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Forms (Beta)

Forms (Beta)

Updated July 7, 2023

Forms are the fastest and easiest way to collect information from a mass audience. Whether it is surveys, feedback, polls, measuring satisfaction or placing orders, using a form your users can send you any kind of information from anywhere, anytime.

With Process Street‘s Forms you can enhance your team’s ability to collect data. Your Form responses can trigger Workflows or send that data to other apps.

Users: In order to create, edit or share Forms, you must be an Administrator or a Member with “edit” permissions.

Note: Forms is a feature for Closed Beta testing. If you’re interested, please contact our support team for details.

Common use cases

  • Intake Forms (e.g new customer or client)
  • Contact Form
  • Event Registration
  • Surveys
  • Feedback
  • Applications

How to get started with Forms

If you have already built a Workflow, you may be familiar with the form fields that you can add in your Form.

To create a new Form, click the new “+ New” button in the top-right corner and then select “Form” from the dropdown shown below.

If you click New when in your organization library your Form will be created there. If you’re in Reports, Inbox or another part of the site when you add a new Form, it will be created in your private library.

This creates a new Form ready for you to start working on.

Note: Only admins can create Forms on the home folder in your Library. Members and Guests (Internal) can create Forms in folders to which they have edit access.

If you’re not sure where to start, you’ll find some great tips to help you learn the basics below.

Forms basics

A new Form opens in the Build tab by default. Let’s start by giving your Form a title in the top-left corner. Next, can click on the “+ icon” on the right to expand the form field menu.

The main body of your Form is in the center of your screen. You can add your questions using form fields from the right-hand menu.

Next, you can add some content fields like texts or images to add some context to your questions.

To add more questions to your Form, click on the desired form field in the right-hand menu to add it at the bottom of your Form.

Using the three-dot menu next to each form field, you can also Duplicate it, mark it as Required, or Delete it.

To edit the form field title, you can either click the existing text or click the edit icon next to the form field title.

Form Content

Your forms can contain different types of fields to collect all the dynamic data you need. See how to add form fields in your form.

Add a background image

To make your Forms look more visually appealing, to add a theme to your Form or to keep them in sync with your brand colorisation, you can upload a background image to your forms.

To do this, click the design icon in the top-right corner then click “Add” next to Background Image. Then choose an image you want to upload.

Pro tip: Images wider than 1920px with a maximum file size of 262MB work best as background images.

To delete a background image, click the design icon then click the delete icon next to Background Image. If the image does not disappear immediately, try refreshing the page.

If you want to change the background image instead, delete it first then upload a new one.


Your Form is auto-saved every few seconds and will display the latest version if you refresh the page or come back to the Form at a later time.

If you need to step outside your Form and revisit it later, you can either click your Form name in your Library or click the three-dot menu next to its name and select Edit Draft.

Multiple Steps

You can add multiple steps in your form to segregate your questions. To do this, scroll to the bottom of your form and click the + icon to add a new step.

You can add form fields in the new step just as you did in your first step.


To delete a step, hover over the step and click the x icon. Then click Delete when prompted, as shown above.

Pro tip: You can use these multiple steps to create “if-this-then-that” logic in your form.

These steps will also display a progress bar to the user while filling out a form response.

 forms progress bar


Navigate to the Logic tab to add Conditional Logic to your form.


Publish your Form

When you’re done creating (or editing) your Form click “Publish” in the top-right corner to save your changes.

Share your Form

Once your Form is fully set up, you can click on the Share icon in the top-right corner and copy the link. You can share this link with your clients directly, add it to your emails or your website. Every time someone clicks on this link, a new Form will be ready to be submitted.

Note: User permissions are currently disabled for Forms. If you are unable to invite your team to your form, please contact support.


You can view your form responses alongside your form editor in the Responses tab.

form responses

You can filter your responses to see Completed, On track, and Archived forms. If your form was loaded, it will add to the response count whether it was filled out or not. You can also display or hide your form fields as columns, as shown below.


To make your Forms super powerful, you can automate the actions to be triggered once a form response is submitted. For example, a new Form response could trigger a new Workflow Run or send a Slack message as shown below.

In this example, we’re running a Workshop Follow Up Workflow when a Form response is submitted.

Note: If you make changes to an automation, you’ll need to publish the Form to see the updates.

Edit a Form

Navigate to your Form in your Library, then click the three-dot menu next to its name and select “Edit Draft”. You can also click on your Form’s name in the Library, as shown below.

To edit the form, go to any of the form fields and make the changes you need. Or add more fields from the right-hand menu.

You can make as many edits to your Forms as you need to keep them fresh and up to date.

Make your edits, and click “Publish” to save your changes.

Move, duplicate, archive or delete a Form

When viewing your published Form in the Library, click the three dots as shown below. From here you can move or copy your Form to a folder, archive or delete it.

If you deleted a Form, you can follow these instructions on how to restore it.

Move your Form into a Folder

You may want to move your Form into a folder to help keep organized.

Look for your Form in your Library, then click the three dots next to its name.

Click “Move” and select the folder (or sub-folder) that you’d like to move your Form into.

Duplicate or copy a Form

If you’d like to copy your Form, you can select “Duplicate” from the menu shown above and then select a folder to move it into.

Archive or unarchive a Form

If you want to remove a Form from your library but you don’t want to fully delete it, you can archive it instead.

To view archived Forms, or to unarchive a Form, click the cog on your folder and select “Show inactive“.

Look for your Form in your Library, then click the three dots next to its name. Select “Unarchive” and your Form will become active again.

Note: Forms is a feature for Closed Beta testing. If you’re interested, please contact our support team for details.

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