How To Remove Microsoft Bing From Chrome

Microsoft Bing is a sought-after search engine, yet some users choose to take it off their Chrome browser for personal reasons or to switch to another search engine. Here’s how you can remove Microsoft Bing from Chrome.

  1. Step One: Open Chrome and press the three dots in the top right corner. Select ‘Settings’ from the drop-down menu. Scroll until you get to the ‘Search engine’ section. Then, click ‘Manage search engines’.
  2. Step Two: In the list of search engines, locate Microsoft Bing. Hover over it and press the three dots beside it. Choose ‘Remove from list’. Microsoft Bing will now be gone from your search engine options in Chrome.

It’s essential to note that removing Microsoft Bing from Chrome does not delete it from your computer. It simply takes away its availability as a search engine option in Chrome.

Understanding Microsoft Bing on Chrome

Microsoft Bing is a popular search engine for Chrome. It offers you lots of features to upgrade your online search experience. Knowing how to use Microsoft Bing on Chrome can help you get the best out of it.

With Microsoft Bing on Chrome, you can get personalised search results based on your browsing history, preferences, and location. It even gives you auto-suggestions as you type in the search bar – so it’s easier to find what you need. Plus, Bing offers image and video search options – giving you more options.

Microsoft Bing also integrates with other Microsoft products like Outlook and Office Online. That way, you can access emails, documents, and calendar directly from the search engine.

If you want to remove Microsoft Bing from Chrome, you can change your default search engine to another provider like Google or Yahoo. Go to ‘Chrome settings’ and select ‘Search engine’ to pick your preferred option.

You can also disable or remove the Bing extension if it has been installed. Head to the Chrome extensions page – type “chrome://extensions” into the address bar – then locate the Bing extension and either disable or remove it as you prefer.

Pro Tip: Remember, disabling or removing Microsoft Bing from Chrome may limit some features associated with it. Check out all of its features before deciding.

Reasons to Remove Microsoft Bing from Chrome

Microsoft Bing is a commonly utilized search engine that comes pre-fitted with Google Chrome. But, you may prefer to take off Microsoft Bing from Chrome for several reasons. Consider these few points:

  • Customizing: Taking Microsoft Bing off allows you to customize your browser according to your own needs.
  • Search Engine Preference: If you’d rather use a different search engine, removing Microsoft Bing guarantees that your desired search engine will be the default.
  • Avoid Redundancy: If you already have other search engines installed, taking Microsoft Bing off can declutter your browser.
  • Increase Efficiency: Removing extra search engines can boost your browser speed and performance.
  • Privacy: By removing Microsoft Bing, you can lower the data collected and possibly improve your online privacy.

In addition, you can manage your browsing experience better without any unnecessary features or distractions by taking Microsoft Bing off Chrome.

As a pro tip, it’s always a good idea to make a backup of essential data and bookmarks before making any changes to browser settings or deleting any pre-installed software.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Remove Microsoft Bing from Chrome

  1. Launch Chrome: Click on the Chrome icon to open the browser.
  2. Access Settings: Click the 3 dots at the upper right corner of the browser window. A drop-down menu will appear.
  3. Choose Settings: Select “Settings” from the menu. This will open a new tab with various options.
  4. Change Search Engine: Look for “Search engine” section and click on “Manage search engines.” A list of search engines will appear.
  5. Remove Microsoft Bing: Find Microsoft Bing and hover over it. Click on 3 dots on the right side and select “Remove from list.” Confirm your action if prompted.
  6. Set Default Search Engine: Pick another search engine like Google or Yahoo!. Hover over it and click the 3 dots. Then, select “Make default.”

That’s it! You’ve removed Microsoft Bing from Chrome and set a new default search engine.

Note: This guide is for Chrome but may differ depending on the version and updates.

Removing Microsoft Bing from Chrome is easy. It can greatly improve your browsing experience.

Alternative Solutions

Google Chrome users in search of removing Microsoft Bing from their browser have a few choices.

  1. One way is to switch the default search engine settings. Go to the Chrome settings menu, click on “Search engine,” and choose the alternative. This will stop Bing from opening when they search in the address bar.
  2. A different solution is to install a Chrome extension that blocks or removes Bing. There are numerous options, which allow customizing browsing and eliminating unwanted search engines.
  3. A third option is to clear browsing data, like cookies and cached files, which may get rid of any trace of Bing. Go to the settings menu, select “Privacy and security,” and hit “Clear browsing data.”

Note: these solutions may change depending on the Chrome version and any extra plugins or extensions. Users must be cautious when making changes to their browser settings.

As per an article by PCMag, Google has an impressive 90% market share in April 2021.


We’ve been searching for ways to take Microsoft Bing off Chrome. We have several options to choose from.

  1. To start, disable Bing in Chrome settings. This lets you pick a different search engine and prevent Bing from launching when you open Chrome.
  2. Next, uninstall any Microsoft Bing apps or extensions. They may have been installed without you knowing and can be erased to stop Bing from your browsing.
  3. Also, block Microsoft Bing on Chrome with ad-blocking or content-filtering software. This stops Bing content from appearing while you browse.

In a nutshell, removing Microsoft Bing from Chrome is possible. Disable it in settings, uninstall associated programs or extensions, and use ad-blocking or content-filtering software. Regain control of your browsing experience with these steps and use the search engine of your choice.

Don’t miss out! Take back control of your search engine preferences now by taking Microsoft Bing off Chrome. Try these steps and enjoy your customized browsing!

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