How To Reset Microsoft Visio Professional Trial

Are you struggling with resetting your Microsoft Visio Professional trial? Look no further. This article will provide you with quick and easy steps to reset your free trial, allowing you to continue using this powerful diagramming tool without any interruptions. Don’t let a trial expiration limit your creativity and productivity – let’s dive in!

What is Microsoft Visio Professional?

Microsoft Visio Professional is a powerful diagramming solution that offers a wide range of built-in stencils for creating business, engineering, and process diagrams. It simplifies complex information by presenting it in easy-to-understand diagrams. With features like data-linked diagrams and auto-updating, it is an essential tool for visualizing and communicating data. This software assists professionals in creating:

  • Flowcharts
  • Organizational charts
  • Floor plans
  • Network diagrams
  • and more.

Why Would You Need to Reset the Trial?

Are you currently using the trial version of Microsoft Visio Professional and wondering why you may need to reset it? There are a few reasons why this may be necessary. The first is if your trial period has expired and you want to continue using the software without purchasing a license. The second reason is if you want to re-evaluate the software after the trial period has ended. In this section, we will discuss these reasons in more detail and how to reset the trial accordingly.

1. Trial Period Expired

  • Check the end date of the trial period in the software.
  • Verify if any notifications about the expiration of the trial were received.
  • Contact Microsoft support to confirm the expiration date of the trial period.

2. Need to Re-evaluate the Software

  1. Evaluate the current software usage to determine if it meets operational needs.
  2. Assess whether the software aligns with organizational goals and is cost-effective.
  3. Research and compare alternative software solutions to Microsoft Visio Professional.
  4. Analyze user feedback and reviews to gain insight into software performance and user satisfaction.

How to Reset Microsoft Visio Professional Trial?

Are you looking for a way to reset your Microsoft Visio Professional trial and start fresh? Look no further! In this section, we will discuss three different methods for resetting your trial period and gaining access to the full features of this powerful software. From uninstalling and reinstalling the software to using a third-party tool, we’ve got you covered. We will also explore the option of contacting Microsoft support for assistance. Get ready to unlock the full potential of Microsoft Visio Professional!

1. Uninstall and Reinstall the Software

  1. To begin, access the Control Panel on your computer and select ‘Uninstall a program’.
  2. Locate Microsoft Visio Professional in the list of installed programs and click ‘Uninstall’.
  3. Once the uninstallation process is complete, reinstall the software using your original installation file or disk.
  4. During the reinstallation, you will be prompted to enter your product key. Follow the instructions provided to complete the installation.

Pro-tip: Before uninstalling, be sure to back up any custom templates, stencils, or other important files to ensure a smooth reinstallation process.

2. Use a Third-Party Software

  1. Research: Look for reputable third-party software with positive user reviews and a history of effectiveness.
  2. Download: Visit the official website of the selected software to download it and ensure it’s from a trustworthy source.
  3. Install: Follow the installation instructions provided by the third-party software to set it up on your system.
  4. Usage: Utilize the third-party software according to the instructions to reset the Microsoft Visio Professional trial.

When considering using a third-party software, exercise caution to avoid potential security risks and ensure compliance with legal and ethical standards.

3. Contact Microsoft Support

  • Make sure you have your product key or trial ID on hand.
  • Head to the official Microsoft website and go to the support section.
  • Find the available contact options, such as live chat, email, or phone support, and get in touch with a Microsoft representative.
  • Provide your information and explain your situation regarding the Microsoft Visio Professional trial for assistance.

If you need to contact Microsoft Support, be sure to have all relevant details ready and maintain a polite demeanor while seeking assistance.

What Are the Alternatives to Resetting the Trial?

While resetting the trial of Microsoft Visio Professional may seem like the easiest solution, there are other options to consider. In this section, we will discuss the alternatives to resetting the trial and weigh the pros and cons of each. You can either purchase the full version of the software or explore the various free alternatives that are available. Read on to discover which option may be the best fit for your specific needs.

1. Purchase the Full Version

  1. Head to the official Microsoft website and go to the page for Visio Professional.
  2. Select the ‘Buy’ or ‘Purchase’ option.
  3. Choose the suitable license type and payment method.
  4. Finalize the purchase by providing the necessary information.
  5. After completing the purchase, download and install the full version of Microsoft Visio Professional.

2. Use a Free Alternative

  1. Research and identify free alternative software options such as Lucidchart,, or yEd Graph Editor.
  2. Compare the features, functionality, and compatibility of the free alternatives with Microsoft Visio Professional.
  3. Read user reviews and ratings to gauge the performance and user experience of the free alternative software.
  4. Verify the availability of necessary support and updates for the free alternative software.

Is It Legal to Reset the Trial?

Resetting a Microsoft Visio Professional trial is not considered illegal as long as it is done within the terms of service. These terms allow for the trial version to be reinstalled on the same device for evaluation purposes. However, repeatedly resetting the trial or using it for commercial purposes is a violation of these terms and can be considered illegal. To ensure legal and ethical use, it is recommended to purchase a full version or subscribe to Microsoft 365 for continuous access to Visio Professional.

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