How to Duplicate a Page in SharePoint

If you want to copy a page in SharePoint, worry not! It’s simple and takes just a few steps. Follow these steps to copy a page in SharePoint:

  1. Click the gear icon in the top-right corner of the page.
  2. Select “Duplicate Page” from the dropdown menu.
  3. The new page will open and include all the content and formatting from the original.

However, please note that this feature only works on publishing sites in SharePoint Online and SharePoint Server 2019. If you’re using a different version of SharePoint, you’ll have to recreate the content from scratch. Now that you know this helpful feature, you can focus on what matters most – creating great content.

Understanding SharePoint

SharePoint boosts collaboration among team members by allowing them to share docs, calendars, and task lists. This aids productivity and encourages teamwork. It’s also great for document management – you can organize, store, and manage docs in one place. Version control ensures everyone’s working on the most recent version of a doc.

Plus, you can customize SharePoint to fit your exact needs. This includes making custom workflows, metadata fields, and themes. Security’s also taken care of with fine-grained access controls. You can define user permissions to make sure sensitive info’s kept safe.

SharePoint’s evolved over the years and is now used by companies all over the world. One of them is Company XYZ. Before SharePoint, their teams had issues sharing files across the globe. Important docs were often lost or inaccessible due to multiple versions.

But after implementing SharePoint, they saw huge changes. Teams could collaborate easily and had real-time access to the latest docs. Version control removed confusion caused by duplicate or outdated files.

The perks of SharePoint are many. It streamlines processes, boosts communication between teams, and improves efficiency. Whether you’re new to SharePoint or want to learn more, exploring its capabilities will benefit your business.

Why Duplicate a Page in SharePoint

Duplicate a Page in SharePoint for Efficient Content Management!

Duplicating pages in SharePoint is a great way to save time and effort. It replicates the structure, layout, and elements of an existing page. So, if you need to create similar pages for different departments or experiment with changes, duplicating is a handy tool.

To do it, follow these four steps:

  1. Navigate to the page you want to duplicate.
  2. Click on the “Page” tab.
  3. Select “Save as Template”.
  4. Provide a template name and save.

Duplicating pages offers many benefits. It helps maintain consistency across multiple pages. Plus, it allows departments to have consistent branding and layout while tailoring content. You can also make changes without affecting live pages.

Company XYZ’s marketing team used this technique. They had to create landing pages for campaigns. Duplicating an existing page saved them time and they achieved great results.

How to Duplicate a Page in SharePoint

  1. Open the page you want to copy.
  2. Click on the “Settings” gear icon in the top right corner.
  3. Select “Save as Template” and give it a name from the dropdown menu.

You now have a duplicate page! Use it as a starting point for new pages with similar content.

Here’s a pro tip: Customize the duplicated page. Add or edit content to make sure each page serves its purpose.

Take advantage of this time-saving feature in SharePoint. Duplicate your pages in the blink of an eye and get ahead of your tasks!

Benefits of Duplicating Pages in SharePoint

Duplicating pages on SharePoint = numerous perks! Benefits include saving time, improved collaboration and more.

  • Time-Saver: Replicate existing page’s layout and structure, no need to start from scratch! This saves time and effort.
  • Stay Consistent: Duplication maintains design across multiple pages. This enhances user experience and brand identity.
  • Collaboration: Different versions of a page enable seamless teamwork, avoiding conflicts when making changes.
  • Content Creation: Duplicated page provides a template for users to modify with new content instead of creating from scratch.
  • Version Control: Duplicating pages helps maintain version control. Users can save older versions of a page.

Plus, duplicating pages in SharePoint offers flexibility in site maintenance, improved navigation and better SEO.

Don’t miss out! Harness the power of duplication to experience increased efficiency, streamlined content creation and collaboration!

Best Practices for Duplicating Pages in SharePoint

Duplicating pages in SharePoint? Here’s how to do it like a pro!

  1. Clear out any unnecessary stuff on the original page first.
  2. Give the duplicated page an easy-to-identify name.
  3. Once duplicated, double-check all links and references.

Pro tip: take advantage of SharePoint’s version control feature. This lets you track changes made and revert back if needed.

Using these best practices and SharePoint’s features will make duplication a breeze – and keep your site looking great!


SharePoint can be fast-paced. Duplicating a page is a game-changer. With just clicks, you can replicate content + layout. Let’s explore its benefits + possibilities.

Duplicating lets you maintain consistency. Reuse content or create variations, without starting from scratch. Formatting, metadata, web parts–all are preserved. So, new pages align with site design aesthetic.

To duplicate a page in SharePoint:

  1. Open the site where desired page resides.
  2. Navigate to the “Site Pages” library.
  3. Find desired page + select it.
  4. Click on the “Files” tab + choose “Make a copy.”
  5. Give page a new name + click “Save.”

Now, explore lesser-known details about this feature. Did you know all connected web parts are also replicated? This means dynamic data + customized web parts are retained in the duplicated version. Time saved–no need to setup components from scratch!

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs for “How to Duplicate a Page in SharePoint”

1. Can I duplicate a page in SharePoint without any coding?

Yes, you can duplicate a page in SharePoint without any coding. SharePoint provides a simple interface that allows users to duplicate a page with just a few clicks.

2. How do I duplicate a page in SharePoint?

To duplicate a page in SharePoint, follow these steps:

a) Open the SharePoint site where the page exists.

b) Navigate to the page you want to duplicate.

c) Click on the settings gear icon and select “Copy” from the dropdown menu.

d) Go to the desired location and click on the settings gear icon again.

e) Select “Paste” from the dropdown menu to create a duplicate page.

3. Will the duplicated page have the same content as the original?

Yes, the duplicated page in SharePoint will have the same content as the original page. It will include all the text, images, formatting, and other elements present in the original page.

4. Can I duplicate a page within the same SharePoint site?

Yes, you can duplicate a page within the same SharePoint site. When duplicating a page, you have the option to choose the desired location within the same site to create the duplicate page.

5. What happens to the duplicated page if I make changes to the original page?

If you make changes to the original page after duplicating it, the duplicated page will remain separate and unaffected. Any changes you make to the original page will not reflect on the duplicated page unless you manually update it.

6. Can I rename the duplicated page in SharePoint?

Yes, you can rename the duplicated page in SharePoint. After duplicating the page, navigate to the new location and click on the settings gear icon. Choose “Edit Properties” and update the page name as desired.

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