How To Setup Windows 11 Without Microsoft Account

Method 1: Activate local account setup with incorrect credentials

  1. Begin Windows 11 Installation: Start the installation process as you normally would, using a Windows 11 installation media created by the Media Creation Tool from Microsoft.
  2. Reach the Microsoft Account Sign-in Page: Proceed with the installation steps until you reach the page asking you to sign in with a Microsoft account.
  3. Enter Fake Credentials: When prompted to sign in, enter incorrect credentials (e.g., [email protected] for the email and bear for the password) to activate the local account option feature.
  4. Proceed with Error Message: After entering the fake credentials, you’ll receive an error message stating “Oops! something went wrong”. This error allows you to continue the setup without signing into a Microsoft account, leading you to the option to create a local account.

Method 2: Disconnect your network connection during setup

  1. Prepare for Installation with Standard Media: Begin by using an official Windows 11 installation media created through Microsoft’s Media Creation Tool. This ensures compliance with Microsoft’s guidelines and the integrity of your Windows installation.
  2. Navigate to Network Setup: Progress through the installation steps until you reach the “Let’s connect you to a network” screen. This is a standard part of the setup process designed to connect your system to the internet for account setup and updates.
  3. Disable Network Requirement: Press Shift + F10 to open up command prompt and type OOBEBYPASSNRO to disable your device’s internet connection. Your device will now reboot and take you back to the same screen.
  4. Disable Network Connection: After the reboot, press Shift + F10 again and type ipconfig /release. Now hit Enter key, and your internet should be disabled.
  5. Proceed with Local Account Creation: Continue setup with the “I don’t have internet” option, and you’ll be prompted to create a local account instead. If you’ve successfully bypassed or deferred the network connection step, Windows should prompt you to create a local account, allowing you to set up your computer without linking it to a Microsoft account at this stage.

Method 3: Convert your Microsoft account to a local account after installation

If you’ve already installed Windows 11 with a Microsoft account but wish to switch to a local one, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Start menu by clicking the Windows icon at the bottom left of the screen.
  2. Select “Settings”, which is a gear-shaped icon.
  3. In the Settings window, pick “Accounts”.
  4. From the left sidebar, go for “Your info”.
  5. Under “Manage my Microsoft account”, click on “Sign in with a local account instead”.

You’ve now changed your Microsoft account to a local one without reinstalling Windows 11. Note: Switching from Microsoft to local, you’ll lose access to some features that require a Microsoft account, like settings sync across devices or OneDrive.

Additional Tips:

  • Inject Wi-Fi Drivers (If Needed): If your device requires specific drivers for internet connection, consider injecting Wi-Fi or Ethernet drivers into your installation media using tools like NTLite. This is useful if you must bypass a network connection step but still need internet access for driver installation.
  • Ethernet Connection: If possible, use a USB to Ethernet adapter for internet connection during installation, which can sometimes bypass the direct need for Wi-Fi connection setup steps.

Important Considerations:

  • These methods are designed to provide alternatives for users who prefer to use Windows 11 with a local account instead of a Microsoft account.
  • Microsoft’s installation process and policies may change, so these methods could become less effective over time. Always use the latest tools and check for recent guides or updates to the installation process.
  • Creating installation media with modified Windows images should be done carefully to avoid violating Microsoft’s terms of service and to ensure system stability and security.
  • By following these steps, you should be able to bypass the need for a Microsoft account during the Windows 11 installation process, allowing for the creation of a local account instead.
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