This workflow is designed to walk you through every stage of the M&A search process from creating your search criteria to sending your Letter of Interest (LOI).

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Enter essential details

Use this task to record all the pertinent details about the M&A Target search. 

INFO: If the person completing the workflow is not the search team leader, or not involved in the search, then additional fields will appear. If not, those fields will remain hidden with Conditional Logic.

Determine your strategic rationale

Before you even begin your search for a Target company, you need to determine your strategic rationale

Common rationales for top-performing deals include:

  • To improve company performance
  • Consolidate to remove excess capacity
  • Improve a product's time-to-market
  • Acquire technology, expertise, products, and/or resources
  • Exploit economies of scale in specific industries
  • Invest in a young company with a high level of promise

Decide your M&A search criteria

Think carefully about the specific parameters you're looking for, what you're willing to accept, and what is a deal-breaker. 

Document a clear picture of the ideal Target so you don't waste resources on unsuitable candidates. 

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Approval: Search criteria

Will be submitted for approval:
  • Decide your M&A search criteria
    Will be submitted

Search for a Target

Now that you've determined your search criteria, it's time to conduct your search. The most common search channels are:

  • Online searches
  • Industry databases
  • Trade associations

If your search yields 25 or more results, you have the basis for an M&A program.

This task utilizes two specific workflow features: the Dropdown List field and the File Upload field. Read Getting Started: How to Use Form Fields for detailed instructions, or watch the video below. 

Introduction to Forms Automation Using Process Street

Evaluate potential targets

For each of your potential Targets, you need to assess the following criteria to determine if the Target is worth pursuing

This task utilizes the Subtasks feature. Read more about Subtasks in our Knowledge Base

  • 1
    Style & quality of management
  • 2
    Company size & market share
  • 3
    Company's capital structure
  • 4
    Company's current & expected profitability
  • 5
    The financial value of the Target
  • 6
    What value the assets have to your company
  • 7
    The expected resale value of the Target
  • 8
    The strategic impact of acquiring the Target

Rank potential targets in order of priority

After the initial assessment, rank your potential Targets in order of priority based on which parameters they fulfill. 

This task includes the Email form field. To learn how to add form fields, read this Getting Started guide. 

Document your top 5 Targets here. 

Approval: Rank each Target

Will be submitted for approval:
  • Rank potential targets in order of priority
    Will be submitted

Make initial contact with Target candidate

While an investment banker will generally prepare the actual LOI for you, use this task to document the specific details for your records. 

Provide an update on progress

INFO:  This task uses Dynamic Due Dates. Read more about Dynamic Due Dates in our Knowledge Base

Follow up with Target

Invite the Target Company to sign an NDA

INFO: This task can be further customized using our Automations feature. In addition to the thousands of integration options available through Zapier, we also have first-party integrations with Salesforce, DocuSign, and others.

For more details, watch the video below, or read the following resources:

Process Street Knowledge Base: Automations
4 Workflows to Get Your Started with Automations
Webinar: Automations in Process Street

Approval: Send the NDA

Will be submitted for approval:
  • Invite the Target Company to sign an NDA
    Will be submitted


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