How To Transfer Microsoft Office To Another Computer

Microsoft Office is an essential tool for many. It offers apps for documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and more. If you’re upgrading to a new computer or need to move Microsoft Office to another device, this article will guide you through the process.

Transferring Microsoft Office? You have options. USB drive? Copy the Office installation folder onto it. Paste the folder into the new computer. This saves settings and preferences.

No USB drive? Try cloud storage services like OneDrive or Google Drive. Upload the Office folder from old computer. Download to new computer.

Got a valid Microsoft 365 subscription? Sign in with your account on new computer and install Microsoft Office. No need to transfer files or folders.

No installation disks? Download your purchased software via My Account. Log-in and download directly to new computer.

Pro Tip: Before transferring Microsoft Office, deactivate the software on your old computer. This prevents licensing conflicts and issues.

Transferring Microsoft Office is easy. Follow these steps and stay productive on your new device.

Understanding the transfer process

  1. Deactivate License:
    • Open any Office app on old computer.
    • Click File & select Account/Office Account.
    • Look for option to deactivate license/sign out of account.
  2. Uninstall Office:
    • Go to Control Panel on old computer.
    • Select Uninstall a program/Programs and Features.
    • Find Microsoft Office & click Uninstall.
  3. Sign in to Microsoft Account:
    • On new computer, sign in with Microsoft account associated with Office subscription.
  4. Download & Install Office:
    • Visit official Microsoft website & log in with credentials.
    • Navigate to Downloads section & select Download now.
    • Run installation package & follow on-screen instructions.
  5. Activate License on New Computer:
    • Open any Office app on new computer.
    • Sign in with Microsoft account.
  6. Transfer Files:
    • Copy all files from old computer to USB drive/external hard drive.
    • Pro Tip: Make sure all files are saved & closed properly before transferring.

By following these steps, you can easily transfer Microsoft Office to another computer without any trouble!

Transferring Microsoft Office using a USB drive

Transferring Microsoft Office to a different computer with a USB drive is a simple process. Here’s a guide to transfer Microsoft Office using a USB drive:

  1. Insert the USB drive into your existing computer. Make sure it has enough space to store your Microsoft Office files.
  2. Open File Explorer and find the Microsoft Office folder in the C: drive. It should be under “Program Files” or “Program Files (x86)”.
  3. Right-click on the Microsoft Office folder and select “Copy”. Then, go to the USB drive in File Explorer and paste the copied folder there.

You have moved all your Microsoft Office files to the USB drive. Now, you can remove it from the existing computer.

When transferring Microsoft Office to another computer:

  1. Plug in the USB drive into another computer.
  2. Open File Explorer on the new computer and navigate to the USB drive. Find the Microsoft Office folder and right-click on it to select “Copy”.
  3. Go to a preferred location on the new computer, such as under “Program Files” or “Program Files (x86)”, and paste the copied folder.

You have successfully moved Microsoft Office to another computer with a USB drive.

Note that it is important to check that both computers have compatible operating systems and versions of Microsoft Office.

TechRadar suggests that transferring software with a USB device is an effective way to move large applications like Microsoft Office without the need for internet connection or external storage devices such as CDs and disks.

Transferring Microsoft Office without a disk or USB drive

  1. Be sure to deactivate Office on your old computer! This will free up the license to use on another device.
  2. Find and note down the product key of your Microsoft Office installation.
  3. Then, visit the site and sign in with credentials.
  4. Download and install the version of Office onto the new computer.
  5. Enter the key during the install process, and activate Office.
  6. Sign in with your Microsoft account after activation.
  7. Transfer files and settings (optional) with external storage devices or cloud services.
  8. Keep track of the product key and back up important files regularly.
  9. With these steps, you can transfer Office without a disk or USB drive. Enjoy the convenience and efficiency of digital transfers while protecting your productivity!

Transferring Microsoft Office using Microsoft 365 account

Transferring Microsoft Office to another computer is easy with a Microsoft 365 account. Here’s how:

  1. Make sure you have an active Microsoft 365 subscription.

  2. Sign in to your Microsoft 365 account on the computer where you currently have Microsoft Office installed.

  3. Open Word or Excel.

  4. Click on your account name or picture in the top-right corner and select “Account” from the dropdown menu.

  5. Press “Deactivate Install” under the “Install Information” section to free up an activation slot for the new computer.

  6. Sign in to your Microsoft 365 account on the new computer.

In short, deactivate and sign in to transfer Microsoft Office with your account. Plenty of users have done it and it grants them convenience when switching devices.


In conclusion, transferring Microsoft Office to a different computer is easy. Follow the instructions in this article for a smooth transfer.

We mentioned ways to move Microsoft Office with a USB or without a CD. Plus, tips to do it without the original installation disk.

Step-by-step guides were shared for moving Microsoft Office from one computer to another. Follow them to switch your suite and continue work.

Let me tell you about John, an office worker. He had to transfer his Microsoft Office suite to a new computer. Thanks to online help, he did it in minutes. No hassle of reinstalling!

You see, transferring Microsoft Office isn’t hard. With the right resources, anyone can do it! So, enjoy the convenience of having all your Microsoft Office applications on your new computer.

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