What is the All Members Group?

By default, Process Street places all members of your organization into the ‘All Members’ group. While you cannot modify the group as you can with other groups, you can use it to assign all of your members to a checklist or task, or to set permissions on a folder or template for […]

Change the way you edit your templates

We’re very happy to announce the launch of some new features that will drastically enhance your template building and editing experience, Multi-Select, Copy/Paste Images, and Drag & Drop Editing! Copy/Paste Images We here at Process Street know how irritating it can be to save and upload images over and over. […]

Adding a Company Logo

Do your clients and employees question your identity? Maintaining your image is critically important for establishing your brand as an organization. With our latest release, organizations on Business Pro and Enterprise can now show off their logos in multiple places within Process Street! Once a logo is added it can […]

How Do I Make a Field Required?

To make a field required you must be inside the template editor. Access this by clicking the cog next to a template’s name in your dashboard, then select “Edit this template” from the right-hand menu. Once there, select the task that you would like to add a required field to […]

Custom Branding

One way that Process Street allows you to maintain your organization’s brand is by letting you include your organization’s logo on your exports, Process Street emails, and within Process Street itself. Setting a logo Setting a logo in Process Street is quick and easy. First, go into your organization’s settings […]


Keeping track of everything that you and your team need to do is pretty important. Luckily, Process Street’s Inbox feature lets you do just that! Accessing Inbox To access Inbox, simply click on the ‘Inbox’ button next to the ‘Home’ button at the top left of your screen at any […]

Managing your user profile

Your user profile controls the way that you see and use Process Street, so it’s pretty important. Accessing your profile settings To access your profile settings, simply click your profile picture on the top right of the header bar within the app. From the drop-down, click on ‘My Profile & […]