4 Checklists to Perfect Your Client Onboarding Process

Client Onboarding

Client Onboarding for Professional Services

When a new client signs up, it’s not enough to leave them alone to jump into your service by themselves –  you’ve got to have a clearly written process to make sure they know they’ve made the right choice.

Settling a new client into your business and establishing a good relationship is one of the best ways to reduce churn.

 ‘If you hold a customer’s hand for 90 days, they’ll be loyal for life’. – John Jantsch

The process of perfect onboarding differs depending on your business, but the essence is the same. Of course, you’re updating your CRM and complying with legal regulation, but that’s not going to make the customer think you’re the best choice and quell the buyer’s remorse. You’ve also got to build a relationship, get to know the customer’s individual needs (once they’ve signed up, they’re not just a vague profile or target audience) then integrate them into your existing business process.

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At Process Street, we’ve put together 3 templates you can use to get new clients settled in with minimal hassle. The templates include sample documents, ready-to-send emails and industry-specific advice for criminal lawyers, marketing agencies, and financial planners.

Want to get straight to the checklists? No problem! Here you go 🙂

Client Onboarding Process for Financial Planners

client onboarding for financial planners

A solid client onboarding process always important, but for financial planners it could mean the difference between a great working relationship and a compliance lawsuit. A new sign-on agrees to trust your decisions and considers you competent enough to handle the whole of their financial life. This checklist guides you through the process of collecting contracts, arranging meetings, deciding when to review your progress and covering the legal side of what you do.

client onboarding - get checklist

Client Onboarding Process for a Marketing Agency

client onboarding for a marketing agency

Marketing agencies, while trying to strike the balance between art and science, already have their work cut out. To scale, and get your new clients set up properly, you’ll want to follow a concise and clear-cut process that covers all the bases. What do you include in your welcome package? What questions should you ask in the questionnaire? This guide will answer these questions so you can concentrate on getting the best results for your clients and leave the details to us.

This checklist is a watertight guide to the process of introducing yourself to new clients, conducting meetings and leaving the best possible impression.

client onboarding - get checklist

Client Onboarding Process for Criminal Law Firms

client onboarding for criminal law firms

The client onboarding process for lawyers contains vital steps to ensure you comply with law when taking on a new case. With a 4-17% chance of being sued for malpractice each year, lawyers have to be especially cautious to stay away from trouble, especially considering that client onboarding itself can be a legal minefield. While you might know a lot of the process already, human beings are prone to error, so following the steps outline here is a solid way to minimize risk.

client onboarding - get checklist

High-Touch Customer Onboarding for SaaS Companies

High-Touch Onboarding for SaaS

Alongside a full guide to customer success for SaaS companies, this checklist is a great resource for SaaS owners looking to set up a high-touch process and get their customers to fall in love with their product just as much as they should. You’ve got a great product, right? Well, if you don’t have the systems in place to convey that to your customers, it will make it hard for them to tell!

Use this process for new customers to get them up and running with your SaaS as fast as you can!

client onboarding - get checklist

Looking for other onboarding checklists? Let us know in the comments and we will do our best to write them for you.

And, don’t forget to grab our FREE 19-point checklist of the exact process DoubleDutch uses to onboarding new customers. You can learn a hell of a lot from these guys.

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Benjamin Brandall

Benjamin Brandall is a content marketer at Process Street, and runs Secret Cave on the side. Find him on Twitter here.


It would be so helpful to have some guidelines for personal/health services. I’m a Beauty and Massage Therapist, but I imagine it might be similar for a Personal Trainer say, or an Osteopath etc.

Many thanks

Hi Lucy, thanks for the request. Will add that to the list. Are there any particular processes you are looking for?

I’m sorry I’ve only just seen this!

I find that as a general rule of thumb, if a client has three treatments/sessions in the space of a few months, they become a loyal customer. Creating a system to encourage them back for their second and third appointments would be most helpful. A way to communicate with clients, reminding them you’re there without bombarding them!


This is great information! Do you currently have a checklist in place for Virtual Assistants? If so, would you mind sharing the link? Thanks!

Hey there Kara, glad you found this useful!

While we don’t have a checklist to help VAs onboard clients, the process has a fair few similarities with our client onboarding process for marketing agencies: https://www.process.st/checklist/client-onboarding-for-a-marketing-agency/

You can use that checklist as a base to then customize to a VA’s situation instead of an agency. That way you at least won’t have to do all of the heavy lifting yourself. 🙂

Hope that helped!

can you please tell me the details for the client onboardings EMEA clients and what kind of documents are needed for that?

Hey Sam, thanks for checking out the post. 🙂

Unfortunately I can’t – these details would depend drastically on the business sector you’re in. However, it should be a case of just looking up the regulations for your particular business when dealing with EMEA clients and finding/drawing up documents to meet those regulations.

I’d love to know if you manage to find what you’re looking for though! Once you’ve got them it’s also super easy to put them into a Process Street checklist to make sure that they don’t get lost and that every client is onboarded to meet those regulations.

I would be interested in your take on luxury customers who need “hand holding” or expect it. What is a good checklist to on board NEW high net worth buyers / members?


Hi Brett, it looks like we don’t specifically have one for high value clients — I think that any of these could be easily edited to fit, but we could also think about doing a new template for that in the future. Thanks for the suggestion!

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