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Pave your way towards operational excellence with our Six Sigma software

Process Street is the simplest way to undergo continuous process improvement.

Easier documentation
Process Street's intuitive drag-and-drop template editor makes it incredibly easy for essential processes to be defined and documented.
Better insight
Seeing how processes are working — and aren't working — has never been easier. Our checklists give you all the information you need for improving your team's processes.
Less waste
Six Sigma is all about waste reduction. Luckily, features like stop tasks and approvals reduce waste across the board, ensuring time is used well.
Less digging
Employees waste time if important process materials aren't all in one place. Consolidate and centralize with one tool.
Improved control
With features like the checklist dashboard, having control of your team's processes and how they're operating is utterly painless.
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“We definitely love Process Street. Not only has it allowed us to save days in time, it's improved employee happiness and helped us to save over $1m in operating expense!”
Pam Levin
Innovation Manager, Elite Business Ventures Inc.

Here's what else our state-of-the-art Six Sigma software can do for you


Document processes properly — and quickly

Six Sigma and process documentation go hand in hand. So don't let documenting processes become a hassle or a chore; document, iterate, and update your team's regularly used processes within mere minutes thanks to our easy-to-use template editor.

Document processes properly — and quickly
Allow approval workflows to flow effortlessly

Allow approval workflows to flow effortlessly

Approvals is a feature that enables decision-makers to approve or reject critical business items (like process updates) efficiently and effectively. It can be done in-app via your browser, straight from your email inbox, or on the Process Street mobile app!


Let teamwork thrive

Collaborating on processes — and process improvement itself — has never been so easy. Build a process, share it, and control who can edit processes with nifty privilege controls. Here's to making your processes work for your team, and not the other way around.

Let teamwork thrive
Integrate Process Street with your other favorite apps

Integrate Process Street with your other favorite apps

Want to start using Process Street but worried about siloing your tools? Don't be. We connect with over 2,000+ other apps. This will make continuous process improvement even more streamlined.


Collect rich data with rich forms

Thanks to our built-in checklist forms, you can collect and manage structured information — structured information like how a process is measuring up. You can then seamlessly pass that data between Process Street and your favorite apps once integrated.

Collect rich data with rich forms
Create adaptable checklists with conditional logic
Conditional logic

Create adaptable checklists with conditional logic

With conditional logic, you'll never have to make multiple checklists for different outcomes again. That's because it works on if-this-then-that logic, meaning your checklists will automatically adapt to your team's ever-changing needs.


Get complete transparency with the overview dashboard

Oversee everything with our checklist dashboard. See who did what, when, and if it was completed on time — which inevitably makes process improvement a whole lot simpler. The data is already there for you!

Get complete transparency with the overview dashboard
Discover Six Sigma workflows
Up-level your team processes

Here's why teams love Process Street's
Six Sigma software...

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With Process Street we've been able to bring documentation to life… allowing us to adapt processes quickly, improve governance and achieve consistent results
Linda White
Linda White
Head of Technology Services, Colliers
“A huge win. Delivers cross
functional team collaboration.”
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Alex Hauer
Alex Hauer
Senior Success Consultant, Salesforce
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"It was the right choice for us. It helped our team move quicker"
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Chelsea Lynch
Chelsea Lynch
Manager of CS operations, Bentobox
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These are the processes you could improve with our trailblazing Six Sigma software 👇

New client setup
Employee onboarding
Git wrkflow
Daily and weekly tasks
IT help desk support
Property management
Candidate screening
Invoice generation
Internal audit
More Six Sigma workflows

Trusted by great people

Tech MD
"Process Street has been instrumental in helping us scale our organization. We have grown at least 100% since we started using Process Street."
Mindshare Collaborative
"Having Process Street in place allows us to produce consistent results for our clients. With consistent results, we can then continue to scale."
Mainline Autobody
"We use Process Street in many more areas than we thought we were going to use it. Especially for new employees, we use it as a training tool."
Process Street Webinars: Showcasing Process Excellence
Attend our webinars and become a process expert. We regularly deep-dive into all-things process and process improvement, from building processes with Process Street to the nitty-gritty of integration and automation. You're guaranteed to learn something useful, so make sure you turn up to the next one!

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Video library

Browse through our always-growing video library to learn how to take your Process Street workflows to the next level.

Product demo
Watch this demo and find out how to use Process Street to build effective client onboarding processes.
Keep on top of all key client onboarding decisions by adding Approval tasks to your onboarding workflows.
Conditional logic
Don't build thousands of templates to fit each of your client profiles. Build one with Conditional Logic.
Creating & editing templates
Start from scratch and learn how to create and edit effective client onboarding templates.
Templates vs checklists
Create core client onboarding templates and then run individual checklists from these templates.
Stop tasks
Make sure your team are completing client onboarding tasks in the right order with Stop tasks.
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