How To See How Many Docusign Envelopes Are Left

If you’re a frequent user of DocuSign, you may have wondered how to keep track of your envelope usage.

This article will cover everything you need to know about monitoring your DocuSign envelope usage.

We will explain what DocuSign is and how it works, show you how to check your remaining envelope balance through different methods, and discuss the importance of monitoring your DocuSign envelope usage.

Also, we’ll provide information on what to do when you run out of envelopes and introduce you to alternative e-signature solutions like Adobe Sign, HelloSign, SignNow, PandaDoc, and SignRequest.

What is DocuSign?

DocuSign is a leading electronic signature solution that allows users to securely send, sign, and manage documents online. It simplifies the signing process and eliminates the need for physical paperwork.

Using DocuSign, individuals and businesses can create personalized envelopes for their documents, ensuring organized and efficient workflows. This innovative platform streamlines document management by enabling users to track the status of their envelopes in real-time, reducing the delays often associated with traditional paper-based processes. DocuSign offers a variety of customizable options, such as automated reminders and notifications, making it a versatile tool for collaborating on documents across teams and organizations.

How Does DocuSign Work?

DocuSign operates by enabling users to upload documents, specify signing locations, and send them to recipients for electronic signatures. It tracks the status of each envelope and provides notifications upon completion, ensuring a seamless signing experience.

Users can easily monitor the progress of their documents by checking the remaining envelopes and verifying who has signed. This feature enhances transparency and control over the signing process. DocuSign’s robust security measures guarantee the protection of sensitive information throughout the entire signing workflow. By leveraging these functionalities, individuals and businesses can streamline their document signing procedures with efficiency and peace of mind.

Why is it Important to Monitor DocuSign Envelope Usage?

Monitoring DocuSign envelope usage is crucial for staying informed about the number of envelopes available for sending and signing. It helps in preventing unexpected interruptions in document workflows.

By actively tracking envelope usage, businesses can ensure they have a steady supply on hand, avoiding last-minute rushes to order more envelopes. Proactive monitoring enables organizations to plan ahead, allocate resources efficiently, and streamline their document management processes. With a clear understanding of envelope inventory, companies can maintain a seamless workflow, enhancing productivity and reducing the risk of delays in sending or signing important documents.

How to Check Remaining DocuSign Envelopes?

To check your remaining DocuSign envelopes, there are several methods available that allow you to monitor your envelope balance and usage.

  1. You can easily view your remaining envelope balance by logging into your DocuSign account on the website and navigating to the envelope usage section.
  2. The mobile app provides a convenient way to track your envelopes on the go.
  3. For more advanced users or developers, monitoring can also be done through the API, offering in-depth insights and control over envelope management.

These different ways ensure that you can stay on top of your DocuSign usage and make informed decisions about your envelope distribution.

Method 1: Viewing Envelope Usage on the DocuSign Website

One way to check your remaining DocuSign envelopes is by logging into your DocuSign account on the official website and accessing the envelope usage section.

  1. Once you have logged in, navigate to the top menu and look for the ‘Account’ or ‘Profile’ option.
  2. Click on it to reveal a dropdown menu where you will find the ‘Usage’ or ‘Envelope Usage’ tab.
  3. Upon selecting this tab, a detailed breakdown of your envelope usage will be displayed, showing metrics such as the number of envelopes sent, received, and pending.
  4. You can further explore this data to understand your usage patterns and make informed decisions about your account needs.

Method 2: Checking Envelope Usage on the DocuSign Mobile App

For mobile convenience, you can track your DocuSign envelope balance by opening the DocuSign mobile app and accessing the envelope usage feature.

The user-friendly interface of the app makes it easy to navigate to the envelope usage section. Once there, you can view a detailed breakdown of how many envelopes you have used and how many are remaining. What’s great is that this information is constantly updated in real-time, ensuring you always have the most accurate overview of your envelope usage. By regularly checking this feature, you can stay on top of your envelope count and plan accordingly to avoid running out during crucial moments.

Method 3: Using the DocuSign API to Monitor Envelope Usage

For advanced users and automated monitoring, integrating the DocuSign API provides a robust way to monitor envelope usage, check balances, and receive usage insights programmatically.

By leveraging the capabilities of the DocuSign API, users can streamline their workflow by automating the retrieval of real-time data on envelope usage. This feature ensures that any changes to the usage metrics are promptly monitored and actioned. With automated balance checks through the API, organizations can maintain control over costs and resources efficiently. The API enables customization in monitoring solutions, allowing users to tailor the monitoring process to meet their specific needs and preferences. This level of flexibility and control empowers users to optimize their envelope usage effectively.

What is the DocuSign Envelope Balance?

The DocuSign envelope balance refers to the number of envelopes available for sending and signing within a user’s account. It reflects the remaining capacity for document transactions.

This balance essentially serves as a vital indicator of how many documents can be sent or signed before reaching the account’s limit, plays a crucial role in tracking and managing workflow efficiency.

For businesses and individuals relying on DocuSign for their document processes, maintaining a sufficient envelope balance is essential to ensure seamless operations. Insufficient balance can result in delays in sending or signing important documents, potentially causing disruptions in communication and business processes.

How to View DocuSign Envelope Usage History?

To review your past envelope activities and usage patterns, you can access the envelope usage history feature in your DocuSign account.

This feature allows you to delve into a detailed breakdown of your interactions with envelopes over time, providing valuable insights into your document workflow. By navigating through your envelope usage history, you can track trends, spot any irregularities, and gain a better understanding of how you have utilized DocuSign. This analysis enables you to identify patterns in your sending and signing behavior, helping you optimize your processes for greater efficiency and productivity. Take advantage of this tool to enhance your document management strategies and make informed decisions moving forward.

What Happens When You Run Out of DocuSign Envelopes?

Running out of DocuSign envelopes can disrupt your document signing process, leading to delays in sending and signing important agreements.

This can result in potential workflow disruptions, as employees are unable to efficiently complete and move forward with tasks that require signed documents.

Delays in document processing may ensue, impacting timelines for crucial projects and collaborations. The overall business operations can suffer due to the inefficiencies caused by the lack of envelopes, potentially leading to missed opportunities and financial repercussions.

It is essential to recognize the consequences of depleting DocuSign envelopes and take urgent action to replenish supplies to ensure smooth operations and timely document management.

How to Purchase More DocuSign Envelopes?

To acquire additional DocuSign envelopes, users can explore the purchasing options available on the DocuSign platform or contact customer support for assistance.

  1. Once users have decided where to buy more envelopes, they can proceed by logging into their DocuSign account. From the dashboard, look for the ‘Envelope Supply’ section or navigate to the ‘Account Settings’ tab. Here, users can easily access the option to purchase envelopes.
  2. Next, choose the desired package size based on the anticipated document volume and frequency of use. It is important to consider the number of envelopes needed to maintain a smooth workflow and avoid interruptions due to insufficient supply.
  3. After selecting the suitable package, users can securely complete the transaction by following the payment instructions provided on the platform.

Are There Any Alternatives to DocuSign?

While DocuSign is a popular choice for electronic signatures, there are several alternatives available in the market, such as Adobe Sign, HelloSign, SignNow, PandaDoc, and SignRequest.

Each of these alternative electronic signature solutions offers unique features and pricing models.

  1. Adobe Sign, known for its seamless integration with Adobe products, provides a robust platform for creating and managing digital signatures.
  2. HelloSign stands out for its user-friendly interface, making it easy for individuals and businesses to adopt electronic signatures.
  3. SignNow focuses on simplicity and affordability, catering to small and medium-sized businesses.
  4. PandaDoc emphasizes automation and workflow efficiency, while SignRequest prioritizes user experience with its intuitive design.

These alternatives present diverse options for users seeking electronic signature solutions beyond DocuSign.

Adobe Sign

Adobe Sign is a widely used electronic signature solution that offers seamless document signing, workflow automation, and integration with the Adobe ecosystem.

Its robust integration capabilities allow users to easily incorporate electronic signatures into their existing workflows, saving time and increasing efficiency. The user-friendly interface of Adobe Sign makes it simple for individuals and organizations to navigate the process of signing documents electronically. Its compatibility with other Adobe products, such as Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Creative Cloud, ensures a seamless experience for users who are already familiar with these platforms.


HelloSign is an intuitive electronic signature platform that offers seamless document execution, team collaboration features, and customizable signing workflows.

Users appreciate how HelloSign simplifies the process of obtaining electronic signatures, making it easy for both individuals and teams to sign documents digitally. With its user-friendly interface and robust collaborative tools, HelloSign ensures efficient communication and workflow management, especially when working on documents with multiple stakeholders. The platform’s flexibility in creating custom signing processes allows users to tailor the workflow according to specific requirements, enhancing the overall user experience and productivity.


SignNow is a comprehensive electronic signature software that streamlines document workflows, enhances security measures, and offers advanced automation capabilities.

The software’s robust security protocols ensure data confidentiality and integrity, providing peace of mind for users when handling sensitive documents.

SignNow’s workflow automation tools enable users to create custom templates, set signing orders, and receive real-time notifications, optimizing the document signing process.

Its user-friendly interface simplifies navigation and reduces the learning curve for new users, while still providing powerful features for seasoned professionals.

With SignNow, businesses can expedite their paperwork processes, reduce errors, and improve overall efficiency in managing electronic signatures.


PandaDoc is a versatile document automation platform that combines electronic signatures, document creation, and sales automation features in a unified solution.

By leveraging PandaDoc, users can streamline their document processes, significantly reducing manual tasks and increasing efficiency. The electronic signature integration allows for seamless approval workflows and enhances document security. The document creation tools equipped with templates and customization options enable users to create professional-looking documents swiftly.

With its sales automation functionalities, PandaDoc empowers teams to track document interactions, analyze performance metrics, and accelerate the sales cycle. PandaDoc offers a comprehensive solution for organizations looking to automate and optimize their document management workflows.


SignRequest is a user-friendly digital signing service that focuses on simplicity, security, and accessibility for individuals and businesses seeking electronic signature solutions.

With a user-centric approach, SignRequest ensures that the digital signing process is seamless and intuitive, catering to the diverse needs of users. Its advanced security features guarantee the confidentiality and integrity of signed documents, giving users peace of mind.

Whether you need to sign contracts, agreements, or other legal documents, SignRequest offers a versatile solution that can accommodate a wide range of signing requirements. The platform’s ease of use makes it convenient for both tech-savvy individuals and those who are new to digital signing services.

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