How to Recover Deleted Files from SharePoint

Overview of SharePoint

SharePoint is a Microsoft-developed web-based collaborative platform. It helps businesses streamline project management, information sharing and storage. With its intuitive tools, multiple users can work on the same project from remote locations. This improves productivity and efficiency.

One of SharePoint’s great features is it prevents data loss with customizable permissions and automatic backups. But, sometimes files get deleted – causing a setback. To recover them, users can use the Recycle Bin or Admin Center’s Restore function. If it’s not there, specialized software like Stellar’s SharePoint Recovery Tool can be employed.

SharePoint also integrates with other Microsoft products like Teams and OneDrive. This allows users to access their projects and data from one place.

An accounting firm experienced an incident of accidental file deletion from their company’s SharePoint site. They were able to restore the file using the Recycle Bin before any damage was done. This taught them the importance of backups and how robust SharePoint’s security measures are.

How files get deleted in SharePoint

SharePoint is used for document management and collaboration by businesses worldwide. However, unintended file deletions may cause significant risks. Reasons may include user errors, system crashes, migration mishaps, or malicious intent.

To recover deleted files, permissions and appropriate tools are needed. Microsoft provides Recycle Bin and backup and restore features. Versioning can also be enabled to save multiple file versions. If these methods don’t work, third-party recovery software can be used.

But, SharePoint has a limitation of restoring deleted content after 93 days! So, it is essential to act quickly and regularly back up data for safety.

Unfortunately, the survey by EMC revealed that 64% of IT professionals don’t test their backups regularly. This increases the risk of permanent data loss.

To rescue your deleted files from SharePoint’s black hole, act now and follow these steps:

  1. Check Recycle Bin.
  2. Restore from backup.
  3. Try version history.
  4. Use third-party recovery software.

Steps to recover deleted files from SharePoint

Recovering deleted files from SharePoint can be tricky! But, with the right approach and tools, you can retrieve lost data and avoid disruptions. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Check Recycle Bin: The first place to look for deleted files is in the recycle bin. Items go in here when deleted, and can be restored if needed.
  2. Use Version History: If the file isn’t in the recycle bin, check its version history. SharePoint automatically saves versions of documents as they’re changed or updated, so you may find an earlier version.
  3. Restore via PowerShell: Another way to recover lost data is by using PowerShell commands. This requires some technical know-how, but it can be effective.
  4. Research Third-Party Tools: If none of these approaches work, consider using third-party recovery tools designed for SharePoint. Many of these offer advanced features that can help you retrieve data that might otherwise be lost.
  5. Engage Microsoft Support: Finally, if all else fails, reach out to Microsoft support or your IT Department for help.

Remember, preventing data loss is better than attempting to recover it afterwards. Make use of backup systems and archive your data regularly. When dealing with SharePoint databases or libraries with numerous items, streamline deletes and perform backups often. Avoid a future heartache – use the best practices to prevent SharePoint becoming your own Bermuda Triangle!

Best practices to prevent accidental deletion of files in SharePoint

Accidentally deleting files in SharePoint can prove catastrophic – so, it’s important to implement some best practices to avoid such incidents. Here are some tips:

  • Don’t give permission to people who don’t need it for the site/libraries
  • Use version history and recycle bin options to have a backup
  • Make custom permission levels with limited rights, so users can’t unknowingly delete content
  • Try retention policies, to stop files being deleted before their purpose is fulfilled
  • Teach employees basic usage guidelines, particularly regarding how deleting affects other connected sites.
  • Keep an audit log to track and resolve any suspicious behaviour quickly.

These tips do help but more security can be added by limiting permissions and having strong passwords.

Another tip to remember is to make backup copies of SharePoint data – this ensures safety and defends against any accidental or intentional file deletions.

Recovering deleted files from SharePoint is like a game of hide and seek – except the files aren’t hiding and you’re the only one searching!


SharePoint is great for document management. But, accidental deletion of files can be a real problem. Don’t worry, though – there are ways to get them back.

  1. Step one: check the Recycle Bin within SharePoint. If the file is present, restore it. If not, there are other options.
  2. Versioning is a good one. By default, SharePoint keeps several versions of files in case of mistakes or changes needing reversal. Check the version history and restore the one you need.
  3. Another option? Backing up your data regularly. Then, when you need to recover missing or deleted files, you can do it easily.

Pro Tip: Backing up data on the regular helps keep operations running smoothly, even if you encounter worst-case scenarios like loss or damage to important business documents.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I recover files that have been permanently deleted from SharePoint?

A: Unfortunately, files that have been permanently deleted from SharePoint cannot be recovered. It is recommended to always have a backup system in place to avoid losing important data.

Q: How can I recover files that have been deleted from the Recycle Bin in SharePoint?

A: You can restore files that have been deleted from the Recycle Bin by going to the Recycle Bin, selecting the files you want to restore, and clicking “Restore selection.” The files will be restored back to their original location in SharePoint.

Q: Can I recover files that have been deleted from SharePoint Online?

A: Yes, you can recover deleted files in SharePoint Online by going to the Recycle Bin and restoring the files, just like in the on-premises version of SharePoint.

Q: Is there a time limit for recovering deleted files in SharePoint?

A: Yes, there is a time limit for recovering deleted files in SharePoint. By default, deleted files are kept in the Recycle Bin for 93 days before being permanently deleted. This time limit can be adjusted by a SharePoint administrator.

Q: Can I recover previous versions of a file in SharePoint?

A: Yes, SharePoint has a versioning system that allows you to recover previous versions of a file. Simply go to the file’s version history and select the version you want to restore.

Q: What should I do if I accidentally delete a file in SharePoint?

A: If you accidentally delete a file in SharePoint, you can restore it from the Recycle Bin. If the file has already been permanently deleted from the Recycle Bin, you may need to consult with your SharePoint administrator to see if there are any other options for recovery.

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