint environment and ensure the stability and success of your org’s collaboration efforts.

Steps to Recover a Deleted SharePoint Site

Recovering deleted SharePoint sites can be tricky. But, if you take the right steps, you won’t lose your data. Here’s how:

  1. Check Recycle Bin: Start by checking the Site Collection’s Recycle Bin. Go to Site Contents, press the “Recycle bin” link, and look for your deleted site.
  2. Restore from Recycle Bin: If you find it, select it and click “Restore”. This will bring back your site to its original location.
  3. Use Site Collection Admin Permissions: If your deleted site isn’t in the Recycle Bin, contact the Site Collection Administrator. They can access all sites and recover them if needed.
  4. Check Second Stage Recycle Bin: In some cases, SharePoint moves deleted sites to a secondary stage, called “Second Stage Recycle Bin.” Check if your deleted site is here and consider restoring it.
  5. Contact Microsoft Support: If none of these steps work and you need help, contact Microsoft Support. Their experts can help you retrieve your lost SharePoint site.

Pro Tip: Back up data from SharePoint sites externally or use third-party tools that offer automatic backups. This helps protect against accidental deletions and data loss.

By following these steps and getting the right support, you can recover a deleted SharePoint site without losing valuable information or time.

Tips for Preventing Future Deletion

Stopping future deletions is key to saving the wholeness of your SharePoint site. Here are some tips to stop any accidental deletions:

  1. Backups: Plan routine backups of your SharePoint site, so that you have a current copy in case of a mistake. That way, you can restore the site fast and easily.
  2. User permissions: Keep the number of people with delete rights for your SharePoint site low. By only giving delete permission to reliable individuals, you decrease the possibility of accidental or malicious deletions.
  3. Review and training: Review and update user permissions often, making sure users only have access to what they need. Also, train users on proper file and site management, so they know how to avoid unintended deletions.

Also, it’s vital to monitor your SharePoint site for any strange or unapproved activities. By paying attention and managing any suspicious activity promptly, you can minimize the risk of deletion.

Remember, prevention is better than cure!


  1. To restore a deleted SharePoint site, do this:
  2. Go to the SharePoint Admin Center.
  3. Navigate to the “Deleted Sites” section.
  4. You will see a list of recently deleted sites.
  5. Pick the one you want to recover.
  6. Click “Restore” to start the recovery process.
  7. SharePoint will restore it to the original location.

Once the restoration is done, you can access the recovered site and continue working on it. Data loss may occur, depending on when the site was deleted.

Pro Tip: To avoid future accidental deletions, enable versioning and set up a backup strategy. This will help make sure you always have a copy of your site for recovery if needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs – How to Recover a Deleted SharePoint Site

Q1: Can I recover a deleted SharePoint site?

A1: Yes, it is possible to recover a deleted SharePoint site if you have the necessary permissions and if the site has not been permanently deleted from the recycle bin.

Q2: How can I check if my deleted site is still in the recycle bin?

A2: To check if your deleted SharePoint site is still in the recycle bin, navigate to the SharePoint admin center, click on the Recycle Bin option, and search for the site by name or URL.

Q3: What if my deleted site is not in the recycle bin?

A3: If the deleted SharePoint site is not found in the recycle bin, it may have been permanently deleted. In such cases, you can’t directly recover it from SharePoint, but you may be able to restore it from a backup if one exists.

Q4: How do I restore a deleted SharePoint site from the recycle bin?

A4: To restore a deleted SharePoint site from the recycle bin, navigate to the Recycle Bin in the SharePoint admin center, select the site, and click on the “Restore” option. The site will then be restored to its original location.

Q5: Can I recover specific files or documents from a deleted SharePoint site?

A5: Yes, it is possible to recover specific files or documents from a deleted SharePoint site. After restoring the site from the recycle bin, you can navigate to the document library or site contents where the files were stored and retrieve them.

Q6: What steps can I take to prevent accidental deletion of a SharePoint site?

A6: To prevent accidental deletion of a SharePoint site, it is recommended to regularly backup your SharePoint content, educate users on site management best practices, and limit permissions to delete sites to only authorized individuals.

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