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Process Street is launching Workflow Wizards, an exclusive community for power users to connect with our team and win cash prizes, swag, and more!

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What is Workflow Wizards?

Special connections to learn & grow together

If you're invited from our waitlist to join Workflow Wizards, you'll start with a month-long experience where you meet with other Wizards and Process Street leaders to share best practices and solve problems.

Process Street product

Why join Workflow Wizards?

A group of process innovators like you

We are building a small community of Process Street power users so we can learn from each other and tell our stories of process innovation.

Special access
With clear marketing workflows to follow, new hires will pick tasks up quickly & easily. You'll spend less time training and they'll spend more time being productive.
Gifts, prizes & recognition
You can make changes across all of your processes with a click of a button. So, you can experiment with your marketing workflows and continuously improve.

How will I start in Workflow Wizards?

Accept and join
If you receive an invite, you must accept it with 72 hours. You'll then share some more info about you and the ways you use Process Street, and you'll join our first Workflow Wizards meeting where you'll meet our leadership & other Wizards.
Engage and grow
Participate in our private community and weekly calls with Process Street leaders. Our goal is to build a small community that engages you and provides you with special access and useful insights.
Connect & share
After your month-long onboarding experience is finished, you'll continue to be a part of this elite group, and you can vote on the workflow demos of new members!
Join Workflow Wizards

Join our waitlist to be considered for an invitation to this exclusive group!

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