How To Sign Docusign On Iphone

In today’s digital age, signing documents on the go has never been easier.

With the help of DocuSign, you can now sign important contracts, agreements, invoices, and applications right from your iPhone.

We will guide you through the simple steps of creating an e-signature, importing documents, adding signatures, and sending them for signature.

Experience the convenience, time-saving, and cost-effective benefits of using an e-signature on your iPhone, and unlock a whole new level of productivity.

What is DocuSign?

DocuSign is a leading e-signature solution that enables users to electronically sign documents with ease and security, ensuring legal validity and efficiency in the signing process.

With DocuSign, users can streamline the entire document signing process, eliminating the need for printing, scanning, and mailing physical copies. This platform offers a user-friendly interface that allows individuals to sign contracts and legal documents from anywhere, at any time, on any device. The ability to securely send, sign, and store important paperwork electronically has revolutionized the way businesses and individuals conduct transactions, saving time and reducing paperwork clutter. DocuSign’s advanced encryption ensures the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive information, making it a trusted choice for organizations of all sizes.

How to Sign Documents on iPhone with DocuSign?

Signing documents on iPhone using DocuSign is a straightforward process that allows users to digitally sign contracts and legal documents on the go through the convenient iOS app provided by DocuSign.

  1. To begin signing a document on your iPhone using the DocuSign app, open the specific document that requires your signature within the app.

  2. Next, tap on the designated signature field where you need to sign. The app will prompt you to either draw your signature with your finger or stylus or choose from pre-saved signatures for efficiency.

  3. Once you have placed your signature in the required field, the app will guide you through the remaining steps to finalize the signing process securely and ensure the document is legally binding.

Step 1: Download the DocuSign App

To begin signing documents on your iPhone with DocuSign, the first step is to download the official DocuSign app from the App Store on your mobile device.

Downloading the official DocuSign app is crucial for ensuring the security of your sensitive documents. By using the official app, you can have peace of mind knowing that your digital signatures are protected through advanced encryption technology. The app provides a user-friendly interface, making it convenient for you to access, sign, and send documents on the go. The official app offers regular updates and support, ensuring that you have the latest features and security enhancements for a seamless document signing experience.

Step 2: Create a DocuSign Account

After downloading the DocuSign app, the next step is to create a DocuSign account, which will streamline the signing process and provide a user-friendly interface for managing signatures.

Upon creating a DocuSign account, users gain access to a plethora of benefits. One key advantage is the ability to easily sign documents electronically from anywhere, at any time. With a DocuSign account, users can securely send, sign, and manage documents with just a few clicks, saving time and effort. The platform offers intuitive features like the ability to track the status of documents, set automatic reminders for signing, and securely store signed contracts for future reference. This streamlined process ensures a smooth and efficient signing experience for all users.

Step 3: Import the Document to be Signed

Once your DocuSign account is set up, import the document that needs to be signed directly onto your mobile device, ensuring seamless access to legal documents for electronic signing.

Thanks to the intuitive interface of the DocuSign mobile app, you can easily navigate through the imported document, review it thoroughly, and affix your electronic signature with just a few taps on the screen. This eliminates the need to print out physical copies of the document, sign them manually, and then scan them back in for electronic submission.

With the ability to sign documents on the go, you have the freedom to finalize important agreements or contracts wherever you are, whether at the office, in a meeting, or during business travels.

Step 4: Add Signature and Other Fields

To complete the document signing process, add your signature and any required fields using the touch screen of your iPhone, ensuring secure sign authorization through biometric authentication.

  1. Once you’ve opened the document on your iPhone, locate the signature field and tap on it using your finger or stylus. Your device’s touch screen sensitivity will capture your signature accurately.
  2. If additional information is needed, such as dates or initials, simply tap on the designated areas to input the required details.

Biometric authentication, like Touch ID or Face ID, will then verify your identity, ensuring that your signature is securely attached to the document and legally binding.

Step 5: Send the Document for Signature

After completing the required fields, securely send the document for signature, ensuring that all parties involved sign legally binding documents with advanced encryption for data security.

To maintain the legal validity of electronic signatures, it is crucial to utilize reputable electronic signature platforms that offer end-to-end encryption. Once the document is ready for signature, upload it to the secure platform, ensuring that access is limited to only the authorized signatories. In addition, consider setting up two-factor authentication or password protection for added security measures. By following these steps, you can guarantee a secure and legal electronic signature process for all parties involved.

Step 6: Sign the Document on iPhone

Sign the document on your iPhone securely and conveniently, allowing you to sign anywhere and anytime with confidence in the legality and security of your electronic signature.

You can easily complete this final step by using your iPhone’s built-in features to electronically sign the document. The process is quick and seamless, providing you with the flexibility to sign important paperwork on the go. Whether you are traveling, working remotely, or simply prefer the convenience of digital signatures, the iPhone offers a user-friendly solution. Rest assured that your electronic signature is legally valid and securely authenticated, giving you peace of mind that your documents are properly signed and protected.

What is an E-Signature?

An e-signature is a digital signature that allows individuals to sign documents electronically, providing a mobile signing solution for convenient and secure document execution.

This modern innovation streamlines the traditional process by eliminating the need for physical paperwork and enabling users to digitally authenticate their agreements. E-signatures offer a cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to the time-consuming and cumbersome paper-based methods, making document signing more efficient and accessible. With the advancement of technology, e-signatures have become increasingly popular in various industries, facilitating remote transactions and enabling businesses to operate seamlessly in a digital landscape.

Why Use an E-Signature on iPhone?

Utilizing an e-signature on iPhone offers unparalleled convenience, enabling users to authorize signatures remotely with ease and efficiency.

This innovative technology eliminates the need for physical presence during signing processes, saving both time and resources. By simply using the touch screen on their iPhone, individuals can quickly sign important documents from anywhere, streamlining workflows and increasing productivity. E-signatures on iPhone provide enhanced security measures, ensuring that signatures are tamper-proof and securely stored. This not only simplifies the signing process but also offers a level of security that traditional paper signatures cannot match.


One of the key advantages of using e-signatures on an iPhone is the unmatched convenience it offers, allowing users to sign documents with ease, convenience, and privacy.

With the touch of a finger on the screen, individuals can quickly add their signatures to contracts, forms, or agreements electronically, eliminating the need for printing, scanning, or mailing physical documents. The intuitive interface of e-signature apps on iPhones makes the process incredibly user-friendly, guiding users step by step to complete their signatures securely.

The privacy features embedded in these applications ensure that sensitive information remains confidential, giving users peace of mind while handling important documents on their device.


E-signatures on iPhone save valuable time by enabling users to sign documents quickly and efficiently, even when on the move, making it ideal for signing contracts on the go.

The convenience of e-signatures on iPhones lies in the seamless integration of digital signatures into everyday tasks. Whether finalizing business agreements during a commute or quickly signing off on important documents while traveling, this technology streamlines the signing process, eliminating the need for printing, scanning, and mailing physical documents. With just a few taps on your iPhone screen, signatures can be executed swiftly, removing barriers to productivity and allowing busy individuals to close deals and contracts promptly.


Using e-signatures on iPhone is a cost-effective solution for signing agreements digitally, enhancing efficiency in the signing process and reducing paper-based workflow expenses.

In addition to the financial benefits, e-signatures on iPhone also offer a time-saving advantage by instantly sending signed documents and eliminating the need for physical transportation. This not only accelerates the agreement process but also enhances overall productivity. The security features embedded in e-signature technology provide a safe and tamper-proof method for document authentication, ensuring the integrity of signed agreements. The simplicity and accessibility of e-signatures on iPhone make it a convenient and reliable tool for modern businesses aiming to streamline their operations.

Legally Binding

E-signatures on iPhone ensure that documents are legally binding, streamlining the electronic document workflow for secure and legally valid transactions.

The use of e-signatures on iPhones has become increasingly popular due to their convenience and efficiency. By allowing users to electronically sign documents directly on their iPhones, individuals and businesses can save time and resources that would have been spent on printing, scanning, and physically signing papers.

This digital transformation not only saves the environment by reducing paper usage but also enhances the security of transactions by providing encrypted and tamper-evident signatures. E-signatures on iPhones offer a level of flexibility and accessibility that traditional signing methods simply cannot match, enabling parties to sign documents anytime, anywhere with just a few taps on their smartphone screens.

How to Create an E-Signature on iPhone?

Creating an e-signature on iPhone can be done by using your finger or an Apple Pencil, offering flexibility in how you sign digital documents with precision.

With the touch-sensitive technology of iPhones, users can simply use their finger to create a signature that mimics their handwriting. This method allows for quick and intuitive signing, making the process effortless. For those seeking even greater precision, utilizing an Apple Pencil provides a finer tip for more detailed signatures. Whether it’s a casual note or an important contract, the e-signature feature on iPhone caters to a range of signing needs with its adaptable tools.

Using Your Finger or Apple Pencil

You can create your e-signature on iPhone by using your finger or an Apple Pencil directly on the touch screen, ensuring a personalized and accurate digital signature.

This process allows you to draw your signature just like you would on paper, providing a seamless transition to the digital world. By utilizing the touch-sensitive technology of your iPhone, you can capture even the most intricate details of your handwritten signature, making it virtually indistinguishable from your pen-and-paper version. The ability to sign documents digitally not only saves time and paper but also adds a touch of sophistication to your electronic correspondence.

Using a Saved Image of Your Signature

Alternatively, you can use a saved image of your signature to e-sign documents on iPhone with accuracy and simplicity, offering a convenient way to sign digital paperwork.

By accessing the markup feature on your iPhone, users can easily insert their saved signature image onto any document requiring a signature. This method allows for a seamless integration of your personalized signature into various files, eliminating the need for printing and scanning. The process ensures that your e-signature remains consistent across all digital documents, providing a professional touch to your electronic correspondence.

What Other Documents Can You Sign on iPhone with DocuSign?

In addition to contracts, iPhone users can sign various documents such as agreements, invoices, and applications on the go using DocuSign, with the added security of biometric authentication for signature validation.

This feature allows users to swiftly endorse agreements with a simple touch of their fingerprint or face ID, ensuring that the signatures are secure and authentic. Whether it’s finalizing a business partnership agreement, approving an invoice for payment, or filling out essential forms, the convenience of digitally signing these documents on an iPhone enhances efficiency and expedites processes.

By leveraging the biometric authentication technology, users can confidently authenticate their signatures without the need for pen and paper, streamlining workflows and reducing paperwork.


Contracts are among the key documents that can be legally signed on iPhone using a cloud-based signature solution, ensuring secure and legally binding contract execution.

This modern method not only streamlines the signing process but also offers enhanced security features for protecting sensitive information. By utilizing encryption protocols, cloud-based signature solutions ensure that the signed documents are tamper-proof and secure during transmission and storage. The legality of electronically signed contracts is upheld through digital audit trails that provide irrefutable evidence of the signing parties’ identities and consent. This level of security and compliance is crucial in today’s digital age where remote work and digital transactions are increasingly prevalent.


Agreements can be securely signed on iPhone, generating electronic records of the signed documents for easy access and reference, ensuring secure and efficient agreement execution.

By utilizing specialized apps and platforms, individuals and organizations can create legally binding electronic signatures directly on their iPhones, helping streamline the agreement process and reducing the need for printing and physical paperwork.

These electronic records are encrypted and stored securely, providing a convenient and eco-friendly solution for managing contracts and agreements on the go. Users can easily track the status of each document, receive notifications for updates, and maintain a digital trail of all signed agreements for future reference.


With DocuSign on iPhone, invoices can be signed anywhere using a mobile device, providing flexibility and convenience in managing financial transactions on the go.

The ability to sign invoices on an iPhone opens up a world of possibilities, allowing users to effortlessly stay on top of financial obligations while away from their desks. Whether you’re traveling for business or simply need to quickly authorize a payment, the streamlined process ensures that important documents can be executed promptly.

This convenient feature not only saves time but also promotes efficiency in handling financial matters with ease. Gone are the days of being tied to a desk; now, you can take care of business with just a few taps on your iPhone screen.


Applications for various purposes can be signed quickly and remotely on iPhone, streamlining the process of application submission and approval through efficient electronic signatures.

This method of signing applications not only saves time for both parties involved but also ensures a secure and legally binding transaction. By utilizing electronic signatures, users can conveniently review and sign documents from anywhere at any time, making the process more flexible and convenient.

The integration of electronic signatures on iPhone eliminates the need for printing, scanning, and mailing physical documents, reducing the chances of errors and delays in the approval process. The efficiency of signing applications on iPhone has revolutionized the way businesses and individuals handle paperwork, offering a more modern and streamlined approach to document management.

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