What is the All Members Group?

By default, Process Street places all members of your organization into the ‘All Members’ group. While you cannot modify the group as you can with other groups, you can use it to assign all of your members to a checklist or task, or to set permissions on a folder or template for […]

Managing Your User Profile

Your user profile controls the way that you see and use Process Street, so it’s pretty important. Users: Admins, Members and Guests can all access the profile settings page.  How to access your profile settings To access your profile settings, simply click your profile picture on the top right of […]

How Do I Change My Primary Email Address?

To change your account’s primary email address, you’ll need to visit your profile’s settings by clicking your profile picture on the top right of the page, and then selecting ‘My Profile and Settings’ from the drop-down. Once there, click ‘Add a new email address’, enter the address you’d like to […]

How Do I Make a Field Required?

If there are parts of your checklist that you must have filled out, to allow you to ensure you have captured all the critical information in your workflow, you can create required fields. Any form fields that are made required fields, are mandatory for the person working on the checklist […]

Template Share Link

Creating a Template Share Link gives people outside of your organization the ability to view a template, run individual checklists off of a template, or import your template into their own organization. For more information on all of the ways to share templates and checklists, check out our help article on […]


Keeping track of everything that you and your team need to do is pretty important. Luckily, Process Street‘s Inbox feature lets you do just that! Plan: Inbox is available on all plans.  Users: Admins, Members and Guests can all use Inbox. Accessing Inbox To access Inbox, simply click on the […]

Custom Branding

One way that Process Street allows you to maintain your organization‘s brand is by letting you include your organization’s logo on your exports, Process Street emails, and within Process Street itself. Plan: Custom Branding is a feature on our Standard and Enterprise plans. Users: In order to add custom branding, you […]

Export and Print Checklists

All users including guests, can print or export entire checklists using the ‘Print this checklist’ feature. Exported checklists come with the state (e.g. active), assignees, completed tasks, form field data, comments and everything in the activity feed giving you a printable, email-able record of the checklist. You can store your […]


In Process Street there are many ways that you can share templates and checklists. Template sharing options: Assign members, groups, or guests to a template within your organization Create a Template Share Link Create a Checklist Run Link Make a template public Publicly embed it on other websites Checklist sharing options: […]