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Remote Daily Work Schedule Template

Remote Daily Work Schedule Template

Run this checklist to plan and follow your daily work schedule when working from home.
Introduction to the Remote Daily Work Schedule Template:
Confirming information:
Add basic details
Planning the day:
Plan today's tasks
Divide tasks by morning and afternoon
Undertake the morning tasks
Review this morning's progress
Take a lunch break
Undergo afternoon tasks
Review this afternoon's progress
Plan the next working day's tasks
Getting approval:
Approval: Manager
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Introduction to the Remote Daily Work Schedule Template:

Remote Daily Work Schedule Template

Working remotely can enhance productivity and save costs for both the employer and employee.

However, these benefits can only be reaped if employees can work well remotely.

Overcome this struggle with this Remote Daily Work Schedule Template created by the team at Process Street — makers of state-of-the-art BPM software.

Let’s take a quick tour of the template.

When a checklist is launched, the employee adds their and their manager’s basic information. This is so role assignments and approval tasks are properly set up.

Then, the employee plans their day and divides tasks by morning and afternoon. After, they start tackling those tasks and review their progress as they go.

Once the working day is finished, the employee’s manager then comes in to review and approve the employee’s work schedule and day, ensuring they’re working well remotely.

Simple, right?

What’s better is that this template is easily editable, meaning you can change this template to suit your own needs — down to the T!

Here’s to getting work done efficiently and effectively. Every day.

Confirming information:

The next task — as well as several other tasks in this checklist — have stop tasks attached. Stop tasks help enforce order. To learn more about this workflow automation feature, watch the video below.

Add basic details

Confirm (your and your manager’s) basic details.

Before you plan today’s workday, confirm your and your manager’s basic details. This is so your manager can approve how you’ve spent the day via role assignments and approval tasks.

Add your name and your manager’s name to the corresponding fields below, in addition to your email address and their email address and today’s date.

Planning the day:

The upcoming tasks in this section will help you plan out your day when working remotely.

Plan today’s tasks

Plan today’s tasks.

Writing today’s tasks out as a list will help you remember what needs to get done.

Use the text box to write down the tasks you need to tackle today.

Daily work schedule template for remote working

Divide tasks by morning and afternoon

Divide tasks by morning and afternoon.

With a solid idea of the tasks you want to complete, now divide the list into tasks to tackle in the morning and tasks to do during the afternoon.

Use the two boxes to divide today’s task list which, thanks to variables, you’re able to see again below.

Today’s task list:



No matter if you’re easing yourself into the working day or you’re hitting the ground running with the hardest tasks first, it’s time to start the morning tasks — and this checklist from the Remote Daily Work Schedule Template will help you do that!

Undertake the morning tasks

Undertake morning tasks. 

To remind yourself of the morning tasks you need to complete, read the text below.

Morning tasks:


Good luck!

Review this morning’s progress

Review this morning’s progress.

A successful morning is one that’s productive

But don’t worry too much if you didn’t get all the tasks done — you may have been waylayed by a more important task, or realized you needed to spend more time on the task than initially thought.

Select an appropriate answer from the dropdown below to review this morning’s progress. If you select “No”, explain why in the text box.


Here’s the part you’ve been waiting for: Lunch! 

Take a lunch break

Take a lunch break.

Taking a lunch break is a part of the working day we all look forward to. Plus, it’s important — it’s an opportunity to rest the mind and nourish the body. 

This article from the Harvard Business Review helps explain how what you eat during the lunch break impacts the rest of the day. If you don’t want to read during your lunchtime, watch the video instead.

Daily work schedule template for remote working


After taking some time away from work to rejuvenate the mind and body, it’s time to get back to work and focus on this afternoon’s tasks.

Undergo afternoon tasks

Undergo afternoon tasks. 

Now that lunch is over, undergo the afternoon tasks.

As a reminder of the afternoon tasks you wanted to complete, reread the list you created in task #6 below.

Afternoon tasks:


Good luck!

Review this afternoon’s progress

Review this afternoon’s progress.

Similar to how you reviewed your morning progress in task #9, now review the progress you made this afternoon.

Choose the appropriate answer from the dropdown. If you select “No”, use the text box to explain why.

The final task in this checklist is an approval task for your manager, where they’ll read through how you’ve spent the day. If there are any additional notes you’d like to add regarding today’s workday, write those down in the last text box of this task.

Plan the next working day’s tasks

Plan out the tasks for the next working day.

Take a moment to roughly plan out the next working day’s tasks. By doing so, you’ll be more prepared and be able to get to work quickly.

Write down the next working day’s tasks below.

Getting approval:

As mentioned in task #14, the final part of this checklist launched from the Remote Daily Work Schedule Template is having your schedule reviewed and approved by your manager.


Because it’s mutually beneficial.

Your manager will be able to see what you’ve done today while working remotely, and you’ll rest assured knowing that your manager doesn’t think you’re wiling the day away, doing nothing.

Your manager has already been automatically assigned to the approval task (task #17) due to role assignments. This means there’s nothing left for you to do.

Enjoy your evening!

Approval: Manager

Will be submitted for approval:

  • Review this morning’s progress

    Will be submitted

  • Review this afternoon’s progress

    Will be submitted

  • Plan the next working day’s tasks

    Will be submitted

  • Add basic details

    Will be submitted


Take control of your workflows today.