How to Renew Microsoft Certification

Keeping your Microsoft certification current is key to keeping up in the tech world. It’s easy to stay on top of your certification with a few easy steps.

  1. Log into the Microsoft Certification Dashboard using your Microsoft account.
  2. Go to the “Certification” section and select the option to renew.
  3. Different renewal choices will appear.

An option is to gain continuing education credits. You can get these by going to classes, taking online courses, or joining webinars. This shows your commitment to learning and growing.

Also, take a recertification exam. It tests your knowledge and skills of the field to prove you know the new advances. Passing this exam proves your expertise and determination.

Finally, join industry associations or communities. Network with others in the field and learn about new trends and practices.

Understanding the Importance of Microsoft Certification Renewal

Keeping your Microsoft certification up-to-date is a must in today’s IT industry. Here’s why:

  • You stay updated – Microsoft regularly introduces new technologies and updates to its products. Renewing your certification means you stay informed of the latest advancements, improving your skills.
  • Industry respect – Employers and clients value people with current certifications. Renewing your Microsoft certification shows your commitment to learning, and verifies your tech expertise.
  • Career advancement – Having an active certification opens up job opportunities and promotions. It boosts your credibility and makes you stand out from other professionals.
  • Access to resources – Renewing your Microsoft certification gives you access to exclusive resources such as training materials, forums, and communities. Valuable insights are provided to help you develop professionally.
  • Competitive advantage – With technology constantly changing, staying updated through certification renewal gives you an edge. It shows your dedication to excellence and positions you as an expert.

Plus, regularly renewing your certification shows a record of ongoing growth and knowledge. This benefits you and the IT industry as a whole.

A True History:
Microsoft’s certification renewal program dates back to the early days. It was created to help professionals stay current in a changing tech world. It’s helped many stay relevant in their field and thrive.

Steps to Renew Microsoft Certification

Renewing your Microsoft certification? Follow these 5 steps:

  1. Log into your Microsoft Certification Dashboard to check your certification’s expiration date.
  2. Figure out the renewal options for your certification track.
  3. Meet the required number of continuing ed credits or pass the relevant recertification exam.
  4. Submit docs and fees via the Microsoft Certification Dashboard.
  5. Once approved, get your renewed certification and update your credentials!

Note: Each certification has its own renewal reqs, so review the guidelines for your cert. Stay on top of expiration dates to keep up with a rapidly changing industry.

Did You Know? Over 90% of hiring managers use certifications as a criterion in the hiring process!

Tips for a Successful Renewal Process

When renewal time comes, don’t be caught off guard! Be proactive and prepared. Here are some tips to help you:

  1. Have a plan: Allocate time for preparation, and stay updated on Microsoft technologies.
  2. Take practice tests to identify knowledge gaps.
  3. Attend training courses to gain relevant skills.
  4. Gather necessary documents and keep track of the deadline.
  5. Join online forums and collaborate with fellow professionals for support.

It takes dedication and determination – but it’s worth it!


We’ve reached the end of this article about renewing Microsoft certifications. It’s clear that staying up-to-date is essential in today’s tech world. Now that you know the renewal process, you can keep your certification and do well in your career.

At first, the process may seem daunting. But, if you follow the guidelines, track Microsoft updates, stay organized, have the right documents, and leave enough time to take exams and courses, you’ll have a smooth renewal.

Microsoft provides resources and support, like forums, webinars, and training materials. Take advantage of them and it’ll help you prepare for the renewal.

A 2021 LinkedIn Learning survey showed that certified professionals earn higher salaries and have more job opportunities than those without certifications. This shows just how important it is to maintain your Microsoft certification.

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