How Do I Make Templates?

Making a new blank template

To make a new template you need to be in your dashboard view. Once there, click on the “New” button in the left-hand menu.

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Next, select “New Blank Template” from the dropdown menu.

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Now you will have the chance to name your new template. Do so, then click “OK”.

Using a pre-made template

If you would rather use one of our pre-made templates, you to start in your regular dashboard view again.

Once there, click the “New” button in the left-hand menu, and select “New Premade Template” from the dropdown.

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From the pre-made templates menu you can search for the template you desire, or browse by category (eg: “featured”, “IT”, “human resources”, etc).

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Want to know more about templates?

Check out the knowledge base article on getting started with templates if you’d like to know more.

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