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New & Improved Conditional Logic!

New & Improved Conditional Logic!

September 13, 2022

We’ve made some great improvements to Conditional Logic that we’re sure you’re going to love!

Visualizing conditional logic

Easily see where you have conditional logic set up on form fields and tasks when editing your workflows.

We’ve added a new icon (two overlapping arrows) to denote conditional logic.

Icons display in purple when you have conditional logic active on that form field task, as shown below.

Click the icon to view, add or edit your rules.

Conditional logic editor modal

You can now view the relationship between headings, tasks, content, form fields, and the rules that you’ve set.

Expandable lists of tasks appear on the left and your rules appear on the right.

Icons on the left of your view appear in purple if they have rules set against them.

Numbers, dates and emails

We’ve added number fields, date and email fields into conditional logic, so you can now use these in your rules.

  • Number fields: Choose greater than or less than a certain number
  • Email fields: Set a rule to trigger when an email has been sent or not
  • Date fields: If a date is before or after a certain date

Duplicate rules

You can also duplicate rules, which is super-handy when you use drop-down or multi-choice fields to create rule sets.

Hidden by default

If you create a rule to show certain parts of your workflow, they will be automatically hidden by default for you.

Go to the hidden tab to see everything that’s hidden by default.

Learn more about using Conditional Logic.

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