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Workflow Automations

Workflow Automations

Updated March 7, 2024

Since teams and businesses use many software apps on a day-to-day basis, the data within each app can become siloed.

Automations allow you to pass that data to and from other apps, reducing the amount of manual copy-pasting your team needs to do, therefore reducing errors and becoming more efficient as a result.

Process Street has a number of integrations that you can utilize to build automations, which help streamline your business and make your workflows run fast and faultlessly.

Users: In order to create or update Automations, you must be an Administrator or a Member with “edit” permissions.

In each automation, you have the ability to map data fields from one app to the other.

Example use cases

  • You edit an opportunity in Salesforce and save it as Closed Won, which starts a new workflow run from your customer onboarding workflow, with account and contact details mapped and the opportunity details pre-filled inside it
  • You fill out a lease agreement workflow run which is approved by management, and then sent to the client for an electronic signature in Docusign
  • You collect information about an issue from your support desk. When a specific task is completed, a bug ticket is raised for your engineering team to investigate in Jira, and the Jira ticket number is attached to the support conversation
  • You complete a workflow run in Process Street and that kicks off another workflow run, which is assigned to one of your colleagues. Selected data from your completed workflow run is pre-filled in the new run
  • When your IT team update their server reports for clients, all the data is pushed into a Google sheet for reporting and tracking progress
  • When you complete a discovery call workflow run, you want to share the details of that call in your team Slack channel
  • You hire a candidate in Greenhouse and that kicks off an employee onboarding workflow run, with the new hire’s information pre-filled in it.

How to create an automation

When you’re editing a workflow, you will find the “Triggers” button below the workflow name. From the available options, select an app and action that would trigger a new workflow run.


You can also configure an automation to send out your data into other apps or a new Process Street workflow run when a task or a workflow run is completed, as shown above.

Each automation has its own set of actions and triggers, which you can learn about in these help articles:

If you want to connect to apps that are not on the list, you can do so via webhooks.

Note: You should only create an automation once your workflow has been fully built out, as recommended in the 5 Stages of Process Building.


There are no filters, delays, or formulas built into automations. To be able to utilize these types of functions, you might want to consider using a Zapier integration or create a Power Automate flow instead.

Request another app

If you would like to request that we add another app to our automations, you can do that from the help button in the bottom right corner of your screen. Click “Suggestions” and send us your request.


If your automation stopped running or isn’t working as expected, there might be a couple of reasons for this. Check the following:

  • Did you turn the automation on once you set it up? Each automation has a separate “on/off” toggle switch
  • Did you edit your workflow, change or delete a form field that you were mapping in your automation? If you did, then this may cause your automation to stop running
  • Did you edit your workflow but not save the changes? You need to have Published any edits to your workflow to have the latest version pull through to your automation
  • Each time your automation runs you will see a record in your automation run log. Any errors in your automation will be shown here
  • If you are unable to edit an automation, toggle it “off” then try again. Remember to turn it “on” once you have made your changes.

If you have any questions about using Automations, please reach out to our Process Pros team.


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