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Build any process instantly
with our ChatGPT powered technology

Move work forward faster with AI-designed workflows that perfectly match your team's agility and scale.
Processes as collaborative workflows

Create new workflows with just a few clicks

Build out entire workflows including tasks, content, form fields, assignments, due-dates and more with just a few clicks. Watch as the AI magically builds your workflow for you instantly.

Generate policy and SOP documents on demand

Bored of writing endless SOP documents? With AI you can generate pages instantly. Generate SOPs specifically designed for your team and industry, in any language or tone you like.

Processes as collaborative workflows
Processes as collaborative workflows

Use our AI assistant to speed up workflow design

Click “Generate Task” in any empty task and watch as our AI assistant magically builds out your content and forms for you. This is perfect for workflows you want to customize for your business but where you'd still like some assistance fleshing them out.

The AI-powered process platform
for high performing teams

Stop throwing away your work and start encoding your critical business activities into polished processes with Process Street.

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