What is the Difference Between Templates and Checklists?

When you’re just getting started in Process Street, the whole Template / Checklist lingo can take some getting used to, but that’s where we can help!

In simple terms, a template is the master version of the process and a checklist is a single instance of that same process.

Imagine you documented a process and put it in a binder on your shelf to reference any time you need it – that’s your template. Now imagine you want to track your progress as you work through that process, so you grab the binder off the shelf and make a photocopy so you can mark it up and check things off as you go – that’s your checklist.

You can watch the video below if you’d like more clarification.

What if you need processes for reference only?

Some businesses only want to document their processes for reference. After all, why go to the trouble of running a checklist every time you need to go through the steps when you can just refer to a document?

In our experience, companies who use processes for reference-only find that they are not followed consistently, the documentation gets stale with time, and tasks slip between the cracks.

Remember that binder on the shelf? That poor thing has a way of collecting dust.

Why running checklists is a game-changer

The simple act of running a checklist creates natural accountability within your team, gives you the ability to collaborate easily, and provides a track record of exactly who did what and when.

And that’s just the beginning; Learn more about the 5 Stages of Process Building via the link below.

In the meantime, our recommendation is that you commit to running a checklist as often as you can, and we predict you’ll never turn back!


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