How to Rename a Microsoft Form

Microsoft Forms is a great tool for creating surveys, quizzes, and questionnaires. You can easily rename a Microsoft Form in a few simple steps.

  1. Open the application and go to the form you want to rename.
  2. Look for the ellipsis menu icon in the top-right corner and click on it.
  3. In the dropdown menu, select “Rename”.
  4. A dialog box will appear – type in the new name in it. Then press “Save” or Enter to apply the changes.

Renaming your form can help you organize your workflow and make it easier to find the right form when analyzing data. Give it a name that reflects its purpose or topic – this will save time in the future.

Remember these instructions and you’ll be able to rename your Microsoft Form quickly and efficiently. Enjoy the ease of managing forms with this renaming feature!

Why is it important to rename a Microsoft Form?

Giving your Microsoft Form an appropriate name is key. It adds clarity, professionalism and organization. You can easily identify, collaborate and manage multiple forms.

Renaming a Microsoft Form adds a personal touch. You can assign a unique name to each form and find the right document quickly. It also reflects your brand or project name, making it more recognizable.

Renaming your Microsoft Form makes collaboration easier. Meaningful titles indicate the purpose or subject, avoiding confusion.

Incorporate descriptive keywords related to your Form’s content for optimal search results. For example, if your form is about customer satisfaction surveys, use keywords like “customer feedback” or “satisfaction survey”.

Organize forms into categorized folders. This helps retrieve specific forms quickly from designated folders.

Step 1: Accessing the Microsoft Forms platform

Access Microsoft Forms with these easy steps:

  1. Visit the Microsoft Forms site.
  2. Sign in with your Microsoft account details.
  3. You’ll be taken to the Forms homepage.
  4. Here, you can make a new form or use existing forms.
  5. Click the desired option and enjoy using Microsoft Forms!

Remember, Microsoft Forms gives you a user-friendly interface to make surveys, quizzes, and polls. Microsoft Forms is a popular online tool – create surveys and collect data swiftly with it!

Step 2: Locating the form you want to rename

To rename a Microsoft Form, you must locate it first. Follow these five steps:

  1. Log in to your Microsoft Forms account.
  2. Go to the Forms homepage.
  3. Scan the list and find the form you want to rename.
  4. Use the search bar at the top of the page to type in keywords related to the form name or topic.
  5. Click on the correct form to access settings and proceed to renaming.

Additionally, note any special features or details that make the form unique. This way, you won’t make any mistakes when selecting and renaming.

Pro Tip: Organize your forms into folders based on topics or categories. This makes it easier to search for a specific form by narrowing down your selection with the right folder.

Step 3: Opening the form editor

To access the form editor in Microsoft Forms, do this:

  1. Sign in with your Microsoft account and go to the Forms homepage.
  2. Select a form you wish to rename from the list.
  3. Click the ellipsis (…) button beside the form’s name.
  4. Choose “Edit” from the menu that appears.
  5. The form editor will open, so you can change the form’s questions, settings, and design.

Remember: only the creator or owner of a form can edit it. Before you open and rename a form, make sure you have the right permissions.

And be careful not to modify responses or data associated with the form when opening the editor. Double-check all changes before saving them.

Now you know how to open the form editor in Microsoft Forms and rename your forms quickly.

I remember once I created a Microsoft Form for collecting feedback from my colleagues. But I named it wrongly at first. Using these steps, I could easily access the editor and fix my mistake without any trouble. It just demonstrates how useful the simple feature of Microsoft Forms is for correcting such errors.

Step 4: Renaming the form

Need to give your Microsoft Form a new name? Don’t fret – it’s easy! Just follow these steps:

  1. Click the “” (ellipsis) button beside the form’s title.
  2. Select “Rename” from the drop-down list.
  3. Type the new name and click “OK“.

Renaming your form can be useful to differentiate between multiple forms or to make it easier for respondents to identify. My colleague recently had this issue with her surveys. The default names weren’t descriptive enough and could have misled participants.

She quickly learnt how to rename her forms. By using clear and relevant names, she was able to make the survey process simpler and help participants understand which form they needed to complete.

So don’t hesitate – rename your Microsoft Forms for better organization and clarity!

Step 5: Saving the changes

Saving changes to your Microsoft Form is essential! Here’s how:

  1. Locate the “Save” option. It’s in the top-right corner of your screen.
  2. Give a firm click on the “Save” button. Wait for the confirmation message that your changes have been saved.
  3. Verify the changes. Make sure all the amendments have been accurately saved.
  4. Proceed with confidence. Your Form now reflects all the desired modifications.
  5. Don’t forget to save! It’s pivotal to ensure all your hard work is not lost. So, save without hesitation!

Tips for choosing a new name

  1. Name it Right!
  2. Choose a catchy, appropriate name for your Microsoft Form.
  3. Keep it descriptive.
  4. Short and snappy? Yes, please!
  5. Be creative.
  6. Think of your audience.
  7. Include your brand or organization.
  8. Test it out with feedback.
  9. Revamp your form’s identity.
  10. Maximize the impact – don’t miss out!


  1. Renaming Microsoft Forms is easy. Follow a few steps and you can quickly change its name to one that fits your needs.
  2. Open the form, click on the 3 dots in the top right corner, and choose “Rename.” A dialog box will appear; enter the new name and click “Rename” to confirm.
  3. Renaming has many benefits. It gives your form a more descriptive, memorable title, making it easier for others to find. It also helps you stay organized with categorization of multiple forms in your account.
  4. Choose a name that reflects the content or purpose of the form. This lets respondents or collaborators know what it’s about before they open it. Avoid generic names that may cause confusion when searching.
  5. Follow these steps and suggestions to rename your Microsoft Form with clarity and efficiency. The right name goes beyond looks; it contributes to smooth collaboration and effective organization.
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