How To Strikethrough In Docusign

Have you ever wondered how to cross out text in DocuSign?

We will explore the Strikethrough feature in DocuSign and its importance.

We will also discuss the various text formatting options available in DocuSign, such as Bold, Italics, Underline, Highlight, and Font Size and Style.

Learn how to apply Strikethrough in DocuSign using the toolbar or keyboard shortcuts, and discover some tips for using this feature effectively.

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What Is DocuSign?

DocuSign is a leading digital signature platform that provides electronic signature solutions for efficient online document management.

The platform’s advanced technology allows for secure and legally binding digital signatures, streamlining the signing process and eliminating the need for traditional paper documents. This not only saves time but also minimizes errors and reduces costs associated with manual paperwork.

DocuSign’s intuitive interface makes it user-friendly, enabling individuals and businesses to sign documents from anywhere at any time. By integrating encryption and authentication measures, DocuSign ensures the confidentiality and integrity of the signed documents, making it a trusted choice for organizations worldwide.

How To Cross Out Text In DocuSign?

Discovering how to cross out text in DocuSign involves utilizing the strikethrough feature, which is one of the text formatting options available in this digital signature platform.

What Is The Strikethrough Feature In DocuSign?

The strikethrough feature in DocuSign allows users to cross out text effectively, enhancing document readability and clarity through text formatting options.

For instance, users can simply select the text they wish to strike through and apply the formatting with a few clicks, making it a quick and efficient process. By utilizing the strikethrough feature, users have the flexibility to show changes or revisions made to a document, making it easier for all parties involved to understand the document’s evolution. This feature not only improves the legibility of the document but also adds a professional touch by presenting information more clearly.

Why Use Strikethrough In DocuSign?

Utilizing strikethrough in DocuSign serves as a valuable tool for editing and revising electronic contracts and facilitating the streamlined processing of digital documents.

By incorporating strikethrough, users can easily track changes made to contracts, ensuring transparency and accuracy in the editing process. This feature allows for efficient collaboration among multiple parties involved in the contract negotiation, as revisions can be clearly distinguished and reviewed. The use of strikethrough eliminates the need for manual redlining, saving time and reducing the risk of errors. Document processing is expedited as stakeholders can quickly identify modified sections, speeding up the approval and signing process for electronic contracts.

What Are The Other Text Formatting Options In DocuSign?

Apart from strikethrough, DocuSign offers various text formatting options such as bold, italics, underline, highlight, and the ability to adjust font size and style, enabling comprehensive text manipulation.

These features allow users to emphasize key points through bold formatting, provide emphasis or titles with italics, underscore important information with underlining, and draw attention to specific details by highlighting. DocuSign provides font customization options like changing font styles and sizes to suit the document’s tone or style. Users can also manipulate text effectively by combining these formatting tools for a polished and professional appearance.


Using bold text in DocuSign allows for emphasis and clarity in document content, enhancing the overall readability and impact of the text.

Bold formatting plays a crucial role in drawing attention to key points within a document, guiding the reader’s focus to essential information. By highlighting specific terms or phrases, bold text can help readers navigate through the document more efficiently, enabling them to grasp the main ideas quickly. It also aids in creating a visual hierarchy, making it easier to scan and comprehend the content at a glance. Employing bold text strategically can elevate the professionalism of the document and improve the overall user experience.


Italics in DocuSign offer a styling option that can be used for emphasis, differentiation, and visual hierarchy in document collaboration.

The use of italics in DocuSign plays a crucial role in enhancing the overall look and feel of documents. By applying italics strategically, users can draw attention to key points, highlight important information, and create a sense of visual hierarchy within the content. This text formatting feature allows for better organization and readability, making it easier for collaborators to understand and process the document. In addition, the use of italics helps in differentiating between regular text and special terms or titles, ensuring clarity and professionalism in the collaborative process.


Underlining text in DocuSign provides a clear indicator for important information, aiding in the online signing process and facilitating text editing.

When users underline text within a document in DocuSign, it serves as a visual cue, directing attention to key details that require special emphasis. It acts as a reference point for signers to focus on critical information, such as terms and conditions, ensuring they do not overlook any important clauses.

This feature enhances the overall readability of the document, guiding both the sender and recipient through the content more effectively. By incorporating underlined text, DocuSign streamlines the text editing process, making it easier for users to make necessary adjustments or annotations directly within the platform.


The highlight feature in DocuSign enables users to mark key points or sections within documents, enhancing the visibility and efficiency of online document workflows.

By utilizing this feature, users can easily draw attention to critical information, such as terms of a contract, important clauses, or essential data points. This functionality not only aids in quickly identifying crucial content but also helps in improving collaboration by ensuring that all parties involved focus on the highlighted sections. In essence, the highlighting tool serves as a tool for streamlining the document review process, boosting productivity, and promoting clarity in document communication.

Font Size and Style

Adjusting font size and style options in DocuSign allows for customizing text appearance, aiding in document formatting and the application of features like strikethrough.

With a wide range of font customization choices, users can select from various font sizes and styles to suit their preferences and make their documents more visually appealing. These adjustments play a crucial role in highlighting important information, emphasizing key points, and overall enhancing the readability of the text.

By incorporating features such as strikethrough, users can easily mark changes or revisions in their documents, streamlining collaboration and communication. DocuSign offers helpful tutorials and guides on how to effectively utilize these font customization tools and maximize the benefits of text formatting.

How To Apply Strikethrough In DocuSign?

Applying strikethrough in DocuSign can be done through simple steps using the toolbar or keyboard shortcuts, enhancing text manipulation capabilities within documents.

This feature is particularly useful for indicating deletions or emphasizing changes in a document. To apply strikethrough using the toolbar, simply select the text you want to strike through, then click on the ‘Format’ menu, followed by ‘Text’ and finally ‘Strikethrough’. Alternatively, you can use the keyboard shortcut by highlighting the text and pressing ‘Ctrl + T’ on Windows or ‘Command + T’ on Mac. These quick actions help streamline the editing process and make your documents more visually engaging.

Using the Toolbar

Utilizing the toolbar in DocuSign simplifies the process of applying strikethrough to text, offering users quick access to essential features and e-signature tips.

The toolbar’s user-friendly interface ensures that users can seamlessly navigate through various options, making it simple to markup documents. In addition to the strikethrough tool, users can easily access highlighting features, document editing tools, and secure e-signature capabilities with just a few clicks. The toolbar’s intuitive design enhances the efficiency of the document review and signing process, providing a smooth experience for both beginners and seasoned DocuSign users.

Using Keyboard Shortcuts

Employing keyboard shortcuts for strikethrough in DocuSign offers a convenient and efficient way to manipulate text elements and enhance document editing capabilities.

These shortcuts are particularly valuable when creating software tutorials or instructional materials, where quick text formatting is essential. By utilizing keyboard commands to apply strikethrough, users can streamline the editing process and focus more on the content creation itself. This not only saves time but also ensures a smoother workflow, allowing for a more seamless demonstration of various editing functions. In the realm of text editing, mastering these shortcuts can significantly boost productivity and overall efficiency in document management.

Can Strikethrough Be Applied To Handwritten Signatures In DocuSign?

Strikethrough can be applied to handwritten signatures in DocuSign, allowing users to edit and revise signed documents seamlessly within the online document management system.

This feature enhances the flexibility and efficiency of managing signed documents by enabling users to make changes to the content without invalidating the signature. By incorporating strikethrough in handwritten signatures, DocuSign streamlines the revision process, ensuring that modifications can be easily tracked and verified.

The integration of strikethrough with editing functions simplifies the collaboration and approval processes, as users can quickly identify alterations and maintain the integrity of the original document. The detailed audit trail provided by strikethrough also enhances the security and transparency of document management, offering a comprehensive record of all revisions made to the signed content.

Are There Any Limitations To Using Strikethrough In DocuSign?

While the strikethrough feature in DocuSign is highly beneficial, there are certain limitations to its usage that may impact document collaboration and editing workflows.

  1. One notable limitation of the strikethrough feature in DocuSign is its impact on collaborative processes. When multiple individuals are working on a document simultaneously, the strikethrough edits made by one user may not be immediately visible to others, leading to potential confusion and version control issues. This can hinder the seamless flow of collaboration and result in delays in the editing and review process.
  2. Incorporating strikethroughs in documents may pose challenges when it comes to maintaining a clean, easily understandable format, especially with multiple stakeholders providing input.

What Are Some Tips For Using Strikethrough In DocuSign Effectively?

To utilize strikethrough effectively in DocuSign, consider implementing e-signature tips, following best practices for applying strikethrough, and streamlining the online signing process.

One key tip for optimizing the use of strikethrough in DocuSign is to ensure that the text you want to strike through is clearly marked before applying the formatting. This can help prevent any confusion during the signing process.

When using strikethrough, it is recommended to use it sparingly to emphasize specific changes or corrections in the document. By doing so, you can enhance the overall clarity of the content and make it easier for recipients to review and understand the revisions made.

Another practical recommendation is to always double-check the document after applying strikethrough to ensure that the formatting appears correctly and conveys the intended message. Taking these steps can significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your online signing process.

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